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There's a very interesting article posted on RELEVANT's website today. It discusses recent legislation passed in the United Kingdom which makes "comments inciting hatred against homosexuals" punishable by up to seven years in prison. It no doubt raises questions about the issues of free-speech and the freedom of religious expression for those of us on this side of the pond.

Could we here in the United States soon be approaching a time when Christians who publicly label homosexuality a "sin" run the risk of being prosecuted and imprisoned? What threat would such legislation pose on rights guaranteed by the First Amendment?

Is the church prepared to learn new ways of engaging in dialogue about the "homosexuality issue" without being accused of "inciting hatred?" Is it possible to hold a view supporting the authority, truth and validity of Scripture without being (or at least coming off as) anti-gay? How do you talk about this issue with your gay friends? Do you even have gay friends?

RLCC Comment: Of course the U.S. Constitution will be interpreted this way or that depending upon the personal opinions of the so-called justices at the time.

Jesus used the terms love and hate. He hates sin. He both hates and loves sinners at the same time. He warned but didn't harm. Where there isn't freedom to say this, there isn't freedom. Where people who love the real, full message and want to bring forth God's will on Earth are punished for saying these things, they are persecuted in the name of Jesus and are blessed by God. Those who censor themselves in the face of threats from the iniquitous love the things of the flesh more than they love God.

Don't bow down. Don't bend your knee. Don't take the mark.

The U.K. is apostate. It is being led by homosexuals. Not everyone in the U.K. wants that. They need the Christian Commons.

Mundanely free political speech is being coerced away in the U.K. Big Brother there is telling people what they can and can't say.

Homosexuality is pathogenic. It is harmful. Look at the proof. Our main post on the subject: "Homosexuals: What they ignore." It is an offense against God. It is anatomical insanity.

Hating sin, hating evil, is good and right. Being silent about sin and evil is directly from Satan who seeks to destroy the whole of humanity in both flesh and soul. He seeks an immoral world so he may devour the whole of humanity.

Originally by shanebertou from ShaneBertou.com on October 10, 2007, 12:03pm

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