We've been quiet on the Jena 6 issue. The Jena Six are six black teenagers charged with knocking out a white teenager and then repeatedly kicking his unconscious body. The charges state that this occurred at Jena High School, Jena, Louisiana, U.S., on December 4, 2006.

There has been a cacophony from the mainstream, fringe, extreme, and alternative sources. Even yet, we don't know about the boys involved—white and black. There are many personalities involved, and by personalities here, we are not referring primarily to celebrities but rather to the boys themselves.

This case is in the Deep South with its legacy of the Confederacy and some holdout-mentalities concerning slavery. Also, one of the black boys has now been sentenced to serve time for charges in other cases.

The real issue is one of action and reaction. No doubt, racial prejudice by whites (but on both sides) was involved from the start and remains a factor. However, it is apparent that there was overreaction on the part of the black boys even if there was provocation under the mundane law. Christ though is above provocation.

We cannot and do not pass judgment or mete out sentences or punishment. We want for there to be peaceful habilitation and rehabilitation, as the case may be, of both whites and blacks. Punishment is wrong. Love is right. Lack caused the problem. The adults and authorities involved need to focus upon filling real needs so that righteousness that has been lacking is brought forth. The message being given to the children now is very mixed. It is the wide path not real love. The leaders who have taken up their causes to make an example of this case fail to focus on the root problem. Only radical transformation of hearts solves problems. The mundane, coercive law is not the real law that needs to be written on the hearts of all involved. Had it been, this case would never have happened.

It appears that there was not much direct evidence and there were insufficient witnesses to state with any mundane certainty that the particular accused boys were guilty of the beating. It appears that the black boy named Mychal Bell has been pegged as a troublemaker in general and the likely ringleader. This pegging makes repentance (change) more difficult, not to say that Mychal is guilty of this or other crimes or, if so, that he has repented. It is to say that even the commonplace law has been held out as being designed to safeguard against automatically translating any earlier wrong-doing into new wrong-doing where common proof is lacking. Suspicions are to be kept separate from convictions (especially where repentance has been in evidence).

On the divine level of course, we know them by their results. Mychal Bell will turn out to be the sum total of his results weighted completely by what he finally makes and made of himself. How will he measure up against what he knows is right to do? Thus are we all measured.

An issue in the case is one of disproportionateness. The penalties do not fit the crime is the complaint. Also, equal application of the law is at issue. Many black leaders have said that the punishments are too severe and that action by white students set a racially charged climate and those white students were not sufficiently punished. You see here a focus on lessening the punishment for the blacks and increasing the punishment for the whites.

This of course is unchristian in that there should be no punishment but only habilitation and rehabilitation. It is ironic that self-styled ministers of God and Jesus Christ are out front on this issue. Habilitation and rehabilitation necessarily includes ending racism. Racism is wrong. The real family of Christ is not by DNA lineage but rather by spirit (emotions).

We titled this article, "Jena Six and the Jewish Holocaust," to draw attention to the same evil, misguided and misguiding spirit that is at play in both and in everything really. This whole issue in this Jena Six case is highly reflective of the Jewish-holocaust-industry issue. There are also racists on both sides of the Jewish holocaust trying to make hay off that event. Those of the Israelites who are racists hide behind the sympathy and empathy of the people concerning the evils of the concentration camps of the Nazis. Many blacks have taken to applying this device by hiding behind slavery and white supremacy and segregation on racial grounds. Fascists of Israel kick and beat Palestinians (on ethnic grounds) and receive impunity by the world's military superpower, the U.S., under the spell of the neocons, false-Zionists, and false-Christian-Zionists (all of the same evil spirit). This Jena Six or Jena 6 issue has the earmarks of much of the same mistakes and oversights. Not for a moment though do we allege the situations are exactly analogous. The evil spirit manifests in many forms with many aspects.

While racially motivated inequality points directly to the root problem, it is an error to diminish the importance of personal and individual responsibility to overcome overreactions such as the beating that occurred. Overcoming overreaction is the solution. If everyone overcomes, we will have peace.

Look at the lack of vengeance in the heart of Jesus. Look at the lack of a rise they got out of him when they beat and whipped and spit on him. He did not fight back with anything but the truth of righteousness. His example shines brightest as the homing beacon in the dark. That light is true.

Openly teach the children properly. No doubt Mychal Bell has been privately told that he must now be on his best behavior since he is being told he is a reflection on his race. That's not the right spirit of instruction. He needs to be instructed to do right for its own sake and to let the truth sort out everything just as Jesus is still doing and will rightly do eternally. Set that example. Advocate for that. It will spread and be magnified. As it does, things will become so much better even as those who hate love, peace, and truth will scramble to kill the message, the light, and the messengers until the dark day of the LORD when the hardness of human hearts causes them to be consumed by their own standard. Their spirit will swallow them up and only them.


Come together separated from the evil spirit of hardheartedness so that hypocrisy will not retard the blessing within the Church. For darkness cometh into that hypocritical world where and when no man or women may do the works. Their hardheartedness and rejection of love, therefore, will cause their fruit to fail so they will be cut off and purged from the tree so they will no longer burden the children of the Holy Spirit who is God.


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