People are charged by tradition (coming out of the spirit of hypocrisy in this case) to ask by what authority one speaks. They don't all realize it, but that's an antichrist attitude. As asked, it is currently most often exactly from the same spirit that posed the question to Jesus.

"And when he was come into the temple, the chief priests and the elders of the people came unto him as he was teaching, and said, By what authority doest thou these things? and who gave thee this authority?" Matthew 21:23. Listen to the words and look at the works is what Jesus taught. Does good come from evil? No, it doesn't. Evil comes from evil. Good comes from good. If the words are good and the works are good (no hypocrisy), the source is good.

The words coming out of someone's mouth or that are put down in writing and the deeds of that one, what that one is trying to do and is doing, speak of the authority. Jesus taught this when he told the Pharisees, Sadducees, and others to believe his works.

Ordination, anointing

The ordination is by way of the anointing of the Holy Spirit of truth. That comes from the Holy Spirit. The power is vested in the Holy Spirit. Does the Holy Spirit work in and through people? Yes.

The law written on your heart

The institution of the Church is the whole body of the people who are members of the Church. It is incumbent upon that body that it have heightened sensibilities to perceive when anyone has the law written on his or her heart. John the Baptist sensed this about Jesus and didn't cling to a false position but was glad to have one such as Jesus come into the world. John knew that the people who hear Jesus, accept him, and do after him are saved by God.

Jesus's diploma

Jesus didn't have a diploma from an accredited mainstream seminary recognized by the scribes and Pharisees who taught hypocritical traditions. John didn't ask Jesus to see his credentials that came out of that world. John saw the Holy Spirit anoint Jesus.

Was Jesus uneducated? No. He was educated. He was literate. He could read the scriptures. He did so in the synagogue. He was schooled and self-instructed, taught by God. He had a diploma in life experiences where his life lined up with the real and eternal life in the spirit of righteousness.

The Pharisees and the like controlled access to mainstream formal education. Jesus's questions and ideas were too radical for them. He saw right through their hypocrisy and they would have flunked him. As it is, they rejected him, and still do, to their utter damnation.

Your real diploma

Plenty of people with little to no formal education have had the New Commandment written on their hearts to one degree or another. The mainstream seminaries and bible colleges, etc., aren't teaching people to have the law written on their hearts. They don't know that law. They know only the traditional teaching that comes out of the churches that have never brought forth and aren't trying. Only some of their members are trying, but the other members and those at the top of the inverted ideological pyramid retard their efforts.

Abraham Lincoln's error

Their house is divided against itself and will not stand and cannot be held together by force of arms. That never works. It's why Abraham Lincoln was mistaken. Forced union is a contradiction in terms.

Now there are those who will rush to say but what about freeing the slaves. They will say but Lincoln freed the slaves. That was not his motivation. That's a lie that was foisted on the people afterwards to hide the true motivation. He was not egalitarian. He thought "darkies" as he called them were inferior, and he thought slavery was constitutional. Slavery wasn't his concern. Power was. His Gettysburg Address was given in hypocrisy.

Mercy informs

They will point to Moses and the God of Moses (whom they believe to be Jesus) freeing the Jews who were slaves under the hardhearted Pharaoh. It can be a very long story or it can be dispatched instantly depending upon the softness of your heart.

When Jesus's disciples asked Jesus if they should call down the wrath, Jesus prevented it telling them they didn't know of which spirit they are.

Well, if he's not the spirit that calls down the wrath, which spirit is he?

Now, people will rush some more to justify the wrath in their own hearts by pointing to Jesus saying the Son of man will come and cut them asunder.

Handling the supposed paradox of wrath

Jesus is not the spirit of wrath. He is the spirit of love. He warns away from wrath. He warns that the wrath will devour the wrathful. This is a point many just do not grasp. Jesus judges no man. God judges no man. The truth judges, and they are the truth. Is this paradoxical for you?

Speaking the truth of consequences, warning souls away from that which will destroy their souls, is what Jesus does. It's what he is. Then, when the truth of his words comes about, he is vindicated and shown in his glory. When the Son of man comes and rewards all according to their works, Jesus will be shown to have been right all along. He will be praised for that. He will be in all his glory. He will be in the glory of God. The souls of the faithful will be released from the evil ones who will be paid their wages of sin. They will receive wrath. They will be in Satan's hands. They will be cast down with Satan, who will not darken the doorstep of heaven or earth. Grasp it. It isn't a paradox. It's contextual. When Satan is gone out of the lives of the souls who believe in Jesus, it will be a new day, a new heaven, and new earth. It will be salvation, deliverance.

Remove violence from the heaven in your heart and mind

Remember, Satan is violent and is in heaven in the minds of many. Satan seeks to take heaven by force. Jesus cast down Satan. Jesus's God cast out that spirit from heaven. Put it out of your heart too.


Is this a condemnation of the Sons of man who resorted to wrath and violence? The real Christian is of the spirit of mercy and forgiveness. The Christian will always forgive the one who earnestly repents, comes to see the greater light of love for what it is. We are all on a learning curve. Do we then forgive Satan? Satan doesn't earnestly repent. That's the nature of Satan. That's why Jesus is displacing Satan from hearts and minds and will do so completely for those who will live in righteousness forever.

Old-world traditions are wrong

The traditionalists teach their own traditions rather than the precepts of God. They don't teach and do righteousness that is doing the New Commandment. They won't put their fleshly lives on the line that way for God's cause.

Apostolic succession as taught by the Roman Catholics is not primarily designed to prevent true error. It is design to perpetuate error. It is designed to perpetuate the inverted hierarchy against which Jesus preached. Jesus said the first will be last and the last will be first. In the Roman church, their Pope is first only. He doesn't minister to all as the younger. He lives in luxury and excess while many of his subjects live in abject deprivation and squalor.

Of course, the Pope is far from the only one suffering from this fundamental error. All the powers that be suffer from it. George W. Bush lives in luxury and opulence while many Americans live in abject deprivation and squalor, many forced there on account of the system George heads and exacerbates.

The world of the prince of this world to whom Jesus referred, that world, was and remains upside down in Jesus's eyes and in our eyes. Those at the top of the current hierarchy are there by virtue of conforming to the wishes of the worldview of the said "prince of this world."

The old world is the old wineskin

Jesus was against the system where certain people violently and coercively lord it over others. Jesus knew and we know that that system comes out of the selfish heart. It is a shortsighted heart geared to getting for self while the getting appears to the spiritually blind to be good and to hell with posterity.


That spirit began resorting to violence as a quick resolution. However, it was unenlightened concerning the long-term damage done that resulted and results still in a chain reaction that includes retaliation and escalation. Violence and coercion were used to bully others. They were used to take more for self apart from God, leaving others with not enough. They were used for the gratification of ego, for the sense of power and control and to insist upon one's infallibility and godlike stature. It may even mistakenly start as coming to the rescue of the seemingly defenseless. However, the longest-term view sees that the complete refusal to engage in violent coercion is the only way to remain consistently the right example eventually to overcome that violence spirit.


Now we face the situation where darkness has come that is so dark that who can do the works. Jesus said darkness cometh when no man can work. More and more people have fallen away from the mentality that renders them susceptible to the truth of the New Commandment.

Faith and truth

All is not lost however. It never will be. Righteousness prevails. The saints are overcome in the mundane, but they are vindicated in the end. Evil will devour itself. Only righteousness will be left. This is the promise of God, and we believe it and know it to be true.

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