Jesus called it "unrighteous mammon." Money is an evil system. It is for selfishness. It did not come from God. It came from evil.

Taxes and Usury:

Compulsory taxes and usury are for slavery under sin. That system must be displaced by the system of righteousness.

Capitalism is sin.


Jesus said turn the other cheek. Violence is evil. It is a vicious spiral down into hell. He said not to stone others.

Militarism is sin.

Punishment and Coercion:

Punishment is vengeance. It is violence (physically and to the soul). It is coercion. It is not turning the other cheek. It is part of the vicious spiral down into hell. He said be as harmless as doves.

Sexual Harm:

Jesus also declared Sodom would have been spared. If his miracles had been done in Sodom, the Sodomites would have stopped, turned, and repented. Sodomy is evil. Everyone who has been told otherwise and believed it has been misled, turned astray. Sodomy comes from the harmful spirit. All sexual activity is not created equal.


Claiming to have no choice is false. There are plenty of people who excuse all sorts of behavior on predilection. People claim human nature is this, that, or the other. They say we are hardwired for fighting or fleeing, but Jesus proved that we can overcome the flesh through faith and taking on a harmless heart. Some people are predisposed to heart disease or cancer or alcoholism or other addictions. The list goes on and on, but Jesus cured all manner of diseases and problems (they are the same thing in the end). The power of God is over all flesh, to completely transform it and regenerate it at God's will.

Evangelism and Proselytism:

Jesus called upon us to spread the truth. We are to warn others away from the harmful spirits (emotions) that take twisted pleasure (often blindly and on a certain level always blindly) in dragging others down as it has been dragged and drags itself. We are to call all to God. We are to shed light into the world. We are to reduce the darkness that is doubt in the power of God over all creation.


Jesus directed us to spread the deeds. He said to bring forth. We are to sow and reap. We are to do good only, to bring forth the bounty by God.

The Christian Commons:

Jesus bid us give everything.


Jesus enjoined us to serve each other.

Patients and Perseverance:

Jesus ordained us to be patient and to persevere. No matter how dark it seems due to the wrath, no matter what the evil ones do in their ignorance of God, God has prevailed always and saves his own.


Jesus expects us to become perfect.

Give up selfishness, greed, capitalism, violence, militarism, punishment, coercion, sexual harm, rationalizing, and obfuscating. Hear the call and heed. Be chosen. Have the faith to be healed (transformed). Be blown together by the Holy Spirit (The Great Conflation) as one apart from the iniquitous and toward God, always returning good for evil. Bring forth the Christian Commons. Serve the flock. See the biggest picture with the longest-term view so as not to fall by the wayside. Be about becoming perfectly one with God.

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