Sometimes comments back and forth can end up meriting becoming posts. Sometimes those comments and posts merit becoming a series. Such is the case here. The back and forth has become too extensive and involved and defining to be left to the comment section of just one post.

We encourage readers to read through this short series to glean the truth.

The comments began in the article, "Mark the Beginning of the Reversal of the Hypocritical Homosexual Agenda." That post concerned J.K. Rowling, authoress of the Harry Potter series of children's fantasy books, stating that one of the main characters in the series named Dumbledore was a homosexual.

I wrote the following:

I never read any Harry Potter books. I know many adults who did, however. They saw no harm in the stories. My daughter was inundated at every turn by them. I was only her flesh father. Such flesh fathers aren't able to determine that to which their children will be exposed, not in this divided house called America. The money-makers loved Harry Potter. Money has been more important than souls to most Americans. Thankfully, that's changing, because we are speaking out. We are speaking truth.

Well, I saw the first Harry Potter movie at my child's insistence. I also thought it my duty to see that to which my child and all the other children were being exposed by the general society. I saw in it all the partial truths used to lure the children away from the message of whole truth. I did my best to explain the deceptiveness to my child. So, I was familiar with this name "Dumbledore." Now, this name has shown up twice in the mainstream news via the words "Dumbledore is gay."

The first time I saw it today, I ignored it. That the headline showed up again on another site meant that the dark forces were up to something with it. Well I read the following article after clicking the link to see were the dark powers were leading the children astray in mass.

I inserted the article from and then went on to say the following:

So what is going to happen? Well, this is going to crush the Harry Potter phenomenon. Many people who had been duped are going to come to very quickly. Even now, many Harry Potter books and movies are disappearing from bedroom shelves in houses of parents who now can't help but see what is behind it all. They have every right to censor what is in their houses. In fact, they have a duty.

This is going to increase home schooling and private schools. It is going to increase segregation. The separation along the lines of sexual harmlessness versus sexual harm will increase. It has to. That separation will also increase along the lines of giving and sharing versus greed and pacifism versus violence. It is prophesied.

That is why the Real Liberal Christian Church is right and has been from its inception. These things that are coming out are only serving as signs of the correctness of the path we are offering.

J.K. Rowling just did what is termed shooting oneself in the foot. She has exposed herself for the evil influenced she is. It had to be though. The Holy Spirit is exposing all evil. Greed, violence, and sexual harm are all from the same source. It is all of the selfish spirit. It is all antichrist.

Laura Mallory is quoted above as having said, "A homosexual lifestyle is a harmful one," she added. "That's proven, medically." That's nearly verbatim of what our readers have been seeing on this website from the beginning. Words of truth spread quickly. That cannot be denied. The truth is coming out. This marks the turning point. Note it.

God bless everyone so the light of truth about the harm of homosexuality and the lie about souls being unable to change will come out. It is coming out. This marks the beginning of the reversal for the homosexual agenda. It is good.

Soon you will see that consistency (giving and sharing, pacifism, and sexual harmlessness) will become the agenda. These Three Pillars of real Christianity will bring conflation and the Christian Commons. You can be a part of it. Let us save souls from the darkness of this world. Let us bring the light.

Please help this minister to continue this message full-time. Help with whatever you are able, but help with some amount.

The string of comments began as follows:

Tazzy and Piggy

I've never read so much rubbish written by one person in my entire life.

The Harry Potter books are FANTASY. Can't you stupid religious nutcases understand that?


As for Laura Mallory saying, "A homosexual lifestyle is a harmful one," and adding "That's proven, medically", where is this proof?

A homosexual lifestyle is equally as harmful as a heterosexual lifestyle.

One of things of greatest harm to a homosexual lifestyle is the bigoted claptrap spouted by people such as her - Someone without a shred of understanding of another individuals lifestyle, nor even an attempt to understand.

Religion, in some circumstances, is a wonderful thing. A focus for people, a community of shared interests, a bringing together of people with (in most cases) good hearts and intentions. But it's also an avenue of opportunity for the bigots of society to bash, demean and criticise everyone else they don't agree with.

Whatever happened to religion bringing EVERYONE together, despite their differences and accepting EVERYONE for who they are as individuals?

Whatever happened to the love, understanding, the outstretched arms in welcome?

I'm a gay man. I'm in love with another man. Remember that word 'Love'?

To suggest to anyone - especially the younger population - that being in love with someone, even if of the same sex, is wrong is truly disgraceful.

You people really need to get a grip of yourselves and open your eyes a little.

We're not monsters, nor are we disciples of some evil form. We're human - just like you. We just happen to live our lives a little differently.

And for the record, I'm a christian myself. The fact I'm gay makes no difference. I know God loves me just as much as he loves you.

There were other comments, but this couple chose to create a comment thread. I will include just our replies to them although the other comments are worth reading as well and can be seen at the bottom of the article, "Mark the Beginning of the Reversal of the Hypocritical Homosexual Agenda."

Our reply begins in the next post.

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