The ancient Greeks were called democratic; however, they extended that to only a few. Only a citizen of Athens for instance could vote or have an equal say. They were the people. Everyone else was a nonhuman, so to speak. That meant only men. It meant only free men.

Israel is a very closed society. Immigration is as tightly controlled as anywhere in the world. They deliberately forced non-Jews out of the area so they, the Jews, could create their closed place where they would extend a pseudo-democracy guaranteed to be controlled by Jews in perpetuity.

Well, this is how the houses or nations of the world behave isn't it. The U.S. is in the process of establishing tighter and tighter immigration laws and barriers. Barriers and secrets are the foundation of these nations of the world aren't they. It is all done via force of violence and the threat of the same isn't it.

Only Jesus's kingdom isn't like that. There are barriers, but those are put up by those who want to force their way in. There are secrets, but those are only because people refuse to see what is right in front of them.

Israel practices heavy censorship. The media are not allowed to cover military matters without submitting the reports to military censors first.

Israel allows no proselytizing. It's a multi-year prison sentence for converting anyone to Christianity. They are completely against freedom of religion. So why then does the U.S. give them more money per capita by far than to any other people on the planet? Any Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or person of any other religion other than Judaism caught proselytizing will be persecuted with a stiff prison sentence. At least that's the threat that silences Christians who fear the Jews in Israel.

This isn't lost on the powers that be in the U.S. They know about it. They are willing to be completely hypocritical for the sake of the U.S. Empire but more so for the sake of the coming darkness. For they see in that darkness light. It is a false light. They see goodness coming out of all the evil if only they can hold out long enough. It won't happen.

Hypocrisy is the stock and trade of the powers that be. If Israel can attack Syria for having some uranium (which possession hasn't been substantiated), can Syria or anyone else attack Israel for having hundreds of nuclear weapons? Only the "good guys" can have nuclear weapons. Please. Who are these "good guys"? Do good guys shower other nations with millions of cluster bomblets? Do they kill innocent children bombing them in their beds or by spraying bullets all about on busy streets? No, they don't. Only those who cave into evil-heartedness do that or order it done.

Tom Usher

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