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At several points in the article linked to above, various black voters are quoted as being partial to either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama (despite John Edwards being more progressive than both of them put together) but are going to commit the issue to prayer before making a final decision.

Of course, the media agenda here is part of a long - running campaign by the media to portray Democrats as being as pious as the religious right. Once upon a time such a thing would have incensed me, but the way that these religious right types are lining up behind cross dressing pro - abortion serial adulterer Rudy Giuliani and Mormon Mitt Romney, I am rather nonplussed about the whole deal. Might I suggest "none of the above" as an option?

Still, the brief look at their theology is fascinating. Quoting the column: Much of the chitchat in her shop is about whether a woman could or should be president. "A man is supposed to be the head," she said. "I feel like the Lord has put man first, and I believe in the Bible." So she is going to be all fundamentalist in applying the theological concept of the man being the spiritual head where it does not belong in the secular realm (the man is to be the head in the church and in the home, in spiritual roles, not in the secular realm ... please recall that Priscilla was a prominent businesswoman in the secular arena)?

Yet where her application of Christian theology to practical politics MIGHT be actually appropriate: determining which candidate to support based on which candidate does the best job of supporting ethics and morality - you thoroughly totally miss. How a Christian even think of supporting a candidate that supports abortion and homosexuality, as do both Obama and Clinton? Now of course, Christians are not supposed to be trying to use the state to coercively impose our religion and morality on an unwilling public, but that doesn't mean that we should be in any way help or support the people that support and wish to continue and deepen the evil rebellion against our God. Yet another example of how bad theology makes for bad politics. And please remember that interests that wish to manipulate people into supporting and following them politically have no interest in promoting correct theology.

It isn't just abortion and homosexuality. Both candidates support a host of policies that plainly contradict any honest reading of the Bible. They are not alone in that regards ... so does the current occupant of the White House and virtually all of the major candidates in both parties. So thank you New York Times (and MSNBC for linking to it) for providing still more evidence that there is precious little difference between the Christian right and the Christian left. Both movements are based on compromise with the world, which is joining yourself to Satan.

And for you "the lesser of two evils" crowd, you ignore that either way evil wins, darkness prevails. If it is in fact inevitable that evil prevails, well then just chalk it up to the evil condition of a world and nation that has rebelled against God as did the people in the incident of the tower of Babel. Open your eyes and do not be consenting in or a party to their evil, for if you do it will be laid to your charge on judgment day.

Now please understand, I am sensitive to the people that would charge me with being defeatist and impractical; those that would claim that I have given up, condemned America as evil and wicked, and am going to just sit under my gourd and hatefully wait for God to come judge and destroy this place so that I can be vindicated in my own self - righteousness as did Jonah. But what I am calling for is faith. Faith is not this transcendent detached ethereal ephemeral thing, but rather to the Christian faith should be as real and tangible as is the screen that you are reading these words on; more important to our daily practical lives than the food that we eat or the air that we breathe. We have to trust that in the end, all that matters is that righteousness triumphing over evil so that God will be glorified and vindicated.

If good prevailing over evil in the end is all that truly matters to us, then making accommodations with evil in the interim will not be necessary. Please reference the warnings of the prophets to the kings of Israel regarding their seeking alliances with pagan nations for protection, and apply that to the current situation of the many alliances, sacrifices, and compromises that both the Christian left and the Christian right have made.

RLCC Comment: We are finding many Pauline Christians are right up to a point where they stop dead in their tracks. They don't want real Christianity to be practiced in the here and now. They don't hear the words, "Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven." They are deaf to them. They rail against those farther over from real Christianity, but as soon as they are asked to be fully consistent and help to put into practice what the original disciples did, they go silent. They ignore it and go on their way, some with subtle changes in their preaching but still voiding the call.

God bless these people with the faith to be blown together by your Holy Spirit to bring forth your Christian Commons that is not of the spirit of the prince of darkness of this world. Bless them to want to do the works with great enthusiasm and zeal.

Christians don't vote for those who will head up the system of greed, sexual harm, and violent coercion or any coercion. To vote for that leader is to be a willing party to such coercion. It won't end until people willingly stop or are made extinct. The sooner and the more people who drop out (withdraw from participation, withdraw from established society, because of disillusionment with conventional, mistaken values), the sooner it will end.

Originally by healtheland from Primitive Jesus Christology on October 14, 2007, 12:07pm

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