Jennifer Green of the Ottawa Citizen is on the scene of the Ottawa Synod meeting: NAV CANADA Conference Centre, Cornwall, Ontario.  The first entry in her newly inaugurated blog covered Bishop John Chapman's charge to the assembled clergy and laity.

This morning Ms Green reports on the debate on the controversial motion to recommend authorisation of same-sex blessings in the diocese.  The first speakers expressed support for the motion, but then other voices came to the fore.

In Cornwall this morning, delegates lined up at the microphones by the dozens. The first speakers were uniformly in favour of the motion, saying to is an obvious step forward. After all, the diocese offers pension benefits to same sex couples. It seems absurd that it would not bless their existing marriages.

ople spoke out against it and they did not seem like anti-gay Neanderthals.

She sounds surprised.

George Sinclair, pastor at St. Alban's in Ottawa, said that if the church passed the motion, "We are saying we are smarter than Jesus. We are saying Jesus was wrong and we are right."

not mention if anyone has raised the Windsor Report or the Dar es Salaam Communiqué.

The debate goes on.  She promises to let us know the result of the vote as soon as it becomes available.

Next week, Montreal Synod will consider an almost identical motion.

UPDATE: Kendall Harmon gets the news out before Ms Green: The motion was passed 177 to 97.

One Ottawa Anglican appears to think it likely that Bp Chapman will accept the motion and allow SSBs in the diocese.

c/p: Anglican Essentials Canada Blog

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RLCC Comment: Everywhere, homosexuality rips the churches apart in the process of separating the sheep from the goats. Those who choose no homosexuality will be further refined into those who choose no war and no greed but rather the full spirit of the New Commandment and, therefore, doing the deeds called for by Jesus Christ bringing forth on earth as it is in heaven, feeding the lambs and sheep.

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