To Tazzy and Piggy,

Jesus said, But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. Matthew 5:28. The sin is real. Harry Potter encourages children to commit sins in their hearts. It is a method of conditioning the children to lower their inhibitions against harm to themselves and to others. If you don't see that, you don't understand his meaning. Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. Matthew 15:14. If you do understand his words, his meaning, and reject him, so much more is the sin.

As for proof that homosexuality is harmful, read our post on the subject, "Homosexuals: What they ignore," Then take care not to deny the truth. Once you see it, if you are given to see it, help us spread what is real.

You call us "stupid religious nutcases." A nut case is someone who is crazy (insane). Insanity is not being able to differentiate between righteousness and evil. Righteousness heals. Evil causes harm (disease). Homosexuality causes and spreads disease. Those who know it and yet countenance homosexuality are in a worse position than insanity alone, are they not.

You are under a misimpression concerning Christianity. Christ didn't come to bring everyone together. He came to divide the sheep and the goats. His flock doesn't include those who choose to remain servants of sin, which is harm, the very harm proven in the post on homosexuality cited above.

Christianity is not about accepting (in the sense you're using the term "accepting") everyone as he or she is. It is about calling sinners to repent. Christian tolerance extends only to not using coercion. Christian tolerance does not mean condoning harmful behavior or tempting children to harm or confusing them about what constitutes deception and temptation to fall.

You are a homosexual. Are you thinking about yourself or the welfare of the children?

Millions of men love Jesus Christ (a man). Millions of those men are heterosexuals. Those men are not saying to any younger person that love of Christ or any brother in Christ is wrong, quite the contrary. Are you given by God to see that?

You wrote the following:

We're not monsters, nor are we disciples of some evil form. We're human - just like you. We just happen to live our lives a little differently.
And for the record, I'm a christian myself. The fact I'm gay makes no difference. I know God loves me just as much as he loves you.

Jesus called them serpents. They were humans. He called them that, because they were exhibiting serpentine qualities of selfishness and indifference to their offspring. Snakes don't nurture.

You don't live your life "a little differently." You are engaging in radically different behavior. Your root and mine are right now completely different. As for God loving you as he loves me, there is not one connotation of the term "love." Jesus loved them, but he let them fall into the ditch. Do you know how to reconcile that? If you don't reconcile it, you won't know Jesus. You won't love him. You'll remain of the other.

Tazzy and Piggy's reply:

Tazzy and Piggy


Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated.

I have indeed read your other post.

Quoting diseases at us. Very good. Unfortunately, also misguided.

I'll correct a few of your (incorrect) assumptions for you.

HHV-8 (thats a form of herpes virus which is implicated in the development of Kaposis Sarcoma - a form of cancerous skin lesions).

As you probably know as well as I do, HHV-8 has NEVER been a gay male disease. It is more commonly found among the elder Mediterranean and African community and is also vertically transmissable from mother to child in the womb. Hardly a gay male only disease.

HIV - Again, as you know. HIV is FAR more prevalent in the straight population. I believe the latest figures indicate somewhere in the region of 50x greater.

Condom use - Once more, I refute your claim relating to condom use. Thanks to the great work that (almost exlusively) lesbian and gay sexual health groups carry out promoting and educating safer sex practises.

If only the same can be said for the straight community - other than their visits to STD clinics, most straight people receive no education on their use whatsoever.

A lesson that could possibly help cut down on the great numbers of teenage pregancies, don't you think?

Gay Bowel Syndrome. Pah! There's actually no such thing! GBS is merely a collective slang in the absence of any (as yet) defined and accepted common medical term for multiple anorectal and colon diseases.

Using diseases as an argument supporting a religious view or outlook is just silly.

Virii and bacteria do not discriminate depending on whether or not you are gay or straight.

We all know that there a VERY few illnesses or diseases that affect only one gender, let alone one sexuality.

As for citing the fact that gay relationships don't last... Erm, how does that differ from the straight population?

We see daily reports on the levels of straight marraige breakups. Mostly as a result of te infidelity of one or both partners. The sanctity of hetersexual marraige seems no more guaranteed than in a gay one. To say otherwise is a complete and utter lie.

Moving on...

How on earth does Harry Potter encourage children to commit sin? He's a fictional character in the midst of a battle against evil. Surely the character is encouraging children to seek out the good side of live and enlightening them to the nastiness of the other?

As for me, I don't lead a radically different lifestyle. My lifestyle, excepting my location and work choices in life, are probably quite similar to yours - I'm a nice, amiable, loving, caring and giving person.

I get up in the mornings, go about my (non-evil) business, then return home to my partner who I love and have chosen to share my life with.

What's so evil about that?

Piggy and Tazzy

Oh I almost forgot...

Who exactly did Jesus call the serpents?

I most certainly do NOT exhibit serpentine qualities of selfishness and indifference.

Perhaps if you knew me a little better, as opposed to just making an assumption, you would come to know this.

Continued in the next post.


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