It is exactly the hypocrisy of the Westboro Baptist Church, Jewish Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center, and others that the Real Liberal Christian Church has been brought forth to expose and correct for the sake of greater and greater harmlessness until all hearts are soft and true.

The Real Liberal Christian Church has been attacked

We've written lately in response to attacks from various sources, many of them homosexual apologists but also militarists and rabid capitalists. In some of those negative criticisms of the Real Liberal Christian Church, we've been lumped in with Nazis and militant and suicidal cults and generally mischaracterized out of both ignorance (simply not taking the time to see that for which we stand) and informed but malicious intent.

Therefore, when the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas hit the news headlines when it lost the first round in a civil court case brought against it by the father of a dead U.S. Marine, we felt the Holy Spirit's timing. The church picketed the funeral with brightly colored signs reading God hates fags and thank God for dead soldiers. The father said that the picket caused him to suffer depression.

Let us not forget how many people are suffering depression, because U.S. Marines are over in Iraq. How many people are suffering depression because the U.S. military and overt operatives and spies are all over the place doing all sorts of depressing things?

We don't say those things to excuse the antics of the Westboro Baptist Church. We say them so readers will work to keep things in perspective.


The church focuses upon homosexuality as being the primary source of all the problems of humanity and says that homosexuals should be put to death. This is blind theology. All real Christians are opposed to stoning and to all forms of the death penalty and punishment and coercion.

This Westboro Baptist Church is confused. They say they are pacifists but simultaneously for the death penalty for homosexuals. It is either that or they have been grossly misrepresented by the mainstream media.

In addition, homosexuality, greed, and violence all spring from the same source that is the spirit of selfishness. This church is a manifestation of that same spirit. It seeks to do violence against homosexuals. They are confused.

Westboro Baptist Church websites include godhatesfags.com and godhatesamerica.com.

They reportedly have members who espouse British Israelism that holds that the British are of the lost tribes of Israel. At the same time, they use slogans indicating they are ethnically bigoted against "Jews."

In addition to picketing military funerals, they also picket homosexual events of all sorts.


The tenor of their effort is designed to sensationalize for the sake of notoriety and not to bring people to the message of Jesus Christ.

In addition to the hypocrisy concerning violence cited above, the church is blatantly (knowingly) hypocritical concerning capital punishment. While they call for the death of homosexuals, they simultaneously denounce murders of homosexuals saying the killers also go to hell.


This church is a distraction from Christianity. They serve to give God and Jesus a bad reputation and image. They are part of the problem and not the solution. Their theology is loaded with partial-truths. It is the satanic spirit that brings out these people. They are misled and misleading. They detract from those things that they say which when taken in isolation actually represent the truth.

Sweden's error

For instance, they are critical of Sweden for convicting a pastor there of "hate speech" for saying in a sermon that homosexuality is a cancer. As we have demonstrated on this website, homosexuality is inherently harmful (medically, scientifically, in which the secularists put so much stock) and in fact promotes and spreads cancer, as defined by the oncologists, among other symptoms of homosexuality. Therefore, the pastor was convicted of a false crime. Depending upon the spirit moving that particular pastor, his speech could very well have come out of the spirit of love taught and exemplified by Jesus Christ, the greatest proponent and definer of real love who has yet lived and walked this earth. Also, the Christian holds that real hate-speech is unlawful, but that that same law outlaws all punishment and coercion. Hence, regardless of the motivation or intention of that pastor, Sweden was and remains in error.

There is Sweden, considered enlightened by virtue of so many of its policies that lean relatively to giving and sharing, being among the most unenlightened nations when it comes to properly defining what is sexually harmful versus what is not.

Jesus was innocent yet suffered

The Westboro Baptist Church, the focus of this article, is trying to draw attention to the fact that people are taken (die) in their iniquity. However, they don't understand that people are also taken in their innocence. Jesus was persecuted, tortured, and crucified. They would have picketed his crucifixion, blaming him. However, it is their selfishness and confusion that crucified him.

Conveniently selective and dismissive

The main thing that happens due to groups such as this is that people who find error in them dismiss everything they say as error. They see partial-error and interpret and represent that as indicative of containing no truths. That tactic though flies in the face of Jesus's clear and plain relative view of sin (some sins being lesser or greater than others) and his teaching concerning mixed results coming from the same person or persons (taught via his analogy of the tree and fruit—making it wholly good or its opposite). He acknowledges relative sin and mixed results while calling for absolute, and therefore unmixed, righteousness that is perfection.


This sort of error leads falsely to placing all of certain statements concerning certain Jews under the banner of anti-Semitic. In real Christianity, there are Jews who are knowingly working iniquity. At the same time, there are direct descendants of Jacob who have and will accept Jesus in earnest. However, the Westboro Baptist Church's sensationalizing (contrived) tactics do a disservice to such clarity. Those of those calling themselves Jews who are confused and even willfully so use groups such as the Westboro Baptist Church to paint all people who point exclusively to iniquitous behavior as being also anti-Semitic.

Distortion of tolerance (Semantics)

This group says homosexuality is sin while also making various hypocritical statements. Others use this hypocrisy to reject everything the church says. This leaves amorality and immorality rather than cleanly dividing truth from error. One form of mixed fruit is substituted for an even worse condition of protecting libertinism behind incorrect, selective interpretations of the meaning of tolerance. It becomes wrong in the eyes of the confused to say that something that is clearly highly harmful is clearly highly harmful. It plays into the hands of those who wish to remain temporarily comfortable (an imagined condition) with their sinful condition and promotion.

Homosexuals can repent

The Westboro Baptist Church is reported to hold the view that homosexuals cannot repent. This of course flies in the face of Jesus's teaching that Sodom would have repented and been spared had Jesus done in it the miracles he did in Capernaum (which did not turn and repent and was not spared).

The Westboro Baptist Church is loaded with error. They preach falsely. They are apostates. Discern them. Don't judge and condemn them. Just warn them about the error of their ways.

Hate is good, depending

One of the reactions to this church is to label it a hate group. However, there is nothing wrong with being a hate group, per se. It simply depends upon what is hated. Hating sin and the behavior of sinners and recognizing that those sinners are what they are doing until they change is not wrong provided one is simultaneously showing concerned by warning against the harmful behavior and also warning against all harmful behavior, which necessarily includes warning against engaging in the offense of violence and coercion (including, of course, capital punishment). It is love to warn away from harm. It is love to heed. It is hate to promote violence, punishment, and coercion. It is hate not to heed. It is critical to have a straight understanding of the meanings of the words.

Bigotry is good, also depending

It must be understood that Jesus Christ was a sexual-orientation bigot. He discriminated against homosexuals. He was in opposition to them. The knowledge of the sin of homosexuality was ubiquitous at the time. They had no excuse of mundane ignorance.

Bigotry is not inherently wrong. The only thing that matters is that to which one is opposed, why, and what form the opposition takes.

Southern Poverty Law Center

We've dealt with the Jewish Anti-Defamation League in some detail elsewhere on this site. A site search on Anti-Defamation League will lead to that coverage. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is another group that likes to label other groups as hate groups and pushes for vague hate-crime and hate-speech legislation to use to suppress both evil and Christianity. The Southern Poverty Law Center is pro-homosexuality. It teaches a selective connotation of tolerance that misleads into sin, which is harm. The SPLC teaches partial-truth. It promotes harmful behaviors via this incorrect teaching. They promote sodomy as harmless, which is an evil teaching. They teach evil.

Homosexuality is not immutable

They incorrectly assert that homosexuality is immutable; however, Jesus Christ said that the Sodomites would have turned and repented and stopped their sinful ways (homosexual and other sinning ways). How could they have changed if homosexuality is immutable? This means that the SPLC leaders are teaching people that Jesus is a liar and wrong. This is blasphemy. The SPLC seeks to stop souls from rising out of sin. They seek to label as sinful anything that seeks to stop them from their chosen sins. It is serpentine and hateful of innocence.

Radicalism and extremism are good, depending

This group and many others use the term extremist as if being extreme is inherently evil. Being extremely right is not evil. Jesus was an extremist. He was a radical. It is perfect to be such an extremist and radical.

As we said at the outset, it is exactly the hypocrisy of the Westboro Baptist Church, Jewish Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center, and others that the Real Liberal Christian Church has been brought forth to expose and correct for the sake of greater and greater harmlessness until all hearts are soft and true.

The Real Liberal Christian Church is leading the way to bringing forth as called for by Jesus Christ. Join the movement of the Holy Spirit. All financial offerings help. If you are able to tithe or better, please begin right away, today, right now. God bless everyone with the truth to do what is right. Bring forth the Christian Commons.

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