John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt have been writing over the last several years about the Jewish Lobby, often called the Pro-Israel Lobby. They have put forth a number of valid points. However, their work has come under negative criticism especially from the neocons but also from those on the left who blame big business and the oil industry more than false-Zionists for the Iraq War and threats against Iran.

Throughout the process, John and Stephen have not until now focused on bringing countervailing arguments against charges of anti-Semitism leveled against them by neocons. Now, the main thrust of Mearsheimer and Walt's countervailing argument is to attack arguments made against Jews by real anti-Semites. What they don't do though is continue the sorting process they used in developing their initial critique of U.S. foreign policy and the power of the Jewish Lobby. They throw the baby out with the bathwater.

There is no doubt that anti-Semites exist in large numbers. Anti-Semites are those who are opposed to all Semites. It is ethnic hatred. They don't take Semites individually. They hate them all and want all of them gone. Some would happily push a button to exterminate all ethnic Jews and Arabs. Of course, that's completely insane.

To clarify up front, the Real Liberal Christian Church takes all individuals regardless of race or ethnic origin and discerns them as such: Individuals. It is the spirit of the individual that signifies with the Church. Furthermore, the Church (its members) will push no such buttons concerning anyone. We do want to be separated away from iniquity and consequently those who don't turn from it. What happens to the iniquitous is Satan's business. We don't want people turning to Satan or staying turned to Satan, and we say so openly to warn them away from iniquity and continued iniquity. That is all we are allowed to do, since anything more would be force. We are against involuntariness in matters of faith in righteousness versus faith in unrighteousness. Those who define things incorrectly cannot benefit as those who define things correctly. To have the benefit one must live, be, the definition.

John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt write that the Jewish Lobby "is certainly not a cabal or conspiracy that 'controls' U.S. foreign policy." What John and Stephen want is to have their cake and eat it too. They want their minds to prevail and control. They are tiptoeing through the constantly changing connotations, conceptions, and characterizations. The terms "cabal" and "conspiracy" are loaded to them, so they are backing away from them as much as they think they can while alleging that the Lobby does and doesn't control U.S. foreign policy. It's wishy-washy and designed even subconsciously so that they may avoid the so-called hard questions.

Understand here that there are many people who falsely believe that the way to deal with hard questions is to not ask them. Well, the Church isn't about that at all. Avoiding the implications of standards carried out to their logical conclusions is the root of all evil. It is money (unrighteous mammon) and the love of it and all the rest of the symptoms of greed, avarice, acquisitiveness, covetousness, and generally unbelief and all the selfish lusts for excess and harm.

Oh, the Jewish Lobby doesn't have absolute control over U.S. foreign policy. It does try to though, just as others try. What matters is what are the means and end goal.

The Jewish Lobby is made up of individuals who don't agree on everything. Nevertheless, there is a very large core that absolutely does scheme and plot on behalf of their vision of Jewishness that is malignant. The logical conclusion of their vision is harmful. It is not righteousness. It is dead set against Jesus's vision. One need only ask them. They will say so, or their silence or skirting the issue will say it.

Look, the problem with the Middle East is that it isn't Christian. They don't follow Jesus. It's the same problem as in the U.S. It's the whole world's problem. Following Jesus is the solution. He was right. John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt don't say this. The implications are beyond what they are willing to do for their fellow humans. It's sad.

Real Christians can readily see that John and Stephen have gained the ear of many people who lean in the softhearted direction. Now gained though, they plant seeds of disbelief. They introduce hypocrisy into the field. Their seeds will grow into tares not fit for feeding the people and will have taken up room that could have been put to the good seed and will have choked out fledging seed and will have generally aided and abetted the satanic spirit.

Where Mearsheimer and Walt see shades of grey, Jesus showed us the unmistakable stark contrasts. The fruit of John and Stephens's vision is rejected. It isn't fit for consumption. It is a bushel of fruit that is mixed with rotten fruit that spreads to the rest. It is the tree that needs the dead and diseased branches cut away. We can't bring forth the good fruit by avoiding the full implications of anything, including U.S. foreign policy and the U.S. itself, which was and is violently coerced into existence and is, therefore, a false union for the sake of a devouring imperialism.

The Lobby is extremely wealthy and powerful. Its members do control (including psychologically through fear of stigmatizing, sound bite labels where there is no equal time for those so labeled) vast percentages of the media from which most Americans get their so-called news and impressions and that form their perceptions. That's no accident and it isn't harmless though it is very much a part of what constitutes America in the aggregate. If it were not a cabal or conspiracy, it could never have had its neocons swing U.S. foreign policy to pledge to attack the exact list of nations name by the Project for the New American Century, an obviously predominately false-Zionist think tank. There are non-Jewish neocons, but neoconservatism is defined as being focused upon Israel in geopolitical and other terms. Mearsheimer and Walt are here just dulling the attacks made by Alan Dershowitz and Abe Foxman, etc. They aren't setting things straight. They are working the worldly system, inside that system, as part of that system. There's no solution in it.

Think money, power, and control. The Jews and the Anglos first, along with others, are working for these things for personal DNA reasons. Think money first. Money is mundane power. It is why the expression "follow the money" is so salient. Many Jews control much of the media via investments and key executive positions. Media coverage has been distorted to favor all things Jewish regardless of the despicable actions of Israel. That's not to say that the enemies Israel sees aren't also misguided and doing despicable things. One need only look at the hundreds of so-called honor killings in Kurdistan where so many women are burned alive without any due process, not that due process should ever result in burning anyone alive. The real God says that's against the law.

Mearsheimer and Walt are spreading false propaganda. The Jews do have a huge hand in world banking, international finance, the Federal Reserve, and in many other central banks around the world. Saying they don't doesn't change it. Failing to say that usury (charging interest) and capitalism aren't evil isn't helpful. It's avoiding the hard questions that really aren't hard at all for the softhearted, the merciful, the godly minded.

Mammon is evil. Jesus stood foursquare against it. Nearly every Jew, every person, who denies Christ denies that there is anything wrong with money and selfish commercial and other pursuits. Most love money. They go after it.

We want to do the right thing by freeing the people out from under. That's why we would free everything pent up in money into land and projects where money is not needed or used to live (unselfishly).

Now, it is a fact that those who hate all Jews on ethnic grounds amass the most damning information against Jews in general. The fact that such damning information is thusly amassed does not negate the facts. Do anti-Semites amass false information and merge in with facts? Yes, that's one of the methods they use, just as it is one of the methods the false-Zionists use in countering the real anti-Semites and truth-tellers as well, as if anti-Semites and truth-tellers are one and the same, which of course they are not.

We don't like anti-real-Christian anything. We know that the path laid out by Jesus Christ is the best one possible. In fact, all other paths end up as dead ends. Judaism as practiced by the Talmudists of today is adamantly against Jesus Christ. The Talmudists hate Jesus with a passion they can hardly contain. The only reason they do contain it is to avoid the ire of the many Gentiles many of whom still believe Christianity and militancy are compatible in defense of Jesus and God. The Talmudists are biding their time. They are waiting for the Israeli Empire (Greater Israel) to be manifested. Then they will use their imaginations to rationalize that God wants them to lord it over the Gentiles, making the Gentiles their slaves to serve them.

Unfortunately for them, their comprehension is low and they delude themselves. There is no going back from the vision of Jesus. He set a standard that will never die. All praise and credit be to God in the Highest for that and for everything that really matters.

"Why Dems and Republicans Bow to the Israel Lobby," by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt. The New York Times. October 9, 2007.

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