U.S. Senator, Virginia Democrat, Jim Webb had tried earlier to move legislation that would require Bush to get Senate approval before attacking Iran accept under certain circumstances. The legislation went nowhere. Now, Hillary Clinton has reportedly signed on as a co-sponsor, the only one so far (Thursday, October 11, 2007). Well, this is a political move to increase her election chances. She'd been firmly pro-false-Zionist and paid a price on the far left and left-center. She's being moved here by her consultants and managers to gain back some of that false-left-center. The timing is telling.

The neocons are slowly being backed into a corner, or so the propaganda artist would have you believe.

We've heard recently that the Israelis are concerned that any attack on Iran will be blamed on the Jewish Lobby and will cause a backfire on Israel. Therefore, we are directed to read between the lines that Hillary isn't going to take real heat over this, meaning Jewish money will still back her or is to back her.

The ultimate plan never changes though. The forces of darkness struggle for selfishness and the forces of light for unselfishness.

Benjamin Netanyahu is being primed to become the Prime Minister of Israel again. He's a fascist. He's been saying Iran poses a Nazi-like threat to Jews. He's said its 1939, Iran is Germany, and Ahmadinejad is Hitler. The so-called Christian-Zionist, John Hagee, has been echoing the same line.

The seesaw movement by Hillary Clinton is farcical. She wants to appear less reckless than Bush to allay concerns of the peace movement, to reduce the hue and cry against her hawkishness.

We also hear the so-called left attempting to cozy up to the top U.S. military to encourage it to be very strong in voicing the anti-attack position behind closed doors in the administration and elsewhere.

This is all divided-house futility. Christians see right through it. There is no way for the United States of America consistently to do the right thing. It can't. It is a forced government of inherently irreconcilable natures—God versus Satan, Jesus versus the coming Antichrist.

Christians need to bring forth the new wineskin: The unforced Christian Commons, forced only by the force of truth in the heart.

These are two different connotations of the term "force." Learn the language of the revelation of Jesus Christ. It is always contextual.

Tom Usher

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