We saw recently an article about how terrible the super-bug problem is, and the author laid it at the feet of socialized medicine in the U.K. It was the lack of a profit incentive that caused the problem was the authors point. However, the capitalist's healthcare system in the U.S. is terrible. It is way too expensive. There are millions without any care. There are huge waiting times for people all through the system. We've seen the horror stories of those with coverage in the film "Sicko." It is much worse for those in abject poverty trodden down by greedy capitalists.

Now we see another article stating that people are extracting their own teeth due to the inability to find a dentist in the U.K. We don't know who if anyone will follow up on that article to verify the accuracy, but the point is that the wealthy in the U.S. who are against socialized medicine are seeing to it that articles are showing up that are negative. Those articles don't say the countervailing aspects of the situation. They are entirely one-sided. Neither do those articles offer any alternative to the U.S. and U.K. systems, and there are alternatives to the spirit behind each.

Frankly, the only reason the U.K. system doesn't work better is because it isn't egalitarian enough and not because it lacks an element of greed to spur on the moneymakers. Money makers don't make money off the poor the way they make it off the rich. The poor are much more neglected in the U.S. than they are in the U.K. even after Thatcher further destroyed the giving and sharing spirit, the Commons, which once blessed the English.

Tom Usher

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