Let's expose links and patterns.

Israeli Ethnic Bigots:

Surveys of Israeli show ethnic bigotry against Arabs.

"Poll: Jewish students believe Arabs are uneducated, uncivilized, violent." Israel Today Magazine. January 10, 2007. (last accessed: Thursday, January 11, 2007).

Israeli Segregationists:

Israel is segregated. Israel has created partition walls. Israel claims it is to control terrorism. However, the Israelis have had a policy they euphemistically call "transfer," in place since before 1948. They "transfer" Arabs off the land the Israelis covet. There are false (antichrist) versions of Christianity being pushed by people such as Pat Robertson claiming that God will visit destruction on the U.S. if the U.S. doesn't support the hypocrisy of the Israelis. Pat, Satan will visit destruction on the U.S. if the U.S. doesn't bring forth the fruits called for by Jesus Christ. Pat, you don't know Jesus. Stop misleading the flock.

Ethnic Jews controlling key sectors:

Hollywood stereotypes Arabs and Muslims. We just wrote about Jack Shaheen's new film and book, "Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People" in our post, "Jack Shaheen: Partial Truths." Read it if you haven't already.

Ethnic Hebrews in the U.S., many of whom support the Theodor Herzl movement known by the misnomer "Zionism," are on average much richer than the average citizen. They got that way via the spirit of greed. Many are hugely invested in strategic sectors of control: Banking, media, and Hollywood: Money, news, and entertainment. Banking is the key sector of course. The private banks that wrongly have the power of the printing presses of national currencies are how the ethnic Hebrews have come to dominate. That power must be taken away. It must be taken away, because those particular ethnic Hebrews called Jews but who are not real Jews in spirit, wield the power of unrighteous mammon in extremely unfaithful ways, damaging and harming souls left and right all for hyper selfish and wholly unjustifiable reasons.

They expand and contract the money supply on their own time table that they alone know in advance and can and do use to pre-position themselves to simply bleed off even more for themselves to the utter detriment of the rest of humanity. It is a willful crime against humanity and God.

They charge the people interest for the right to serve them under this evil scheme they have conjured up. They tax the people for this same right. The people are falsely enslaved under this despicable, unGodly, satanic system. The bankers make huge profits from wars and money laundering and the rest of evil. With those ill-gotten gains, they continue the same pattern of buying up the world to make it their private property eventually to leave the rest of the people wholly enslaved in the most apparent ways, putting them all right back under Pharaoh only this time with Pharaoh being a worldly banker and international financier with no loyalties except to himself.


Neoconservatism developed around identifying Israel as a strategic military ally of the United States in the Middle East against not only Soviet but all non-capitalist influences.

Neoconservatism is based upon the evil principles of Machiavelli. Machiavellianism is the politics of lying for the sake of raw, evil power. This is what the neocons do. They don't hide their Machiavellianism. They believe the people are too stupid to change even with the truth of the neocons Machiavellianism right in front of the people. The neocons tell the people that the lying of the neocons is a good thing. It is that blatant. Those who buy it are showing themselves also evil at heart.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin. John 8:34. It is true. It is a sin to not call a lie a lie. All those sin who stand idly by refusing to stand squarely against the neocons, false-Zionists, and all Machiavellians.

This is what George W. Bush does.

Lying for the sake of raw power is not confined to doing so centered on the policy of false-Zionism. Lying for the sake of raw power is also practiced by many who are not neocons.

Neocons are defined as those who specifically use the lie that Herzl's movement is good and who tell that lie for the sake of raw, evil power.

Pharisee Talmudist Hypocrites (false-Zionists) Still:

The Pharisees, who are today's Talmudists, rejected Jesus. They rejected his message that the truth is the inversion of the current hierarchical structure (inversion as opposed to mundane notions of egalitarianism). True egalitarianism results from the application of the inversion. And whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all. Mark 10:44. Now that's the inverse of the system today. It is the inverse of the U.S. presidency for instance. Of course, the term "servant" must be properly defined to arrive at the truth at which Jesus was driving. Jesus had a complete vision. It cannot be taken piecemeal and be defeated. It cannot be fractured up. It cannot be broken. It is a whole. It is the whole (God), by definition. Therefore, the Talmudists seek to obfuscate it. The false Zionists seek to divert the people's minds away from it. They work to distort the people's perceptions. This doesn't destroy the vision of Jesus. It just leads the willful away from God together. They make themselves the flock of evil. Some are more aware of their evil than others, but all know to some degree that they are choosing evil rather than choosing the real Commons.

Jesus showed that the worldview of the Talmudists was corrupt and corrupting. He showed that hypocrisy is humanity's problem.

Jesus exposed the hypocrisy in the Mosaic tradition. He enhanced that law up to the higher standard, the better standard, the best standard, the new standard the light of which, the truth of which, the Talmudists have been working to cover with a bushel right from the start. Those Talmudists aren't alone in that.

The imperialists of Rome did the same thing only by infiltrating and subverting the congregations of Jesus Christ. They were able to do that, because those congregations never had Jesus to begin with. Those who truly have Jesus refuse to be subverted away from his truth and reject all those who try to subvert them as the devils that possess them.

We see hypocrisy in those Israelis who vilify and demonize the Nazis but seek to obfuscate the same evils in their own actions. The Nazis obfuscated for a while and were exposed. The Talmudists and Zionists have obfuscated and are being exposed. It is good. Such exposure is freeing. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32.

They point to how terrible it was that the Nazis lumped all ethnic Hebrews together and characterized them as vermin, whereas, those same Hebrews who still decry that action by the Nazis do exactly the same thing to the Arabs. Here is what they would have the rest of us believe. It was wrong of the Nazis, because the ethnic Hebrews were and are really civilized, highly cultured, virtuous, etc., whereas the Arabs are truly all the negative stereotyping suggests. In other words, the Machiavellians would have you believe that they, the ones who profess that lying is their means, are telling you the truth that all Palestinians, even the Palestinian Christians, are fit only for mundane slavery under the liars.

Now, we have to say (literally, we have to) that anyone who believes these liars deserves them and what will befall them. And that is what is happening to many Americans now. They know these people are liars, but they are choosing to go along with them. They are doing that, because they too are liars. They are all of one fold. All these liars are dragging the whole down, or so they imagine. It is sheer wickedness. They bring woe upon themselves by these willful acts.

Reject discrimination of the basis of ethnicity:

We summarily reject their assertion that all Palestinians are the same in spirit. We denounce the assertion that there is any human family that is by virtue of genetics beyond the pale or irredeemable.

Spirit over matter:

The human brain is advanced to the point where it is plastic, meaning capable of reshaping. The environment, as in nurturing from pre-conception through to the death of the flesh and beyond into the spirit, is determinant. The spirit is over the matter of the brain. If the spirit is stuck, the brain will follow. Behavioral patterns will be mistakenly said to be unchangeable and not a matter of choice. If it weren't changeable, the evil ones wouldn't torture people to alter their brain matter. Wake up. It works two ways. If we do the opposite of torture, we will have the opposite of what the torturers bring forth. If we love rather than harm, we will have what Jesus showed is possible. Why don't you see it?

We see this argument currently put forth most prominently by the advocates of homosexuality who in their selfish disease state and mental confusion, claim that the spirit isn't able to alter even the very DNA. However, the spirit is able to alter anything. This isn't magical thinking any more than those under hypnosis (and self-hypnosis) can have their teeth extracted without anesthesia and at the same time control their bleeding. The powers that be know this, but they suppress the implications. Jesus healed people completely and instantly and from afar. They don't want people to believe it, because believing it will undo the harmful, selfish power hungry. The credit is God's even though there are ingrates who deny it.


The Nazis were liars. The Nazis did bad things to Jews and others. The Nazis were anti-Semitic (truly). Anyone who doesn't agree with everything the Jewish Anti-Defamation League says is, therefore, anti-Semitic. Now that's twisting, but it is exactly the position of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League. Once exposed, they will not repent but rather continue twisting.

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League will call this whole piece anti-Semitic. That just proves the point of this piece. Anyone calling us anti-Semitic is a liar. This whole piece is about not lumping people together by genetics as being therefore unworthy (untrustworthy liars). Not all Semites (Shemites) that includes all descendants of Shem the son of Noah are liars. Many are seeking the truth. They reject Machiavellianism. They reject neoconservatism. They reject the current twisted version of Zionism for the indefensible ethnic bigotry that it is.

Corrupt system:

The whole worldly system is corrupt. It is defiled and needs to be rejected and replaced with incorruption and cleanliness. The standards of the current system are woefully low.

Complaining but doing nothing:

We hear many people decrying the system, but they are working within it. They are doing nothing in the end. Their path will not sustain them spiritually. The solution is sitting right there in front of them, but they prefer crying. Misery loves company is the truth. Come join us in complaining, but be sure not to undertake the solution because then you won't have an excuse to do nothing and just sit and cry that nobody is bringing forth the solution. They are just doing the hypocritical thing as the Nazis and the Talmudists and false-Zionists, only it has some different stripes.

We see others asking for tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, of dollars to allow them to continue railing from the inside, as if their visions of the republic of the United States was, is, or ever will be the answer. Yet, their coffers swell from the support of their fellow misguided. Where are the real Christians?

The solution:

The one and only solution is to do what Jesus called for. Anyone who denies this will be denied by Jesus to his Father and our Father: God. God will of course hear Jesus. In fact, as Jesus well knows, God already holds this same position of Jesus's. It is God who sent Jesus to inform humanity after all. If you want proof of it, you don't understand that it is self-evident.

The solution is bringing forth. Feed the lambs and sheep as Jesus said.

The real liberal brings forth and brings forth only, meaning no harm comes with the bounty. Harm and the real bounty are mutually exclusive.

Jesus gathered five thousand together, conflated them. He fed them all via the spirit magnifying, multiplying the food (spirit over matter, as is the case with your own everyday body and all things if you will accept it by extension). Absent the faith, which is the absence of doubt, such multiplication, such creation, doesn't occur. The world is a dark place where no one can work, meaning there is so much doubt that such creation is not shown. Hence, we must work with what we have. It is the same reason Moses allowed them writs of divorce for the hardhearted. He saith unto them, Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so. Matthew 19:8.

Jesus could not bring forth the real bounty to the unworthy. That's a law of God. Therefore, we say to all that we must come together in spirit, pool resources and efforts, work land as the Commons (Christian Commons), and feed the lambs and sheep in body to begin the softening process. That is the direction leading back to God. The prime mover behind this is righteousness: God. Those who turn their backs on God deserve not to have God.

The Real Liberal Christian Church is surrounded by doubters and naysayers who are praying to Satan to silence the Church. The evil spirit seeks to deprive anyone of the ability to be heard speaking against that evil way. It seeks to force all into subservience to evil and to force all into occupations that distract from the time it takes to do more of the work of God.

The current system demands money. The people are not free. Just to be able to stand still in our effort to pierce through the silence, we need one hundred brave souls to contribute just ten dollars a month or fifty souls to contribute just twenty dollars a month. One brave soul giving one thousand dollars a month would also allow us full-time to continue removing the bushel from over the light of truth. Give, and tell others to give. It will magnify. Of course, we want to do more than stand still. Don't let evil win with you. Help us to help. If you are not in a position yourself to be about speaking the word full-time, at least by helping us you will know that you have had a direct hand in having the real word spread full-time.

This will grow into feeding the lambs and sheep. Surely if you are a real Christian, then that is what you want. If you are a real Christian, surely you can't imagine that the government of the United States is ever going to do that. It is a secular-only entity. It is a house full of many atheists. They are not going to bring forth what Jesus called for. Only those with the faith can do that.

Why are people holding back except that the spirit of darkness is restraining them? Overcome that dark, hardhearted spirit and give to this cause right now. God is watching. He knows everyone who has been asked. Don't be counted among those who turn away. Think about all the people who will be helped when this movement builds momentum on account of the help you give.

We don't know how to appeal to your heart any more than this.

We don't want money for self. We don't know how to impress this upon you too much. We want to create the places where money won't even be needed. What is the fruition of the Christian Commons? "Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price." Isaiah 55:1. That's the Christian Commons. Jesus is for it. Ask him if you don't believe it. Then help us.

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