Systematic election fraud:

George W. Bush obtained the office of the President by crooked means known to him. His friends and cohorts at the Supreme Court unscrupulously crowned him, literally. They knew he'd lose the Florida recount. They knew that the fraud would be exposed. They rushed to false judgment to conceal and insure victory for evil.

He also cheated in the next election. He would not have won either election without cheating.

False-flag terrorist attack:

George W. Bush facilitated the attacks of 9/11. He has knowingly and directly participated in, and conducted portions of, and ordered all of the cover-up.

Massive Pentagon budget malfeasance:

Under his watch, trillions of dollars in the Pentagon budget have been misdirected. Bush has deliberately ignored it, as has the mainstream corporate media.

Massive corporate fraud:

George W. Bush's energy-industry friends robbed the energy consumers of Californian by the multi billions of dollars, for instance. He also turned his back on anti-trust laws and enforcement and began a campaign of further corporate consolidation to devour or ruin smaller operations, all for the sake of the biggest fish. Many corporations have systematically raped the people with near impunity. Bush paid a tiny bit of lip-service to give the appearance only that he didn't side with the corrupt corporations. He didn't even rise to the level of half-hearted.

Open-ended wars:

George W. Bush began various wars promising the people that they would be short rather than costly, actually beneficial. His real plan from the start has been exposed to the people. Those against whom the wars were supposedly to be fought have gone untouched on purpose. Bush continues the drive to widen the wars to suck other nations in to ruin them.

War crimes:

George W. Bush has officially authorized war crimes. He has presided over torture, multiple murders, false imprisonment, and many other major crimes. He is responsible for deaths in excess of a million with many more to die as a consequence of his actions and inactions. He is responsible for the refugee status of many more millions.

This evil pertains to an artificial definition of war. After all, there is the spiritual war that covers all death and destruction and consequences. Viewing his position in that war, he is responsible for many more deaths than are counted as part of the Iraq War and Afghanistan War. There is also the Somalia War. God sees all the death and knows all the causes.

Reserve currency:

George W. Bush has knowingly allowed the currency of the United States to lose its status as the world's reserve currency. He cannot feign ignorance as a non-expert in economics. He's been told. Yet, he does and says nothing against the reprehensible, parasitic Federal Reserve System.

He wasn't perfect, but Andrew Jackson would have risen up and killed that bank. That bank must die and never its like be allowed again. All such banks must die in the whole world and never to rise again. Money is evil, but private, secret corporations issuing the only legal tender of a nation and demanding interest on that printing is all the more diabolical. Get rid of it. To hell with all the complaints of those who will cry about it. Don't listen. Ignore them, and kill the bank. It will do them good. They need it.

The way to kill it is to bring forth the system that does not operate on the evil that is usury (interest). It is also to bring forth the system that does not operate on, or require of anyone, money but rather the system of giving and sharing between and among all those of like spirit who simply agree to be honorable and good shepherds and stewards: Trustworthy servants of each other. In other words, be real, be Christian. Really love. Don't just fake it. God can see who's faking versus who's willing and really does.

The U.S. Dollar (USD) as the world's reserve currency meant that the full faith and credit of the U.S. (its people and system) was seen as the best in the world by far. The U.S. economy was seen as the most stable and dependable. However, George W. Bush has run up so much debt without the visible means of repayment to the extent that the credit worthiness of the government of the United States is now seen around the world as worse than shaky to wholly untrustworthy. In fact, default or gigantic debt restructuring are now inevitable unless the U.S. coerces itself via military means out of its current debt crisis.

The USD was the currency other nations were holding as their deposits, just as an individual holds his or her money on deposit denominated in USD's. The USD has lost a huge percentage of its value vis-à-vis other currencies. This means that the USD has undergone huge inflation. All goods and services paid for via USD's will now be more expensive for those who use USD's they have been holding and are being paid. Prices in dollars are going up fast. The dollar buys less.

Those who traded dollars for Euros and other currencies before the dollar started to drop and before those other currencies started to see their run up, have made huge profits in what is termed currency speculation that wasn't really speculative at all for those doing this and who were in on the scheme from the start. Follow the money translation out of USD's. Those who translated the most the earliest are the culprits.

Will anyone do this? Will anyone trace it to identify the culprits? The culprits are the money launderers. They are the ones who control the mechanisms to trace transactions. They can erase anything they want. Anyone investigating them will come up against the dead end and will have no option but to force or give up.

It isn't necessary though to do this tracing internally. It cannot be erased externally. We know them by their fruit. That means that anyone who was heavily invested in the Federal Reserve who has already come out richer is guilty of insider trading. We know this, because there is no other explanation.

We aren't talking about people who just saw the handwriting on the wall from the outside by putting two and two together. We are talking about those who operate the central bank of the U.S. How have those shareholders done overall, knowing what they knew concerning what moves the Federal Reserve would make before anyone else knew because they direct the Federal Reserve. They own the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. They have purchased him. He is their slave. He does what they want, or he's out. Greenspan did what he was told to do. That's why he was in so long. They moved him out when it was most expedient, right before the crash to deflect attention away from them.

The nations and corporations and huge investors are trading in their USD's for those other currencies in an attempt to stop hemorrhaging: Stop the losses due to inflation and devaluation. Small holders and those paid in USD's and banking in U.S. banks don't have that luxury. The rich mark that up to the stupidity of those who have less for not being ruthless enough to just take what they want from others through robbery schemes.

Debtor nation:

The U.S. has gone from the biggest creditor nation to the biggest debtor nation in the world in a very short span. Nations used to borrow from the U.S. and owe it interest. The U.S. was the world's bank. Now the U.S. has borrowed more from other nations (to which the U.S. owes both the principal and interest) than any other nation in the world.

Trade deficit:

The U.S. is running a huge deficit in trade and balance of payments. It buys much more than it sells. It consumes much more than it produces. It borrows to do this, hence the huge debts.

Budget deficit:

The U.S. federal budget is financed via debt. The U.S. government borrows in a shell game operated by the Federal Reserve (private misnomered national bank). The U.S. issues Treasury bills, notes, and bonds to obtain money. It is circular. The psychological perceptions of entities (including other nations) concerning the credit worthiness of the U.S. is deliberately manipulated by the Svengalis to what end? We'll explain.

National debt:

The U.S. has run up a huge national debt (federal budget deficits on top of each other, year after year). The people pay interest (via taxes) on that debt to creditors who are private bankers and bond and note holders. The U.S. does that only because the bankers notes (Federal Reserve Notes) are used as legal tender rather than the U.S. issuing its own notes directly and interest free (owing no one interest for the privilege of trading its paper backed by the free choice of people to honor that instrument as the legal tender). It need not be backed by anything more than the agreement of the people to honor it as the legal tender. It needs no metals in reserve. It only needs goods and services and to be the agreed upon legal tender. That's all (faith).

United States Notes

If you are interested in this, do an Internet search on "United States Notes." It is called a Greenback. It is not a Federal Reserve Note. A very simple statement that explains the scam that is the Federal Reserve and Income Tax forced upon the people via a trick instigated by the banking houses of Europe to, over time, debauch and devour the U.S., is as follows:

The primary difference between the United States Note and the Federal Reserve Note is that a United States Note is created by the government directly as a bill of credit, and thus there is no interest for the Government to pay for the creation of that dollar. A Federal Reserve Note, on the other hand, is bank currency, and the U.S. has to pay interest on the treasury bonds that it gives the Federal Reserve System in exchange for the right to produce a like quantity of Federal Reserve Notes. This, in turn, increases the tax burden on the people.

This is a private monopoly on money. Do you see that? It is totally unnecessary and counter-productive. It allows evil people to manipulate the money supply. The private corporation sets the interest rates that people must pay and also repay in taxes. Both of those forms of payment to the private entities would disappear by doing away with the Federal Reserve and by nationalizing the currency.

The quote comes from a Wikipedia article entitled, "United States Note." This information is becoming more and more publicly known. It will become a huge issue now that the currency is being so radically devalued. The so-called experts are liars. Alan Greenspan has lied and lied and lied to the people about money and the economy every bit as much as George W. Bush has lied about the reasons for war. It is the same thing. The same people are behind the lies.

The United States Notes during the Civil War were not the only example of such fiat currency being issued directly by the people to the people. The colonial scrip was the same in many instances and John F. Kennedy also issued some fiat currency that worked very well for the economy, but he was assassinated in a coup by the powers behind the powers. All the fiat currency was apparently pulled out of circulation thereafter.


We've been writing about this for some time. It is suppressed by associating the information with anti-Semitism. The reason for the connection is because the European banking houses came in large measure out of the Jews. Others were and had been involved in banking; however, it was the Rothschilds who came to dominate European finance especially by financing war.

We don't hold with that system. It is antichrist. Many Jews want everybody to be afraid to hate the system by associating that hatred with Nazism rather than Christianity.

We are here to make clear and plain the distinction.

Hiding behind the Nazis is evil.

Income disparity:

George W. Bush has presided over the continuation in the rise in disparity. There is a huge gap in distribution that is unmerited, unjust, and antichrist. Many people in society are receiving (taking and rewarding themselves via the Big Lie scam) much more then that to which they are entitled under God's law. They are violating God's law he left behind via his messenger, prophet, son, Jesus, to guide them while he further establishes his Kingdom elsewhere. Those have turned away from the rules for their own sakes and against the sake of the many, many of whom are righteous.

Unemployment and underemployment:

George W. Bush has presided over the continuation in the trend in employment turnover and underemployment. The types of jobs being created under the current system do not utilize the full gifts of the people. Those jobs don't afford many to contribute as much for the good of the whole. This is occurring, because those at the top of the money pyramid are keeping more and more for themselves rather than reinvesting in the people via sharing more and more with them. It is bad and unwise, even foolish, investing. It is hoarding rather than plowing back into the general welfare of the people by which all ships rise with the tide. It is very short-sighted and is coming back rapidly to haunt the rich in the form of worldly turmoil they have caused and hope to further manipulate for their private gain in sin and concerning which they will not be able to insulate themselves.

Also, many give up looking for work. They have dropped off the count. They are the homeless (1/4 of whom are military veterans broken, used, spent, and discarded by the evil system). Therefore, if everyone who would work were there fair, honest, and fulfilling work available, were counted then the workforce would be counted as much larger and the unemployment rate would be much higher and would reflect reality rather than the lie.

Also, the powers that be use systemic unemployment as a lever against rising wages and salaries and as a club to keep the people competing for the bottom. It is the ever-increasing race toward the bottom created by those who just take more and more for themselves.


George W. Bush is presiding over a huge run up in bankruptcies. This is due to the terrible system that is lending at interest. The system is inherently evil, and the more it is allowed free reign, the worst things become. Unbridling greed on their time table is the Federal Reserve policy. It unleashed the sharks. Those sharks engaged in a predatory feeding frenzy. That's the boom side of the cycle.

The Ponzi scheme was given its head for effect. It is a so-called speculator's scheme (only the outsiders are truly speculating) where those who get in early and then get out before the downward turn (the bust side of the planned cycle) make off with (steal) other people's money who are left holding the empty bag.

The Federal Reserve knew this going into the period of credit relaxation they promoted via their policies.

The top plutocrats are those who started the cycle. They were in first by putting in the money they created out of thin air simply by printing it and lending it out at interest. They are those who got out early before the downturn. They took their additional winnings and left while they were completely ahead.

Now, the people with the empty bag are being asked (collectively) to work off the debt — work in the sinking ship doing the arduous labor of bailing out the bilge water put there by the ultra-rich, who don't have to contribute anywhere near the same percentage of disposable wealth and who also have numerous other schemes in operation leaching off the much harder working people and with more schemes on the drawing boards and being rolled out.

Environmental degradation:

George W. Bush has fought against wise environmental policies. He has done a few minor things solely for the sake of having something to point to when he is charged with doing little to nothing and even going in the opposite direction that is increasing environmental woes.

There are those who act as if the condition of the house doesn't matter. They act as if somehow, if everyone is just left without the guidance of the New Commandment, everything will turn out fine. Secretly, they want theirs now and they don't care about others and those to come. They operate under the anti-Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would not have them do unto you.

Social Security bankruptcy:

Bush is bankrupting Social Security. He is doing that on purpose so the rich won't be sharing in paying for it. He wants to break the system. The rich are paying him for doing that. When he leaves office, they will make him fabulously wealthy he imagines. This is a microcosm of the entire Bush agenda. His agenda and the agenda of the plutocrats is for the most predatory to share the least so they may hoard the most to lord it over the others as widely and deeply as possible.


They want to own it all privately. They want no public anything. They want public to disappear everywhere and concerning everything. There is to be no public air to breathe. There is to be nothing by rights. There is to be only that for which one is able to pay after having worked for those whom they then must pay to exist on this level. This is exactly the opposite of what Jesus wants and God wants. The privatizers, the libertarian capitalists, want no public water. All water is to be owned privately. If you want a drink of water anywhere, you will have to pay for it. This is to include even the rain water one collects on one's supposed private property. This is because the sky and clouds will be commodified and sold and licensed. All food is to be commodified. All matter is to be commodified. Anti-trust is to be done away with, so that via mergers and acquisitions and consolidations, Satan will end up owning all matter. Of course, your flesh is matter. Therefore, the ultimate, logical, extension and result of the free market as used by the money lovers and Jesus haters is total monopoly under utter evil.

It is not the real free market, since the real market doesn't coerce away and censor the message and lifestyle of Jesus Christ.

Mark our prophetic words

The system of money is doomed to utter failure. It doesn't work. It never has. It never will. It leads directly to ruin, always. It comes out from Satan.

Pension fund losses:

In addition to bankrupting Social Security, the agenda of the let-the-buyer-beware policy makers has resulted in the deliberate ruination of private pension funds for the exact same reason that Social Security has been ruined unless rescued for the short-term. The corporations out-source their pension plans making the individual investors (employees) ultimately responsible for their choices for investments. They don't have the time to do the research necessary, so they often do very poorly. The corporations though payout much less toward the pension funds than they used to. That's all that matters. The rich won't be burdened over the long-run with caring for the aging who spent their youth and vigor working for the ingrates.

Ethics scandals:

The Bush people have a dirty-laundry list so extensive and so disgusting that it would take a whole library just to do justice to the topic. The Jack-Abramoff related scandals are a prime example. The corruption on all levels and in every department is legion. It spilled in and out flowing throughout the system making it more the cesspool that it already was. It is so toxic, dangerous, and corrosive.

It is a revolving door of putrefaction. The foxes have free reign in the henhouse.

Cato Institute:

Doug Bandow is one such so-called libertarian-capitalist Christian swept up in the creed of greed. He took numerous payments from Jack Abramoff in return for numerous op-ed articles favorable to Abramoff's illegal, unethical, evil deals. Doug Bandow was at the time a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute.

The Cato Institute is the premier libertarian-capitalist so-called think tank (public-relations firm, psychological operations) funded by ultra-rich antichrists. It is a propaganda-manufacturing facility designed to manage the perceptions of the masses to get them falsely to believe that the ultra rich are good for them.

Of course, Jesus made clear that such rich persons won't be entering Heaven until at least after camels that fit through the eyes of sewing needles walk in. Less you be confused, he means the regular, full-sized camels and the regular-sized sewing needles at the time. Don't allow yourself to be carried away by imaginings.

Also, Cato Institute, Adjunct Scholar, Robert L. Bradley, Jr., wrote speeches for the Enron Corporation C.E.O., Kenneth Lay, who was indicted and convicted for massive corporate fraud and corruption and died of a heart attack shortly after. The Enron fraud was so massive that it took down Arthur Andersen LLP, which was once perhaps the premier accounting firm.

Civil-rights and human-rights abuses:

We have put civil rights and human rights together, because they are one. This administration has continued and exacerbated the abuses on all levels and in every department. They have improved absolutely nothing. They have done nothing but made things worse. They do what they do while claiming it is in the name of national security and safety against extremists, as if being extreme is bad. Jesus was extremely good. He was the most extreme person ever in that direction. Of course, the Bush administration would have extraordinarily rendered him and disappeared him without a trace all by executive order and regardless of Jesus's citizenship. In other words, Bush has blatantly turned the U.S. into the Roman Empire of our day.

In other words, Bush is an extremist. He is the extreme opposite of Jesus Christ.

He spies on everything he can get others to let him see. His administration will reward those who cave in and punish those who stand up against his grabbing for power. This is how it is on all levels. The bigger the fish, the more he does it. When he gets to the really big fish, he resorts to false flattery. When it comes to the littlest fish, he orders them tortured and has them murdered, etc.

He is a terrible role model for the children. Where is the authority?

This list only scratches the surface.

What would Jesus do?

Jesus was and remains and always will be a pacifist, despite the misinterpretation of his parables by those whose reading comprehension falls miserably short of the totality of Jesus's message and exemplary life.

He didn't kill; therefore, do as he did. He said and did the same things. He didn't say to do as he said but not as he did. He said to do as he said and did, which is what God says and does, always, from the beginning and into eternity.

God is not antichrist. God is not anti-Jesus. Jesus in the flesh here was not anti-God. God is as Jesus showed only more of the same that will be revealed to the truly faithful.

The world knows the U.S. (in general) by its fruit. The U.S. is now hated and mistrusted, because of the evil fruit of George W. Bush that has come out of what he treasures in his heart and out of what his followers treasure in theirs. They treasure evil; hence, they bring forth unrighteousness.


The U.S. has been hardened by turning farther away from God. It has turned more toward so-called Christian-Zionism and the neoconservatives. It is that aspect more than any other that has brought forth the most rotten portions of the fruit.

That aspect (Christian-Zionism) is so bad for the very reason that it masquerades as the most fervent form of Christianity. It tops the so-called Christian homosexuals in that regard. It tops the evil pinnacle of the plutocrat bankers, because even those bankers have some understanding of not eating oneself out of having one's source.

The self-styled, conservative, Republican Christian-Zionists are so dark that they completely miss the fact that the ones who bring forth the dark day of the LORD are themselves the greatest enemies of the LORD.


Mark our words. The light day of the LORD is brought forth by the greatest allies of the LORD. Jesus came not to bring peace but division. He came to divide the peaceful from the war makers. This is prophesying. It is his testimony. It is our testimony. The Christian-Zionists are war makers. They are of the goats. Absorb this. Make it part of you. Blessed are the peace makers and not the war makers. Damned are the war makers. Blessings are the opposite of damnation. War is not a blessed thing. It is a damnable thing. The peace makers go into Heaven. The war makers go into Hell.

Jesus didn't say it this plainly and clearly. It wasn't time yet. Now is the time to make the contrast as stark as stark can be to remove the last vestiges of excuse before the separation.

The time is fast approaching for the end of this mini-age.

Go ahead Christian-Zionists. Bring forth your separation. This is how Jesus views you.

Some still don't know what they are doing. When they all know enough and reject the truth, the wrath will come just as it came to Sodom.

Tom Usher

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