The U.S. Senate has agreed to grant retroactive immunity to the telecommunications industry for its criminal complicity in aiding the NSA in its illegal domestic-spying operation. This is a slap in the face of Qwest Corporation, the only corporation that stood up to the Bush Administration by saying it would not aid the NSA in spying on Qwest customers without a court warrant. It is also a slap in the face of every citizen of the U.S. It is also a terrible example to give the children who will take this as a sign that crime pays.

Crime pays?

The richer one is, the more the crime pays. The idea is, become the biggest criminal by becoming the President of the criminal enterprise known as the Empire that can go around the world stealing anything it pleases because it has the weapons to kill anyone who doesn't like it.

The thing the children need to be taught though is that crime pays loan proceeds from Satan. Satan will be repaid with interest via the debtor's soul enslaved in hell.

We aren't for punishment. We are for repentance and forgiveness. This shameful piece of legislation though says nothing of responsibility, accountability, or morality. It says, the President is above the law, not just the mundane law but the divine law. In effect, it says that if the President does it, it's legal. That was Richard Nixon's position—The imperial president.


The U.S. has an emperor-dictator for a term or two, until a pretext that postpones elections indefinitely due to national security. George W. Bush has ruled by decree. His signing statements have had more effect than Supreme Court rulings and non-vetoed but passed legislation combined.

Trillions of missing dollars

Under his watch, trillions of dollars have been disappeared from the Pentagon budget. Where's the money, George? Who has it? Who stole it? Get it back. It disappeared at the Pentagon under Rumsfeld and his neocon accountant. Who's on the case? Whom has George W. Bush put on the case of accounting for all that hard-earned money of the U.S. taxpayers, many of whom are poor?

House divided will not stand

Well, the house is certainly divided and cannot stand and will not stand. The United States of America is going to come crashing down. That is going to happen, because of the wickedness of its leaders. It is also going to happen, because those leaders reflect the moral cowardice of the people who refuse not to go along with it, not to facilitate it, not to be the wheels in the machinery of it.

People are pretending

Why are the people being that way? Well, they pretend not to understand that the powers that be are evil. They choose to look the other way so they may have their possessions. However, their possessions are going to go away.


Is there anyway to avoid hell coming? Yes. Repent! That means stop being evil. It means, start being good towards those who see the United States as evil, greedy, violent, thieving, depraved, shallow, stupid, and all the rest of the bad. It means start investing in the new wineskin (new system) that will hold the new spirit (good shepherd) to shine the light of example of how things ought to be and can be and will become because of that very example.

Checks and balances: A ruse

The system of checks and balances designed by the U.S. founding fathers is an unmitigated disaster. It absolutely hasn't worked and never will. It is based upon force, coercion, the threat of arms against the very people who are supposed to be the government. It is ridiculous. In the U.S., you have a gun you are pointing at yourself in that system.

Working conscience

The only system that will ever work is the one where the people don't agree to some hodgepodge of fallacious checks and balances but rather where the people agree to have love be their governing emotion. Think about it. The so-called checks and balances is an agreement that the criminals have designed were they will each check and balance each other. It's a ruse to fool the masses.

There is no honor among thieves in the end. What a low calling is this checks and balances. Can you imagine the Apostles suggesting to Jesus that they need a system of checks and balances to head off their inherent untrustworthiness? We are to have working consciences on the inside controlling us not the threat of checks and balances from the outside.

Christian Commons

In the Christian Commons, the souls are trustworthy. Those who prove otherwise, face the progressive discipline [Matthew 18:16-18] of the Church. Heathens are outside.

Better see the light before it's too late.

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