Louis Farrakhan is the semi-retired spiritual leader of the Nation of Islam. He has been calling for black Americans to separate from the mainstream into their own community. We have been calling for the same but for real Christians. The reasons why Farrakhan's call is bad are numerous, but one of the main reasons is that it is based upon genealogy. We real Christians know that God's children are of all ethnicities so long as they are of the spirit of Jesus Christ.

Louis spoke many half-truths. He spoke in hypocrisy. If he would just stick with the true portion and be consistent, he would make a real leader. Why the underlying agenda of ethnic selfishness? He lumps white people together just as the white segregationists and supremacists lump all blacks together. He forgets the work of the Abolitionists. He discriminates on the basis of ethnicity. That's evil.

Tom Usher

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