Our reply to the following comment by Don Swartz he left on our page entitled, About Our Name: Real Liberal Christian Church:

Nice illogical logic. Well stated. You completely ingnore the fact that words through time can completely devolve or reverse. Yes liberals and conservatives (today's meaning)can be Christians, but only if they seek to follow God's will. Capitalism is not anti-Christian, note that Paul worked to support himself, which meant being a "capitalist." The U.S. one of the largest capitalist nations n earth, is also the bigegst charitable donor on earth, both officially through the government and unofficially through other religous and non-religous organizations. Socialism doesn't work in large groups unless everyone is of a like mind. Your examples of communes is valid, but it will not extrapolate to a larger group unless everyone accepts the premise that all should work their hardest for the common goal. Enjoyed reading your article, and thing you do have avalid point, I just think you need to broaden the scope of your argument.

Hello Don,

Do you really believe that Real Liberal Christians are unaware that language has devolved? That devolution is one of the main themes of Real Liberal Christianity. We call the themes, which includes the pejoration process and twisting of words, Isaiah/Jesus-Liberal Theology.

Even Elie Wiesel, who is no Christian but rather a supporter of the false-hearted version of Zionism (the word Zionism here being a prime example of twisting the real meaning of Zion) has used words that show his understanding and sin. He's been told.

By raising segregation and racial persecution to the ethical level of law, it puts into practice the antinomian rules of Orwell's world. Evil becomes good, inhumanity is interpreted as charity, egoism as compassion. — Elie Wiesel

The best thing for you to do, Don, is to read more of the site to see whether or not your negative criticisms have already been refuted.

What do you think Isaiah meant when he pointed out that "The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful"? Isaiah 32:5. He was stating that the meanings would be put right. They are currently wrong, or do you disagree with Isaiah about this? We don't. We know he's right. He wrote the truth.

Your statement that "liberals and conservatives (today's meaning) can be Christians, but only if they seek to follow God's will" is a contradiction in itself. The will of God is that we not be what are called today liberal and conservative. What is today called liberal is promoting vileness (homosexuality being one such disease promoting aspect) and what is called conservative promotes conserving the doctrine of stinginess. This is Isaiah's logic, and everything Jesus preached and did is in full agreement with it. Therefore, if we are being illogical here in your eyes, then so too are Isaiah and Jesus illogical in your eyes. Is that where you want to be?

You said that Paul worked for himself to support himself and that that is capitalism. Well, first of all, you ought to always use Christ as your measure as to what is and isn't Christian that is being Christlike. Regardless, working under capitalism for that kind of food does not define one as a capitalist. Everyone who is working for wages or a salary is not a capitalist and does not necessarily agree with the hardhearted doctrine that is capitalism. The actual capitalist is the one who owns the means of production, including the land (many capitalists rape and poison) to grow food for those they will starve if they don't work for them and pay up. Even the ungodly Karl Marx knew this. The lowly laborers don't own those means. The capitalist hoards them to take the lion's share for self from the heavy labors of others. They'll be damned before they'll share all those means all-for-all with the poor. It isn't in their hearts. They're too hard, just as was Pharaoh.

Don't fall for the capitalist propaganda. Jesus is not a capitalist. Jesus is not for capitalism. Jesus is foursquare against capitalism. Read all his words.

There is much more that we could say here, but all the answers are already written on this site. Seek them out. It isn't hard. They are also right in the Gospels.

The capitalists are the kings of the Gentiles (and of the current mundane state of Israel) who seek to exercise lordship over the world, and they that exercise such authority are falsely called benefactors (the source of wealth as opposed to God). Jesus though said, But ye shall not be so: but he that is greatest among you, let him be as the younger; and he that is chief, as he that doth serve. Luke 22:26. So, who's leading the congregation to which you belong? Are you following someone who is for capitalism, or are you following those who preach all in the body serving all and shining that example, that light, into the world? We trust you won't take issue with Jesus's own words. We don't tempt you here to do that. We suggest you turn from the selfishness that is capitalism and to the unselfishness that is the real spirit of Christianity. The basis of capitalism isn't that kind of service, and we know you know this.

Being the biggest charity donor on earth isn't the complete definition of the United States. Also, what truly constitutes charity isn't exactly what those authorities are measuring. They also attach detrimental strings that they hide from the masses but are clearly in their contracts. Those strings allow them to continue bleeding the same people they claim to be benefiting. Furthermore, the U.S. does other things that define it. There is the matter of hypocrisy that no Christian will ever ignore.

Do you defend the U.S. wars? Jesus said to turn the other cheek, period. Do you imagine he didn't mean that for whole nations? He meant it for the whole world. It is meant for the whole of heaven and creation. All the war makers will be separated away and put on the other side of a great gulf that cannot be crossed. The blessed peacemakers who are consistent in the spirit of Christ will have crossed over. Those who worked iniquity and did not repent, even though having been given the word (alarmed, warned) in clear and plain terms (even starkly contrasting terms, unmistakable terms, terms that render their actions inexcusable) will not be able to follow. The door will be shut and no one on the other side will open it. That's deliverance from evil.

You wrote the following:

Socialism doesn't work in large groups unless everyone is of a like mind. Your examples of communes is valid, but it will not extrapolate to a larger group unless everyone accepts the premise that all should work their hardest for the common goal.

The body of Christ isn't everyone. The body is segregated. Everyone isn't a Christian. However, Christianity is the one and only path and few there be that find it. It is voluntary for those who choose and are chosen. At the same time, the Christian returns good for evil.

We aren't advocating that the United States of America is the vessel to hold the Holy Spirit of truth. It is the old wineskin. We are saying that Christianity (voluntary giving and sharing all with fellow Christians and also doing Christ's commandments toward nonbelievers outside the body) will be the spirit that will completely displace capitalism and the hypocritical application of the law, as Jesus said.

None of the remnant will be capitalists.

The first disciples while they were living with Jesus were living with him out of one purse. After Jesus left, those same disciples continued that practice. It extended to many converts. It is written.

Your point shows that the only thing that withholds what the first Apostles were doing from the rest of the people is selfishness that is to say not wanting the common goal. The selfish aren't of the body of Christ. Those Apostles were of one heart and one soul and acting unselfishly. They saw their best interest in the best interest of the whole (wholeness, which is God). Are you saying that that is not the definition of Christianity? Jesus said that we are to be one, which means also being one with God.

Rather than broadening the scope of your argument, we suggest you focus in on the meaning of the single vision as Jesus gave it in his Sermon on the Mount. The capitalist preach darkness. There is not light coming out of capitalism. It is amassing for self apart from God. There is no capitalism in God's Kingdom. We will be delivered out from under mammon. There will be everything needed and at no price.

Hear the words of the Lord. He called it "unrighteous mammon." Money is inherently evil. It is an unrighteous invention invented by those who were antichrist from the beginning. There is no money in God's Kingdom. Read the verses in the right column of our site. Focus on those about riches. If you do that and still disagree, we've done all we can for you. It will be up to you. No Christian can force you.

All that is pent up in money by the thieves of the inheritance must be released back to the people. Channel it all back into what will bring forth the Christian Commons that is the spirit of the New Heaven and New Earth when all is fulfilled. This is why they laid it at the Apostles feet. "And laid them down at the apostles' feet: and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need." Acts 4:35. That's the Christians doing a redistribution of wealth (albeit voluntary, which is the correct way, the narrow way).

Nevertheless, it's exactly what the antichrist capitalists hate and fight against and have murdered millions over. They send the Pentagon out to do it. They coerce taxes and force capitalism on people who don't want it so the capitalists and imperialists can take for themselves first and foremost. Their consciences are broken. They are without consistent compassion. They sacrifice others to feed their insatiable greed.

The worldly bankers (usurers) who completely and privately own and control the currencies of the world (The United States for instance had control of its currency taken away by privatization con artists), cause, among many other evils, psychological-operations people, public-relations people, and others, to be paid by the billions of dollars to twist the meaning of words such as freedom in order to perpetuate their entire system of falsehood that comes straight from the devouring spirit that is Satan.

They want to rule the world under their one-world government, and they will rule it mundanely for a season. There will be a one-world government; however, the government of the bankers will be replaced by the government under the spirit of Jesus Christ, the bankers' arch enemy.

Don't let them have your soul. Don't sell yourself to their antichrist path. See the light in Jesus's words.

Don't follow those who distract from the focus of Jesus. Their hearts are self-centered. Their doctrines haven't and never will bring forth.

Focus on Jesus's words.

Rather than have you remain one of the naysayers, we call upon you to help. The Holy Spirit conflates all real Christians.

May God bless you, Don.


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