Many come, see that we don't instantly fit their preconceived ideas, give the site a glance on the order of Attention Deficit Disorder, and disappear imagining they've seen enough to know that for which we make our stand. Others read a post, some read several hastily, and then spend the rest of their time thinking about how they can comment to put us down. There are others though, the few, who come looking for answers.

They are seeking truth. They don't know before they arrive (are directed here) whether or not they'll find it here, but they do come wanting to find truth. They are prepared to change. They know things aren't right in the world, and they want answers and solutions. They aspire to be corrected, straightened. They're willing to be rebuked for having deviated. They want that, because they want to find and to stay on the narrow way.

Many don't know much when they arrive here. Some know more than others. Some know quite a bit. Some are closer to the kingdom than others. No one finds the whole truth instantly but by discovering and being led to the summation of the truth and then learning more and more about how to be consistent with it.

We have many self-styled conservative Republicans and other so-called conservatives come, many calling themselves Christian. They see that we espouse sexual harmlessness. Many like that. They also see that we espouse pacifism and giving and sharing all in common, and they hate those views. They want their private, special privilege and advantage they get from the system of mammon worship. They want to cause the death of others for that system of mammon and to simultaneously hold that doing so is fine with Jesus. If they have said anything, generally, they have said things directly or indirectly positive about the sexual truth we've placed on our site or they have attacked us as being wrong about pacifism or giving and sharing. We haven't had any so-called conservative say we're right about sexual harmlessness but wrong about pacifism and the commons. What is most telling though is that once we've refuted their positions by referring directly to the teachings and exemplary life of Jesus Christ and not to the deviated traditions of men, (especially the twisted Pauline Christianity of the Emperor of the Beast, Constantine I, where the works and deeds expressly stated in the Gospels as being called for directly by the mouth of Jesus Christ and in unmistakable and reemphasized terms are continually persecuted, prosecuted, and crucified with him), they have all disappeared. Not one has returned to say, you're right and I convert.

They find what we say shocking. Let it shock them awake. We aren't sorry to inform anyone that Constantine and his priests saw in Paul's emphasis nearly totally excluding works as the weakest link to exploit for worldly Empire's sake and the Emperor's sake. It's history. You don't see them focusing on Jesus as we do in the right column of this website. There's a reason for that. It cannot be missed by anyone seeking the truth. Only those avoiding the truth will deliberately miss it. That's no credit to them. They may be as wise as serpents, but they sure aren't as harmless as doves. Anyway, that serpent's head gets crushed, and the doves rule themselves under the real God.

Likewise, we have many self-styled liberal Democrats and other so-called liberals come, many also calling themselves Christians. They see that we espouse sexual harmlessness, and they hate that. They also see that we espouse pacifism and giving and sharing all in common, but they have mostly remained silent on those issues. They want to avoid the questions they deem too tough but God doesn't find too tough for us. So far we have been attacked for pointing out the sexual harm of homosexuality. They don't say of themselves that they are for pacifism, giving and sharing all, and also sexual harm. They know it's indefensible: Hypocritical. They remain silent to imagine they don't have to choose, but they have chosen. They've obviously chosen the indefensible. None has accepted the refutation by the direct teachings of Jesus Christ and turned to say, you're right and I convert.

Some people return blindly to pick out something, blatantly place it out of context, and then run away again hoping others will be misled. Well, those misled by such tactics mark themselves as chaff. They aren't seed that will bring forth the real. They haven't the faith. They reject it. Forgive them for they know not what they do; yet, they have sin, because they know it. (No paradox)

Everyone who comes here and even gives as little as a glance and who does not make an honest entreaty after digesting as much as he or she can by reading, retreats into the worldly world rule by darkness that is hardheartedness where he or she continues then, often very knowingly (willfully and rebelliously against the authority of Jesus Christ) harming others and choosing to live lies and sin. Taken as a group, they see our position as insurmountable and hazardous to their selfish, harmful pleasures and false comfort, peace, and security. They like the evil worldly Empire and take their spiritual orders from it rather than loving God and Jesus Christ and following the shared New Commandment (not the Old Testament understanding of the unfulfilled letter of the law, but rather the law fulfilled in spirit) in all that it implies. That dark Empire belongs to that group and not to God and Jesus and Christians. It provides them while it drains and kills and murders others, even innocent others. They want to have their eyes open only toward their evil illusion. They know it, even if only subconsciously, and choose it.

No one doesn't know that the Empire kills innocent human beings. No one doesn't know that killing innocent human beings is evil. No one doesn't know that wanton death of any living thing is evil. Wanton anything is the sign of an improper upbringing. The wantonness in the world is the sign of its own misdirection and bad upbringing.

There have been other visitors who don't fit neatly into the above of course. Some are ruminating. Others are vacillating. It varies. The truth of the matter is though that no visitor has as of yet stepped forward to stand in the gap. Not one has said publicly here that Jesus is about the following:

1) For giving and sharing all in common, as his disciples and he did

2) For pacifism

3) For sexual harmlessness (sexual purity)

4) For all things consistent with these and

5) Opposed to all else

Not even those who have called us "friend" and "brother in Christ" and said they "love" us have stepped forward to line up with us and to stand by us.

It will happen though. It is why this site exists. It is here for them. It was created for them, just as Jesus preached for his immediate brothers and sisters in the flesh and for all in the spirit. There are souls in the world who, once they have heard, will agree and will act in concert with us. They will mean God. They will signify. They will be a sign. They will rise to the occasion.

They will help bring forth the Commons, which is synonymous with Christianity (the Christian Commons). When you say the real meaning of "the Commons," you've said "Christianity" and vice versa. They will help, because it is right.

They will not hide their stance, even though it will mean suffering the slings and arrows of those who will fight on the side of evil harm to retain their sinful hearts. Faith though will see them through to the end, just as it did with Jesus.

They will bring forth in patience and with perseverance.

They will evangelize and proselytize by simply stating the truth as clearly and plainly as they know how, without false-hearted fanfare, and by letting hearts sort themselves.

Jesus was not pompous or ostentatious. He was not exaggerated or unnatural. Righteousness was his right nature both in the flesh, as he came to show, and in the eternal, as the continuum. He was not arbitrary in the negative sense that is being against God's will. His choices were in line with God's will. He was not affected. He was of the opposite spirit of what is termed a "drag queen." He did not employ dramatic gestures. He was the opposite of Adolph Hitler. He was the opposite of the mullah with his index finger in the air, placed there very consciously. He did not employ histrionics and pretentious, dramatic ritual and processionals for misleading psychological, spiritual, emotional effect. He rode in on an ass. He did that not as a contrivance but rather because the last truly are the first in the real heaven. He was the opposite of John-Paul II. He wasn't about dramatic play-acting. He didn't need or use a contrived backdrop of a million fading flags of the Empire. He was all as real can be. He still is. He was the opposite of John Lennon. He did not hypocritically go silent and become reclusive when the Empire threatened him with expulsion and ordered him to be still. He did not hold onto huge, private, hoarded, unshared wealth in mammon. He did not give the sign of the devil even while leading souls toward atheism.

Yes, he knew he was going to ride in on an ass. It fit the prophecy, as did everything. That's the point. No one but the real one could fit it all.

Christians know that they are not even to think about forcing anyone or tricking anyone into Christianity. Force and trickery are antichrist. They contradict Christianity. Only uncoerced volunteers truly enter. Christians don't use high-pressure or tricky sales techniques.

People do, nevertheless, feel themselves put on the spot by the truth. The truth itself feels high-pressure to them. They don't understand the source of stress. The pressure is coming from evil, not the truth. It is evil that brings pressure to bear so it may remain in the emotional configuration of the soul. It is evil that causes stress and unbelief in the Commons (communism, not Marxism), pacifism, returning to sexual purity: Repentant and becoming guiltless again.


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  • It's not freedom of religion if they tax it.

And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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