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ACIM Lesson 110

Ah! Well this fits quite nicely with Goddess's comments on Lesson 109. She asked if I "believe" there is a God. What I know to be true is that you can't possibly know God if you "believe in" God. All you can ever "believe in" is ideas (no matter how much substance you think those ideas may contain). Belief is problematic. So is faith. Both terms have been heavily diluted since the turn of the century and almost always refer to placing trust in something material - a materialistic, omniscient, omnipotent God or a materialistic, rational "self".

Nietzsche said God is dead and I fully agree. Society can never go back to the understanding "of God" it once held no matter how much it yearns for it. Part of what Nietzsche means by saying that "God is dead" is that we will never be able to go back to thinking in terms of absolutes. There is not a single truth that will be discovered that everyone will buy into and thereby save the world (be it by scientific rationalism or religious faith).

My understanding of Nietzsche's constant overcoming is a willingness to let go of the egoic projections and illusions of "self". This is a continual process and can only be done on an individual basis. Any yearning for "one absolute truth" that will provide some sort of materialistic salvation for the masses can only end in some form of slavery. It is an illusion and based on the same utopianistic idealism that drove Christianity in the middle ages and drives fundamentalist Christianity today. You have to embrace what it is you see as "evil" rather than "get rid of it" if you are to overcome it. We remain as we were created no matter how much we want to be otherwise or blame others for not allowing the world to be what it "could be". It is what it is. Accept it. Then we can overcome it. But as long as we are holding on to idealism and values from the past, we will remain in the past, unable to successfully navigate the present.

If you remain as God created you, appearances cannot replace the truth, health cannot turn to sickness, nor can death be substitute for life, or fear for love. All this has not occurred, if you remain as God created you. You need no thought but just this one, to let redemption come to light the world and free it from the past.

To me, this is very Nietzschean (although he most definitely would not have used the word "God"). What causes us problems is that we get stuck in our outdated value systems. Rather than navigating the world as it is, we make demands about how it "should be". We have to slay the old values in order to obtain new ones that will allow us to navigate the world as it is. Our "salvation" is the constant overcoming of our egoic minds - not the egoic wishful thinking of a perfect end result.

You are as God created you. Today honor your Self. Let graven images you made to be the Son of God instead of what he is be worshipped not today. Deep in your mind the holy Christ in you is waiting your acknowledgment as you. And you are lost and do not know yourself while He is unacknowledged and unknown.

Drop the terminology if it gives you the willies. You are what it is you are and always have been. The value system of others cannot add or take away from who it is you are. The value systems we have bought into are the graven images we have been worshiping. They keep us stuck in the past and don't allow us to see things as they are. Like Nietzsche's camel that gets stuck in the mud and only knows how to walk in the desert - wishing the mud didn't exist or getting mad at something for getting it into the mud is not helpful. It won't get him out of the mud. He has to call forth something beyond the old values from a place within him (which requires the mythic slaying of the dragon.)

Somewhere beneath our sense of egoic projections and idealism is a quiet center that remains unchanged. We are lost until we recognize this center.

I am as God created me.
("I am whole.")

RLCC Comment: Nietzsche called himself the antichrist. He was insane. He was racked by disease through and through. He ended up in a dead end. He fell into the satanic trap from the beginning and only dug the hole deeper. He was an atheist humanist dead of the Holy Spirit that will lead humanity to the New Heaven and New Earth promised by Jesus Christ.

This merging Nietzsche with Christianity is a huge error. It is completely misled and misleading. No good will ever come of it. Turn back to God who is every bit as alive as ever and always will be.

Nothing good can come from hating mercy and pity and believing that its opposite is right. Mercy is strength not weakness. Nietzsche received what he sowed—his own standard. Would anyone in his or her right mind want to change places with him?

One can only pity the memory of him. He was a sociopath, abused somehow, and never overcame it.

Originally by laura from Dance of the Mind on October 4, 2007, 4:13pm

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