General BetrayUs and the republicants continue to conflate Iraq and 9/11. Their mouthholes move on tv. And like a moth I hover over the screen and I wait for signs. What does it take to get together a bunch of people to go throw bricks, stones, anything to hand at the federal building downtown? I'm on strike today and explained to students that it's because I'm sick. It's true. I'm sick of war. I'm sick of watching geriatric white men get people dead and have the audacity to lie to our faces about it.

I'm sick of the impotence of being reduced to idle thoughts of brick throwing. And while my fantasies keep me busy, I can know that innocent people continue to be butchered, tortured, and consigned to hells I can't even imagine so that Halliburton gets their cost-plus contracts and the US maintains its "influence" in the Middle East.

I've spoken out about the war. At school. To people. In Washington. Before it started. I know that words are just words, while barbarism is our foreign policy.

What do you do with despair?
Organize. Organize. Organize.

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RLCC Comment: Organize to do what? We have a plan. Peacefully, openly, honestly, and directly the Christian Commons will flow the stolen inheritance back to its rightful heirs.

Originally by skunkcabbage from cabbage on September 11, 2007, 6:49am

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