Cheney and Bush; The British; The Iranians; Bush Doesn't Touch U.S. Corporations in Burma; Bush Shields Jeppesen/Boeing as with Verizon and AT&T From the Law; Jay Rockefeller; Kevin Martin; Chinese Dishwashers Fund Clinton; U.S. Economy; Spiritual Beings: Miracles; Coming Wrath; California Wildfires Retributive; Ecuador: U.S. Military-Base Lease Non-Renewal; Robot Anti-aircraft Canon; Only the Rich May Run; Turkey, PKK, and Kurdistan; Jesus Knew; Romney and so-called Christians; and Barack Obama for Sin

Cheney and Bush

Cheney and Bush are doing their best to numb the American people into complacency concerning Iran. We aren't in politics. We don't endorse anyone for worldly Emperor. Why though are not any Democrats in the leadership saying openly that if Cheney and Bush attack Iran without proof-positive of Iranian unprovoked aggression well beyond its borders, then Bush and Cheney will be impeached simultaneously and maybe placed under arrest.

That's completely mundane, but if someone is going to be the best Senator or Representative possible within the terrible, unrighteous worldly system, the least he or she can do is stand up to the greedy, lying, violent, thieving, murdering, perverted tyrants.

Now, that may sound too harsh to be coming from a Christian website, but I assure you we are charged by Christianity to prophesy against them. Part of that process is telling it the way it is.

All of those adjectives apply. Some will wonder about or doubt the label of pervert. They don't understand. Perverted automatically comes with the other adjectives. It is only a matter of degree.

Rather than saying that, however, the so-called leading Democrats tuck tail. They do that in anticipation of needing Republicans not to be too hard on them once they are in charge of all three branches of government (if). They aren't very good at pointing to the problems of the Republicans, because the Democrats have plenty of baggage themselves.

We have this to say. If the U.S. attacks Iran when Iran hasn't done anything but spin some low grade material in some centrifuges, the U.S. will go to hell much sooner than people realize.

Cheney and Bush are setting up the people for an attack on Iran even though the vast majority of people don't want it despite falling for the lies that 1) Iran wants nuclear weapons, which it doesn't and would only be pushed in obtaining them under the mistaken notion that they might be a deterrent and 2) Iran is hugely behind attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq. Arabs from Saudi Arabia are the primary external source of fighters against U.S. troops in Iraq. Most attacks though are completely homegrown as it were.

Regardless, if the U.S. leadership weren't so hypocritical, America wouldn't be the kind of nation against which others consider arming. Russia is being driven to a new arms race on account of U.S. resource wars. Russia has its own empire builders within too of course. Also, if the U.S. doesn't like being attacked in Iraq, get out.

The British

What are the British up to? They are trying to provoke the Iranians. They have been slipping into Iran (so have U.S. operatives ever since the Worldwide Attack Matrix was triggered). They have been doing everything they can to antagonize the Iranians into taking aggressive counter measure such as conducting their own cross-border raids. The Iranians are being exasperatingly uncooperative. They are being extremely careful not to give the Bush/Cheney Administration a pretext for war.

The Iranians

However, the Iranians aren't being smart at all by pushing right now for peaceful nuclear energy. They could simply make a deal for enough money to develop alternative-energy sources. It would completely take the wind out of the neocons sails. All the alternative-energy peace advocates in the whole world would be more than happy to help Iran become the world's leader in alternative energy. There's plenty of free sunlight falling on Iran. For what the Iranians are planning to pump into nuclear and all the associated costs and cost-overruns, they could do much better with alternatives. There would be much less toxic waste and perhaps none if they planned things properly. Russia, China, India, Brazil, Venezuela, South Africa, and others would help them if Iran simply said they would share all the know-how they would acquire. It would make Iran a center for all things higher.

It would defuse the situation.

They would need to act immediately on this though. They would need to announce it even before having met with anyone for any detailed talks. They would need to make it a commitment and not an offer. They would just announce that they are suspending all nuclear enrichment activities and turning over all their nuclear equipment to Russia and China equally and embarking immediately on an alternative-energy course. The jaws of the neocons would drop to the floor. They'd call for an immediate attack, but no one would go along with it.

Bush Doesn't Touch U.S. Corporations in Burma

Meanwhile, Bush increases sanctions against Burma but doesn't touch U.S. corporate devils doing business with the devils in Burma. Why would the chief of devils hinder other devils unless he had something to gain?

Bush Shields Jeppesen/Boeing as with Verizon and AT&T From the Law

Bush is working to give the telecommunications companies (Verizon, AT&T) that were duplicitous in NSA domestic spying a pass and he's also pushing to give a pass to the Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen that handled the extraordinary renditions (kidnapping torture) flights of innocent people.

Jay Rockefeller

Senator Jay Rockefeller sold his vote for re-election campaign funds and deals from telecoms, Verizon and AT&T. All of a sudden, Rockefeller started receiving tens of thousands from them when before they had just ignored him. They bought his agreement for immunity. He's denying it. Most ordinary people would say he should have avoided the conflict-of-interest and voted his conscience. He chairs the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Kevin Martin

Why is Kevin Martin, the Republican Chairman of the FCC pushing for media consolidation when Michael Powell, Colin Powell's son, was driven out as Chairman over that very issue? Kevin Martin is just ingratiating himself with the huge media corporations. It's just part of the wear 'm down method of the rich. They have deep pockets. They will just continue pushing for more no matter how often the people rally to stop them.

The only way to permanently defeat them is by starting a rival communistic economy within: The Christian Commons.

Chinese Dishwashers Fund Clinton

If poor Chinese dishwashers can each give $1,000-2,000 to Hillary Clinton, people can give something each month to the Real Liberal Christian Church to bring forth the Christian Commons.

Many of those reported as having given to Clinton could not be verified. Many denied that the people existed or that they gave the money. Someone is doing illegal campaign-funding activities. It might be people for Clinton. It might be people against her who then leak the story. It might be both.

U.S. Economy

The economy is going down fast. We said it would. God informed us of how the evil ones work in secret. The Holy Spirit exposed their hearts to us. Look at their results.

The economy is going down fast, because they planned it. It creates chaos in the minds of those who have no control, they are taught to imagine. The planners use the economy to break the spirit of the common people. The rich are insulated and know it, they too imagine. All the people are being told to look to the government, to new leaders (same ilk, hardly any difference in them), privatize, or regulate—what choices.

The rich sell high and buy low. Now is the time for the middle class and lower-middle class and even the poor to start pooling resources to buy low and then share. That will ease the cycle. The more it is done, the greater will be the easing.

Much more will need to be done of course. We've written about it in our plan. We must do everything possible to be the very best stewards of the land. We must be the very best shepherds of each other. We must be as unselfish as possible. We must do this out of the love of it, for it is right.

Spiritual Beings: Miracles

We are not as the other animals. We don't even call ourselves animals. We have been gifted a special brain. We don't run the fastest. We don't see the farthest. We don't do many things better than the animals. We do though have the largest cerebral cortex. We also have huge areas of our brains that when we are not abused and damaged, are proportionately unselfish, merciful, compassionate, generous, and all the good qualities.

Our brains though are more than that though. We are able to have faith that wrought miracles. We are spiritual beings with the power over matter through love of God.

We don't use this ability, because we don't come together in belief in it. It is there. God is alive and real. God will respond with unfathomable love if we reciprocate showing ourselves worthy.

Coming Wrath

Fresh water fears are rising. We've written before about the coming water crisis. Global warming and the population explosion are drying up the fresh water. Deserts are growing. Sea levels are rising. Storms are getting stronger. The very land is going to go into upheaval. The wrath is coming. Human tempers will flare as never before. Darkness is coming.

There is just talk when there needs to be action. The powers that be are being deliberately inactive.

This is all the hardening of the heart to punish the hardhearted. It is self inflicted pain. It is sadomasochism writ large, writ globally.

California Wildfires Retributive

The huge wild fires in California are retributive. All so-called natural disasters are. We collectively bring the collective negative consequences upon ourselves even as the separation continues dividing the proverbial sheep from the goats. Everything is retributive in one sense or another. If we would all stop being selfish and be its opposite, all the upheaval would slow and even reverse. That's the message from the real prophets.

Ecuador: U.S. Military-Base Lease Non-Renewal

Ecuador will renew the U.S. military-base lease if Ecuador may have a military base in Miami. Good for them. That's exactly what every nation should insist upon to point out the utter hypocrisy of Americans false shepherds.

Robot Anti-aircraft Canon

A robot anti-aircraft canon killed a group of South African soldiers. What does that tell you?

Only the Rich May Run

NBC won't allow Mike Gravel in the debate, because he doesn't have a million dollars. They would reject Jesus on those grounds. They have rejected Jesus on those grounds. They hate Jesus. They fear him and hate him and want him dead. They are a greedy, selfish, violent, depraved corporation: Investors, members, executives, and minions of Satan. God bless them with the truth.

Turkey, PKK, and Kurdistan

The neocons love it all. The Turks (the former Ottomans) are predominately Muslims. The Western Plutocrats want Constantinople back. They want the whole world. Divide and conquer is always the method of money. The more the Turks and Kurds fight, the stronger Israel will be relative to the weakened Turks and Kurds. They play each side off against the other. It couldn't be more obvious.

Jesus Knew

Hardheartedness receives its reward and then its reward. The first reward for many is monetary and material possession at the direct, negative expense of others. The second reward is being on the receiving end of their treatment of those others. It happens here and/or it happens there (hereafter), but it happens. We know this, because Jesus was resurrected and ascended. Jesus knew and knows what it took and takes to be so resurrected and ascended. That puts him in the know way beyond those who claim there is nothing hereafter. That should be self-evident. Jesus said there are consequences beyond the grave. We know he was telling us the truth, because we have never found him lying about anything and because of what he showed that he knew.

The hardhearted are wrong. They think they will just get theirs now while the getting is good and then they'll die and there will be nothing. Don't listen to that nonsense. That thinking will see your soul in hell after death of the flesh here.

The exact opposite of what the hardhearted are saying is right. Exactly the opposite of the rich is right.

Romney and so-called Christians

Don Wilton, the immediate past president of the South Carolina Baptist Convention and pastor of a megachurch in Spartanburg, South Carolina, had endorsed Mitt Romney with the following words: "While we may not agree on theology, Governor Romney and I agree that this election is about our country heading in the right direction." He then retracted the endorsement. However his words reflect a huge disconnect shared by many self-styled evangelicals.

When did people stop understanding that Jesus Christ is the rightful heir to rulership of the entire planet by virtue of Jesus's spirit of service? When did they stop knowing that theology adhered to is everything? When did they disconnect core religious beliefs from governance? When were they led down the garden path into temptation? When did they fall so far into the darkness? How wide is this "right direction" of Don Wilton?

Barack Obama for Sin

There is a gospel singer named Reverend Donnie McClurkin who has correctly stated that homosexuality is a matter of choice. Obama said, "I strongly disagree with Reverend McClurkin's views and will continue to fight for these rights as president of the United States to ensure that America is a country that spreads tolerance instead of division."

Obama doesn't know his religion. Jesus came to divide the sheep from the goats: The righteous from the sinners. Jesus also made it clear that anyone can be transformed from a diseased condition of any kind through faith. Jesus was against coercion, but he didn't tolerate sinners in the way of condoning their behavior as Obama does.

Oh, these people who claim to be followers of Jesus but don't know the first thing about it, how long must we suffer?

Tom Usher

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