Germany has banned Hitler and all things Nazi. Many nations attempt to coerce hearts and minds through similar measures. The hate-crimes and hate-speech legislation of various ostensibly enlightened governments is a prime example. These measures though stifle debate the final outcome of which prove Jesus Christ correct.

The Real Liberal Christian Church is for freedom of debate, because if allowed, the unworthy will be sorted without human hand and in the here and now by faith in the infallible and eternal system of God. If hearts soften enough, only soft hearts will remain. If all hearts soften, there will be no tribulation. This is no change to the prophecy. Remember Jonah. He prophesied that they would be destroyed, but they repented and were spared.

Once a government says something may not be discussed, it prevents greater enlightenment. Light versus dark, truth versus error, is hidden and harm continues.

The Spaniards have banned political rallies at The Valley of the Fallen where Franco the fascist dictator's mausoleum is located. Fascists have been holding yearly processions to The Valley of the Fallen. Now they are not free to make their error and to hear why it is an error.

This measure does not increase freedom. It does not increase safety and security. It censors out of weakness of spirit. It is an error.

The proper approach would be to simply state the truth concerning the error of fascism and allow the consciences of the people to sort themselves.

Nothing should be introduced to children of course without a full exploration for the truth that can withstand all debate.

Tom Usher

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