The United Methodist Church has decided to allow an unrepentant artificial-sex-change minister to continue preaching, because the person hasn't been afforded an opportunity to go through applicable formalized procedure of the Methodists' for suspending a minister in such a case. Ann Gordon underwent surgery and takes male hormones and changed her name to Drew and now claims to be male.

Real Christians look to God and Jesus to heal them of the need to use any medications such as hormone supplementation. Ann Gordon, now known as Drew Gordon, didn't lean in that direction but rather the other way toward science and human medicine. It is the wrong direction toward greater reliance upon science and human medicine and less on faith in the power of God. It isn't the Christian direction. It is the opposite direction away from God.

The distinction is too subtle for those with attention spans too short to grasp it. Of course the very wealthy medical doctors and ultra-rich pharmaceuticals industry don't want the people coming to grasp it. In general, they want to keep the people ignorant of God's power. If they weren't to block the people from coming to know God's power, that power would be manifested more and more in the here and now out of the worthiness of the people to benefit by it (to know and keep God's New Commandment) and the medical doctors and the pharmaceutical corporation executives and top shareholders would lose their imagined benefits of supremacy.

The United Methodist Church hasn't given a final ruling on Gordon. Nevertheless, right now, Gordon is the wrong person to be setting the example for the flock. God bless Gordon with the truth to repent.

Tom Usher

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