Bush trotted out WWIII, just as Johnson and Nixon did over Vietnam. Now he's trotting out appeasement again. He's just recycling all the lies of the past.

The reason Iran is a problem is Iran doesn't want to knuckle under to the Anglo-American-Israeli design for redrawing the map of the Middle East yet again.

How long are the people going to put up with this liar?

He's says the U.S. needs to fight al Qaeda in Iraq. Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda were allowed and facilitated by the Bush administration to attack the U.S. on 9/11. It's a proven fact. The only question concerns degree and not whether or not.

Bush did everything he could to block the truth from coming out. It will come out though after he's gone. He'll go down as the worst president in America's history and he'll be dragging all the other presidents right with him. His methods have served to draw attention to the deceptive methods of all U.S. administrations from the beginning.

He thinks he's going to come out of it as some sort of Winston Churchill. Well, he's right, because Winston Churchill was also a lying schemer up to no good and is being exposed right along with George W. Bush. The more the neocons point to Churchill and Lincoln and others, the worse they make it for themselves and those others.

History is being exposed. The past is looking like the present and vice versa, because evil has been ruling all along. It isn't going to last though. Evil loses. It already has. It lost when Jesus went to the cross. He beat them.

Repent with us.

Tom Usher

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