So, Turkey and the Bush Administration have managed to get the American people's representatives to cringe in fear. If the people's so-called representatives declare that what the Ottoman Turks did to the Armenians was genocide, Turkey would attack the Kurds in Iraq. That's a threat. They would also make it more difficult to attack Iran. They wouldn't let the U.S. use airbases in Turkey to kill innocent people in Iran so the U.S. can further weaken the Middle East so the U.S. can remain the superpower relative to the deplorable conditions it causes in other nations.

On the other hand, if the people's representative's don't call a the genocide genocide, Turkey will continue allowing all the heroin to flow through Turkey so the gangsters who are the Plutocrats can continue making all their money-laundering profits from addicted people. Also, Turkey will give money, campaign funds, and business deals, and consulting contracts, kickbacks, etc., to those who go along.

Is this cynical? Of course. Jesus was a cynic. He was honest. He didn't respect evil. Neither do we.

What ought the Turks really do? Confession is good for the soul. Repent.

Tom Usher

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