Who is behind the recent student protests and riots in Venezuela? How many of the students are from upper- and upper-middle class backgrounds? How much money are they receiving from corporations and capitalist governments that have supported repressive, fascist regimes in Venezuela and around the world in general?

The protesters have a mixed message. They complained primarily about Chavez being allowed to run indefinitely for President of Venezuela. Term limits are often seen as an aid to preventing an incumbent from gaining too much power that can become insurmountable if abused. Chavez insists he's not about gaining such personal power for self but seeks only the benefit of the people. He maintains that he is remaining an egalitarian populist.

There are other aspects to the upcoming referendum against which the students were protesting and rioting with the not-so clandestine support of Chavez and egalitarian-populism haters, especially the Bush administration.

The Venezuelan government would gain control over its own Central Bank. The Real Liberal Christian Church has stated repeatedly on our website that the world bankers, private bankers, usurers, have used the privatization of national currencies through the privatization of national central banks as their primary means of debauching whole nations, including the United States of America.

The Federal Reserve System is not federal and there are no proven or audited reserves. It was put into place as the result of a foreign scheme to bring the United States back under the power of the international financial cartel, the global plutocrats. Hugo Chavez is working to break the stranglehold of the undemocratic, evil plutocracy. Hugo Chavez is also working to break that stranglehold via local workers' cooperatives.

The plutocrats though don't address those aspects but rather seek to put pressure on Chavez so their prophecies of greater control by Chavez to ward them off will be fulfilled. They prophesy that Chavez is really a dictator in the making by Chavez's own design and desire.

This puts Chavez in an awkward position created by the greedy, violent, depraved plutocrats who not-so-secretly rule the world. Do a search on our site for "David Rockefeller" for instance. Their conspiracy is well documented and unmistakable. They are so arrogant and confident of the people's utter stupidity that they don't even hide their evil designs.

Chavez, in anticipation of a huge U.S. push to drive him out so the plutocrats may have free reign to rape the people and the land, is putting in place various laws that will allow him to use extraordinary measures to meet extraordinary efforts by the plutocrats, which they will use once they are able to turn their attention toward Venezuela, after they've severely weakened and brought the Middle East to heel.

Those plans of Chavez are defined by the evil worldly oligarchs as pre-dictatorial measures. Well, of course they could certainly be abused, but one must look at Chavez and his love of Simon Bolivar and what Bolivar stood for versus the neoliberals of the Washington Consensus, who are completely selfish deceivers who have never brought forth and never will. Their kind has had since the first Empire to bring forth. They've never done it. All they've brought forth are lies on top of lies. That's all they do.

Can the plutocrats corner Chavez and get him to react as he shouldn't? Yes. Who will have the greater evil in that case? The answer is that those plutocrats and oligarchs of course and as always. Follow the money is right. It always leads to the most responsible for evil. If they have the most of it, they maneuver until they get more and more power and control to get it.

The real evil power though has the monetary system locked up. Only the Christian Commons will break it. Only that radical change will bear the beginnings of the eternal fruit God wants to see from worthy souls.

Tom Usher

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