George W. Bush said that the Muslims and Christians worship the same God. The truth is that Muslims worship the spirit described by Mohammed while Christians worship the spirit described by Jesus. Those descriptions are completely different. They ask their respective believers to behave in radically different ways, Muslims from Christians. This is a contest for souls. Mohammed came along after Jesus. Mohammed attempted to sway Jews but was rejected. He retaliated. He also didn't sway Christians and retaliated against them as well.

What do all of George W. Bush's Christian-Zionist followers think about it? Most of them fudge, just the way George W. Bush does.

Bush is also honoring the Dalai Lama. Now, the Dalai Lama is the blood-line, deposed monarch and spiritual leader (akin to high priest) of the Tibetan Buddhists. He believes that kindness is the most important virtue. Well, lovingkindness certainly is a Christian tenet, but that statement doesn't make the Dalai Lama a Christian. Were the Tibetans coerced under Buddhism? The coercion was subtle—not quite on a par with peer pressure. Those who are consistent with the Buddha's teachings though do not use physical violence to force anyone. Tibet under the Dalai Lama did engage in physical battles attempting to cling to power. That's telling.

The Chinese fake communists are acting insulted by Bush's gesture. It's calculated on both sides. The Chinese want more and more power. The U.S. and other capitalists see China as a huge market being fattened up for the kill. The Chinese know this, but they imagine they might be able to hold off the outsiders much as the Russians and less so the Indians imagine. If they can't, they (the Chinese leaders) still figure they will have gotten theirs while the getting is good and to hell with posterity.

Now, Bush's plan is to just turn around and continue flattering, cajoling, threatening, and confusing the Chinese.

We're on the subject of Bush and religions, but we've written so much about false-Zionism on our site that we'll forego any detail or even an overview of that here in this post. Suffice it to say though that supporting behavior of false-Zionism is disgusting in God's eyes. It is more disgusting when people have no excuse for not knowing better. The Jews have been exposed to the teachings of Jesus much more so than have Muslims and Buddhists in general.

Furthermore, Bush is always talking about doing what is in one's own self interest as a nation. He says he tells the Chinese that religious freedom is in their best interest. However, Bush's supporters are interested in religious coercion. They want the American people and really the people of the whole world, forced into a false version of Christianity. Especially in the U.S., they claim that the U.S. was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and that should be reflected in all governmental affairs.

Well, the U.S. was founded on the principal of the U.S. aristocracy breaking away from the British Empire so their estates would boom. It was also founded on so-called Enlightenment principles tempered by Jefferson's agrarianism. Above all though, the U.S. was founded to become a huge mercantile, financial, and military Empire. Those who wanted that from the beginning, such as Hamilton, knew that those against it would be unable to hold it off. They knew that their greed would drive them harder than the convictions of real Christianity would drive the American people. The Enlightenment adherents were far from Christianity anyway. Also, those who professed to have some of the strongest Christian convictions couldn't even live together in common—hardly the mark of true Christianity. I speak here of the failure of the Puritans in the first colonies. Those in the British-American colonies who leaned more toward softheartedness were also still suffering the effects of the trauma of persecution. The greedy militants continued the pressure. So the more softhearted often stood off in the shadows in shame and fear not willing to face the boldfaced self-deluded ones who build up their egos to mask their own underlying deeply rooted inferiority complexes.

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