The Dark Ages were no where near as dark as it is now.

When Moses took them out of Egypt, he was confronted by a people, his people, who didn't doubt the power of God to wrought miracles. Their problem was asking Moses what God was going to do for them. That's bad when it comes out of a spirit of selfishness, which it did.

They believed in the power of the spirit. They knew that the gods of Egypt just were overpowered by the emotions of Moses and Moses's God (who wasn't entirely understood by Moses in the sense that Jesus understood and understands God).

Then, when Jesus walked among them, even though he was greater than Moses, he came up against people, fellow descendants of Jacob, who didn't believe at all in the power of God. Even when he showed them, they still didn't go along. They assumed the arrogant, self-important, stance of Pharaoh, who wanted to fight back against the power but was only confused (more hardhearted than the Jews who had left a degree of slavery in Egypt). This rejection of Jesus showed greater darkness of spirit despite the advantage of having come after the Exodus from which they should have been more enlightened.

Right now, things are so dark that who can show them anything? The people in general are so far from God that they just cannot benefit. Yet, they call that modern as if it is inherently good. They call it rational and the power of reason, even though it is less rational and reasoned than the time of Jesus and Moses before that. In other words, as time progresses, despite the advantage of hind sight, the people become even more hardened.

All the self-congratulations concerning modernity and rationalism and empiricism is out of blindness. The world is closer to an apocalyptic event the scope of which the world has never seen before—frankly worse than the proverbial flood, laying aside the purgative moral of the story.

Listen to George W. Bush. He says that if you don't want WWIII, you should be in favor of attacking Iran right away before he leaves office. That's insane, by definition. The truth, on the other hand, is that if you don't want WWIII, you recycle the weapons into plows and pruners and other useful things to, rather than murder people, feed them for free. That's sanity. That's the light. Everything else leads to hell.

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