Eric posted a comment on our post, "Mark the Beginning of the Reversal of the Hypocritical Homosexual Agenda":

Hello Eric,

Let's take each of your errors in the order in which you served them up.


Posted: Oct 27th, 2007

My blog was also one of those you linked to. Clearly you did not read the post to which you linked nor did you read my blog.

Is it clear to you, because we don't agree with you? Regardless, do humans at Google read everything before their computers index them and serve them up to the people?

The point of the links in the post is to afford visitors and readers easy access to the views of those who found it significant enough to write on the story rather quickly on their public blogs. The links are obviously not intended as endorsements. We notified each blog of the link (via trackbacks). We did that, so we would be doing exactly what you have accused us of not doing, which is dealing (in some cases) with those whom you've said religious people at the time of Jesus characterized as the "dregs of society."

Your point is built upon partial-truth. Your characterization suggests that Jesus didn't consider prostitutes and Publicans to be sinners. However, he most certainly did and still does. He went among them, and so am I, to save them from sin. Tell me I'm wrong, Eric, or tell me I'm right. Be careful. Don't fall to further temptation. Learn what it means to hold your peace.

You remind me more than a little of the cult church that I grew up attending (Potters House Christian Fellowship) lots of "turn or burn" and professing to be the only one to have a handle on the depth of evil inherent in a work of fiction. Christians back in the 80's (when I was growing up)had the inherently evil heavy metal music to rail against and held parties to burn and bulldoze piles of evil heavy metal albums. In in their frothy, rabid, well meaning fervor they turned many people off from Christianity. They went to Christmas parades and staged skits where a man dressed as Santa Claus walked behind a man dressed like Jesus carrying a cross and whipped him. I'm sure that led many more souls to repentence than it made people think Christians are nuts.

Your Potter's House Christian Fellowship feared evil.

Anyone who takes his or her pornography (so-called soft-core and triple-x rated, snuff films, videos of men raping three-year-olds, and all the rest) and burns it all and falls on his or her face crying for months feeling utterly worthless, is turning in the right direction, finally. Before you put your foot farther in it by coming to the conclusion that we are equating such things with Harry Potter, take the time to read further in-depth on our site about relative sin and the direction of sin. In very truth, before we read your comment and the post on your site, we wrote and posted on the very subject today. See the post: "Heaven Versus Hell on Earth."

What is heavy metal? Where are its roots? We understand that many people claiming to be Christians have, for the sake of popularity (something Jesus never did), adopted heavy metal and other things, the roots of which are evil, to promote what they consider Christianity. They are trying to untwist the twisted and using the twisted to reach the twisted. Well, in that sense, it's all relative. Jesus was in the world but wasn't at the same time. So are we. Where are you? Jesus paid his evil taxes with unrighteous money. Why was it right, Eric? Why did he call it evil, do what he did, and have that not be evil? Do you know? Did he dress as the devil to reach the sinners? No. He suffered the devils and cast them out to reach the lost. Don't put it backwards.

As for the term "cult," it has been twisted into a pejorative by apostates. Christianity is a cult. All religions are cults, as are science and capitalism. All but real Christians are false-hearted, by definition.

There are many false-Christians and false-Christs in the world. Your reaction has been to throw them out and real Christianity with them.

You remind me of that kind of Christian.

We aren't your Potter's House Christian Fellowship. If we remind you of them, you don't know us and you are being selective for the sake of your agenda that isn't hidden from real Christians. They were partially right, Eric. Take the right portion. You'll find that we share that in common with them but not the portion not bringing forth (their mistaken doctrines that have prevented them from bringing forth).

Are you of the view that no one can be right? Are you of the view that no one may follow Jesus to perfection? Do you deny us that? Do you stand in the way of those who would go in? Will you turn us in as Judas turned in Jesus? Who are you, Eric?

Jesus spent time with the people who the religious establishment considered to be the dregs of society. Tax collectors, prostitutes etc. If he walked the world today he would still spend time with the people the religious (notice I said religious)consider the dregs and would still be making the religious establishment very very uncomfortable.

Are you under the impression that we are of the mainstream-religious establishment even while you point to how far away from that we are. We don't make the establishment comfortable with what we are saying, proposing, and prophesying. They are much more comfortable with you, Eric, as you are right now.

Hate the sin but love the sinner. What you spew has the faintest aroma of hating the sinner and the sin.

You're knowingly blaspheming, more than implying Jesus stinks somewhat. We are one with Jesus and God. He and we both hate and love sinners at the same time. You are what you do, Eric. The greedy act greedily. The militarists kill, maim, torture, and murder the innocent right along with the iniquitous. It's what they are: Hired killers, maimers, torturers, and murderers and the like. They are their sins. Their fruit, their results come from their root. You know that. Why do you think Satan is Satan? Why is God, God? Jesus is Christ, because he did it. Had he not, he would not have been. You aren't a savior without saving anyone.

We love the potential in everyone that God alone knows completely. It's why we won't judge or condemn. We say those who won't measure up will be cut off from God and be burned up under Satan. We accept Jesus's standard. We love the lost of the flock who are those who will turn, by God. Those who refuse, according to the founder of Christianity, who is Jesus, are dead already. He doesn't know them and neither do we. They don't know him or us. They will not enter. The defiled and defiling will not enter. The cleaned and those who will remain so, will enter. He is resigned to this, as are we, because it is right. The just will be saved from the unjust. That's how it is, and we love it for their sake.

That said, thanks for the link. I always welcome traffic to my blog, even from legalists, cults and slightly scary Christians.

The law is the New Commandment. Anyone following it is a legalist. Jesus was the strictest adherent of the real law who ever lived. How can you not see that? Work on your reading comprehension, Eric. We don't say that to reduce you or to lower you. We mean it. Read for comprehension. You aren't reading the scripture correctly. You are reading it selectively in the furtherance of iniquity that is harmful and selfish.

As for being scary, you better be afraid of Satan who kills souls in hell. That's not what we do. We aren't of that spirit. We aren't of the wrath. We tasted that and rejected it.

Eric also posted the following on his site:

Linked to a Loony Posted by: Eric | 27th Oct, 2007

You refer to us as "Loony." We've dealt with that before.

In the language of the revelation of Jesus Christ, we are quite sane. In the language of the dark prince of this worldly world, we are secretly known as too sane, extreme, radical, and the highest danger to the Empire. Where are you, Eric?

My blog was recently linked to by a loon who runs something called "The Real Liberal Church." Apparently he doesn't like Harry Potter and the whole Dumbledore-is-gay thing really sent him over the edge. Or maybe he was already over the edge since he was saying you can't be a capitalist and a Christian or serve in the military and be a Christian. He also opines that Dick Cheney is more evil than Osama Bin Laden and that "The United States is going to hell" and that Jesus was and remains a real communist.

We warn people away from the edge of the bottomless pit that you see as a good place. Your worldview is sideways to the reality of the heaven of Jesus Christ. You don't know how Jesus views money. He called it "unrighteous." That's a direct quote.

Do you like capitalism, Eric? Do you agree with going into other countries and just taking what you want, depriving those who have been there for eons? Is greed better then giving? God gives. Satan is greedy. Satan hoards huge quantities while others die even as he kills them on purpose so he'll have more for himself and his minions he lords it over, Eric. Read the verses in the right column of our site. See the ones about the rich. How can you disagree unless you are hardhearted?

Do like global warming, Eric? What causes it? Greed, Eric, greed causes global warming. It's retribution. Satan is coming, because people follow him. People are calling him to come. He will, and he'll eat them.

Jesus said turn the other cheek. Are you a defender of the Iraq War, Eric? Do the little ones over there deserve it, Eric? Are you willing to blow the face off an innocent four-year-old for your country, for Dick Cheney, for oil, for the false-Zionists who push to create Empire: Greater Israel? We aren't. Are you happy about the prospect of bombing the Persians based completely on fabrications spewed by the powers that be? Are you on the side of the self-styled Christian-Zionists? They like capitalism and militarism and many of them like their sexual depravity they keep under cover but that will come out, just as it has come out about so many other televangelist and so-called megachurch, prosperity-preacher types. Have you studied false-flag operations? Do a search on our site for "false-flag."

The U.S. lies, Eric. The leaders of the U.S. have said they do by saying the philosophers, politicians, and ideologues (neoconservatives) they are and follow. Neoconservatism is built upon lying. It's their self-stated, Machiavellian foundation. Do you reject them or follow them, Eric? Then they spin around and say they don't lie. Only the hypnotized buy it—only those who want to stay under. They love their material possessions. It's all going to disappear, and they can't take it with them.

Jesus rejected becoming the worldly Emperor of the world. George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush accepted the proposition, so did all the presidents before them. They've received their reward in the here and now. What awaits them for their caving? Are you a Bush supporter, Eric? Is he your shepherd? Is he leading the flock down the path of righteousness?

Hell lies in the direction in which the worldly power-elite, the plutocrats, the world bankers, are leading the United States and the deliberately fractured worldly world—the world they break up as the thieves who have broken into the house while no one was being vigilant.

Jesus was and remains a communist. Wake up, Eric. They have you in a trance—in unreality. Ask Jesus and God directly. Consult your Bible. Read the Gospels. Then have a good cry or several and not for yourself but for your hand in being misled and misleading causing harm and helping to facilitate the worst sins against others. Feel for them, Eric. Have mercy. You need it.

To that anti-capitalist Christianity end, his "church" is trying to raise money to buy land for church members to live on and raise crops to feed themselves and then the poor *cough - COMPOUND - cough*

This did not originate with you. We've seen it before.

Jesus's disciples had a treasury, Eric—one purse. They shared out of it. They paid for their lodging and food. None starved even while there were poor always with them. We know that absent all doubt and darkness, God will provide without money. There is such doubt in the world and such darkness that God isn't bringing forth as he did when he fed the five thousand.

Jesus fed his poor flock first and spread that message and method. A worker deserves his wage. We have turned to toil in our Father's vineyard, Eric. You don't muzzle the oxen working grinding the grain to bring forth the daily bread for the flesh body of the poor.

One is only as right as one is bringing forth.

We are out there stating the real truth with everything we have on the line and not for popularity among the worldly. The worldly hate us and will continue doing so to the end.

Listen carefully, Eric. We also have made quite clear that all real Christians are to help with the poor as we bring forth the Christian Commons. These things happen simultaneously, Eric, just as Jesus has already saved the world but that salvation is unfolding. For you, it may be a paradox. For us, it is not. With your current attitude, you'll sit on your hands while you watch us do what Jesus said we had better be doing. The wrath is coming. Repent. Turn or burn is right.

There was darkness when Jesus walked the earth. It was darker then than it had been earlier. It is darker now than it was then. The hardness of hearts keeps the Holy Spirit from showing, but other hearts are softening. The Holy Spirit is beginning to move in them and to shine forth from them. They are the chosen, the elect, the anointed ones, the just, the righteous, the prophets of God.

Eric, the rich will give to the Church and so will the poor. Now, pay attention. Rise above the typical short-attention span drilled into Americans by the capitalist marketers. You will be tested.

The poor, need we say it!, will be the people living on and working the land for the sake of others. No one will become rich in the worldly sense on the Christian Commons. Read that again. The poor, need we say it!, will be the people living on and working the land for the sake of others. No one will become rich in the worldly sense on the Christian Commons. Read it a third time. The poor, need we say it!, will be the people living on and working the land for the sake of others. No one will become rich in the worldly sense on the Christian Commons.

Do you have it now? Do you get it, or do you need a cold shower? We aren't being facetious here. It's deadly serious. Your soul is hanging in the balance.

You call us "Loony." They will be the members of the Church. The rich who give everything will then be part of the whole body putting others first. The members serve each other putting themselves last. They will be the Church owning everything together as if each owned it all, which they will. How could you miss this? Where is your mind, on the cares of this world choking the word? Snap out of it.

Those poor will work to serve the other poor in the world to show the way to feeding all the lambs and sheep (raising everyone together), something your self-centered nation, your father and your capitalists and militarists and sexually confused consistently and intentionally have neglected to do from the beginning of time.

Transform your roots, Eric, before it is too late for you. Be an asset and not a liability. Don't be a slave to sin. The truth sets people free of evil.

Is heaven a compound? What's your definition? Is there a great gulf between it and hell that no one may cross? Yes, thank God. Listen again carefully. The Real Liberal Christian Church calls upon its members to do all the things Jesus called upon his followers to do. It would be impossible for them to do that locked inside a compound of your imagining. You cannot visit the imprisoned by remaining yourself in a compound. You cannot go about feeding the poor. You cannot evangelize. By saying this word "compound" and putting it in all capital letters, you are attempting to create a completely baseless association in the minds of intelligent, awake, adults who can see right through it and you. You are transparent, Eric. Your desires are written all over you. Are the little children safe around you?

Jesus is the climax, the defining moment in the total spiritual war between righteousness and evil. Righteousness won. You're on the losing side. You're fighting a lost cause. You're losing out. Take a look in your mirror. What do you see, the light or darkness?

Like Los says, some Christians drive me crazy.

It isn't we who drive anyone crazy. It's Satan, so far your father of choice and perhaps forever if you continue railing against the concept and work of the Christian Commons. There is no such thing as "some Christians" as you've used. If you react a way to any Christian, you react that way to all Christians. We are of one heart, mind, and soul.

Who Pays You?

Tom Usher

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  1. Eric says:

    "Is it clear to you because we don’t agree with you?"

    No it's clear because what I wrote was a humor piece with no political or religious agenda and you seem to want to lump me in as an apologist for JK Rowling and/or homosexuality without having so much as a glimmer of where I stand on either issue.

    My Grandma used to say that you can't win a stinking contest against a skunk. Rather than get into a protracted argument with someone who is clearly unhinged, I'm going to bid you good day.

    I look forward to seeing if your group makes it to the big leagues with the Branch Dividians and Jim Jones' bunch.

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