We say to the neocons, produce the evidence for independent forensic analysis. Produce the eye witnesses to testify in person against the accused, and give the accused the right to cross-examine. Put Iran on trial via due process. Give that nation all the rights under the law anyone supposedly has the right minimally to expect from your so-called democracy.

Will God bless you with the truth? God bless Iran with the truth.

We say you won't do it. We say you won't do it because you are liars. Your father was a liar and your father's father was a liar. All your fathers were liars going back to the beginning, just as Jesus said. Prove us wrong by acceding to our call. You won't do it. You won't prove us wrong about you, because we are right.

You say ElBaradei is wrong about there being no evidence against Iran. Prove it, hypocrites!

If you take the U.S. into yet another war without proving what you claim, you will surely go to hell and good riddance. How can it be otherwise? How can there be salvation, unless you are separated away from heaven and God and those who seek the real truth?

You are dangerous for everyone. You murder the innocent. You give Satan, the accuser, evidence against human kind. Were it not for Jesus, showing truth that human kind is divisible, sheep from goats, you would surely drag the whole of humanity down into the deepest levels of hell with you.

Tom Usher

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