Speaking truth to power

During the Mukasey hearings in the U.S. Senate, Senator Ted Kennedy said he wants an Attorney General who will speak truth to power. Ted Kennedy is also part of the worldly system of power.

U.S. long history of torture

Ted Kennedy deliberately avoided saying anything about the United States history of torturing people. He did mention the torture of African slaves. However, he deliberately avoided saying that the official worldly government that is the United States of America has officially tortured during all administrations. All administrations have been aware of the torture under the executive branch. None did everything within its power to purge the system of the practice, none.

He deliberately avoided saying anything about the United States history of training people of other nations in torture techniques. For instance, the CIA trained SAVAK, the Iranian secret police under the puppet, installed dictator, the Shah, how to torture the Iranian people to maximize the terrorizing effect. He did that to be expedient in his eyes. His behavior is calculated to state partial-truths to not only other power but to the people as a whole. He avoids whole truth, which the system in which he has chosen to operate also avoids.

Choose truth or worldly power

Does the United States want the truth and to live by it, or does it want worldly power? You can't have both. If the United States were to obtain and live by truth, the power structure would change radically, meaning from the root through everything there is, has been, or ever will be.

Partial-truth propaganda

The "Superman" show that was a big TV hit when I was young stressed "truth, justice, and the American way." It was propaganda to instill in children the concept of being the strongest flesh being (human being) for core principles one of which is truth. Well, of course, truth covers justice. It also though covers fighting, which Superman, Mighty Mouse, Popeye, etc., did but apologetically (with the supposedly justifying excuse) against the enemies of truth, which introduces a conundrum but only for liars. That is true, because flesh fighting in support of truth is impossible. Flesh fighting itself is anti-truth. All parties engaging in such fighting are fighting against truth. The truth is peace. It is non-harm. It is anti-harm. It is pro-Christian service. It is pro-benefit.

Semantics: Perfection

These concepts are properly understood only when they are properly defined. They are properly defined only when they are infinitely consistent — never inconsistent, never hypocritical. The only way to know the proper definitions is to grasp perfect health. That is the state and nature of God, by definition.


This is circular. It works not because it is a logical fallacy but rather because it is true and the most logical and really only logical conclusion. Everything else fails. Satan fails, by definition. God doesn't fail. People fail to grasp God. The worldly powers that be (that have set themselves up via coercion against their fellow human beings) fail intellectually to take hold of God. They are deficient in this regard, which is the only thing God regards. Jesus esteems the wise. The wise are those who hear the words of the Lord and do them.

Now this answers the question of torture (violence of all kinds: Harm), which is a question only for liars. That is true for the same reason stated immediately above. It also destroys the question of the system of mammon and twisted sex.

Satan doesn't heal

Satan will rip you to shreds, but he isn't going to put you back together again best. He doesn't know how to do that. When you go into your closet or private place within and you have your talk with God, if you are honest, when you feel shredded by your conscience for all the selfishness you've done and for the selfish feelings that enter due to having not changed enough to no longer be tempted. "Lead us not into temptation" is the prayer. We say that. We do that toward God for God's help not to restore us to a false sense of security and false comfort zone and false pleasurable feelings that are all based upon self-centeredness but rather to be made strait and directed directly to God. We want to become what we were before we forgot after falling. We want to remember in the enhanced way that our humanity affords us by virtue of our very humanness.

Not secular humanism

This is not humanism, per se. It is the opposite. Our real humanness is more at Godliness, which is not individualism apart from the collective whole but rather individual parts of the collective whole where the whole is wholly righteous. That's God. That's the state of real Holiness. That's where Jesus is. It is where he went. It is where he returned.

Divide to save

So, we rip greed, violence, and sexual error to shreds, but we make whole. We don't break to divide and conquer for antichrist. We aid in the conviction of consciences, as we undergo the exact same process coming out of selfishness to return to God.

Elevate the standard
We are mutable

The powers that be in the secular and in the misguided theocracies attempt to mislead souls into believing the falsehood that elevating the standard is not possible because not everyone will agree. However, every person who does agree has a part in doing exactly what the naysayers say can't be done or ought not be attempted. What they want is to change the status quo but only within a greater status quo spectrum that is a mind-set created out of itself. The feelings that human beings inflict upon others are as the winds of the spirit that mutate the collective consciousness that is the whole set of human conscious minds with its subsets that are divisible by definition into two: Selfish goats, dogs, ravening wolves, pigs, serpents (especially the venomous variety), lions versus unselfish lambs, oxen, doves, and the like. This is not to pick on creatures but rather the spirits reflected in the behavior of many.

Make ourselves

What do we choose to make ourselves, since God has given us that gift? Do we turn to predation? Do we consume as gluttons? Do we ignore nurturing? Do we lord it over each other by brutishness? Do we butt each other and ram each other with horns? Do we sting one another and poison each other? Do we work to feed all? Do we give ourselves over to the health of all? Do we keep the peace and love each other faithfully? These are choices. We are mutable. These are individual and societal choices. We can choose regardless of the secular state. If enough of us choose, that incorrect path will close.

Unrighteous money

Right now, mamona (money) is queen. She is Empress of the worldly world. She reflects herself: Her perception, emotion, thought, word, deed, and manifestation of her root to leaf and fruit and seed. She brings forth that which is consistent with the wrong prime mover. She is ill. She is broken. She is infected and contagious and irredeemable. She can only be put out of the misery of others.

Kill the evil spirit

Translate money into the Commons. That is the end for which we have been called. End taxes. End usury. End the system of money. Give to this end: The Real Church. The Church is its givers: One purse to end the purse.

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