Well, the Bush Administration is striving to put into place a 72-hour advance requirement for government permission to fly domestically. They are expanding the "watch list" to some ¾ million, Americans included.

Good, flying is bad for the atmosphere anyway. It promotes global warming. Also, the airlines have made too much capitalist gain. It has its negatives of course, and it is the principle of the thing that matters most. It's all a sign of selfishness.

Why is the Bush Administration restricting travel? It isn't for the sake of reducing greenhouse gases. It isn't to weaken airline profits. It isn't to increase unemployment due to layoffs of airline workers and associated jobs up and down the line. It isn't to hurt the tourist industry, etc. What is it then?

It's to lock down dissenters. It's for the sake of despotism. They want the office of the President to be Caesar named Dictator to become Monarch. It's all about consolidation of as much power into the hands of as few as possible. They are being paid to bring that about. They are being paid by the plutocrats who seek power by proximity to the focus of consolidation. Someone will end up being the King of the World, literally, just like the absolute monarchs of old. His word will be law. He will have the power to say "off with his head." No trials will be required.

Part of the process of positioning for this consolidation is dividing all opposition, setting everyone against everyone else, revving up fear and chaos, and suppressing (censoring) all truth.

It is against that figure that the Christ spirit will return and overthrow him, beginning the real new age.

The return of the Christ spirit is their greatest enemy.

The Christian Commons is diametrically opposed to the absolute worldly monarch. The absolute worldly monarch being the worse spirit, the Christian Commons is, therefore, the best, being its opposite.

The Christians will gain thirty, sixty, a hundred until billions are real Christians. There will be persecutions and martyrdoms. The saints will lose only mundanely, and that is when the dictator will be cut off without human hand.

Tom Usher

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