Michael Mukasey is the Bush Administration's nominee for U.S. Attorney General. He refused to say waterboarding is torture. He's knowingly evil. It's straight from Satan.

He will become Satan's top lawyer for a little season.

When it's all over and Michael Mukasey is being subjected to his own standard, he won't think it was all worth it anymore. He'll be disabused of his rationalizing. He's been warned.

He'll be pleading, crying, screaming, and gnashing his teeth, just the way so many innocent people have done at the hands of the merciless U.S. rulers, their hired torturers, and their proxies, all of whom will also be subjected to that same standard by Satan's fallen angels (devils) if they don't stop, turn, and repent in time.

How many calling themselves Christians (false-Christians) are supporting this antichrist, Michael Mukasey? He's a false Zionists. He's a neocon, or Bush wouldn't have picked him.

Tom Usher

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