No burden

You've heard the saying, "He's not heavy. He's my brother." What is a brother if he is a burden? Is he the non-Christian, or are you, or are you both? Body parts function for the whole. The hands work also for the mouth and head and vise versa. What constitutes the whole and self is decided by the repository and source of one's being. The body of Christ is the righteous whole. It is understood by his words and deeds. He is one with the body of God. His way is the only right way.


Enter into each other's labor. It means, among other things, to be ever-mindful. It is true that it is not right to starve the righteous flock to feed the selfish. It is also true that even the selfish live from the provisioning that begins from God. Anyone who is true to this knowledge will be a Good Samaritan (individually and collectively at the same time) and will thereby be in the process of spreading the body of Christ (salvation) and not seek to confine provisioning, possession, or ownership to the direct descendants of Jacob or exclusively to the direct descendants of any flesh father or mother but the first father and first mother. The family is the family in righteousness. That is the message God is sending into the fallen world to save souls.

When the Good Samaritan stopped and rendered aid to the stranger, that one was no stranger. That one was Jesus in one context and so was the Good Samaritan in another, which contexts are simultaneous at all times. The oil, wine, money, and the rest, was both of theirs. It was God's. It belonged to all in God.

Who is God?

Jesus was and is essentially God (parts and whole): The essential (indispensable) spirit and manifestation of delivery. Christ is the deliverer wherever he dwells including within each who is anointed with that spirit and wherever two or more are gathered together in that spirit of saving. Those who do God's will are those who head in the direction of being taken in to become essentially God: Christ, savior, deliverer, as was the Good Samaritan. They are brought to the perfection of which Jesus spoke.

More on ownership

Concrete property versus ideas as property is missing the point on both sides. The right to the property belongs to God as defined by Jesus Christ. The law of property is the New Commandment.

What ideas do you possess and possess you? What owns you or disowns you and what do you own or disown or disavow?

Who fails?

Jesus didn't fail. He was conspired against by those who avoided answering and performing responsibilities; betrayed by a sellout/double agent; taken in the dark; prosecuted by the devil; tried by tyrants in a false-hearted court on trumped up charges supported by perjurers; denied witnesses in his defense who were intentionally intimidated by the court; judged by those blind to justice; imprisoned as a common criminal; sentenced by a deceived mob; tortured; and with malice aforethought, murdered in hot and cold blood by all who colluded, all of whom were the failures and not Jesus.

The communism of the Apostles didn't fail. They were murdered by failures and allowed themselves to be martyred for the eternal cause of truth that is above all flesh and all matter.

Evaders fail

Those who avoid the so-called tough questions, because they fear being exposed as the frauds that they are, are the failures.

You see them and hear them everywhere. You see them come to this site adding their comments, avoiding the questions, and never admitting their specific errors that destroy their entire constructs, never giving specific credit where credit is due, and only continuing looking for splinters in Jesus while they have the beams of Satan.

They are the dead of whom Jesus spoke when he said to let the dead bury their own. They are in your flesh family. It is why Jesus hated his immediate flesh family even while he loved them without equivocation but rather in wholly intelligible terms he explained. It is why the truth splits flesh families into goats and sheep. It divides and does not bring peace to the wicked at heart or to their wicked world.

More on ownership

Of course, Jesus was speaking about much more than the mundane things. Giving drink and food means giving more than the water from Jacob's well or the bread from the local baker. It doesn't exclude those things, but it means those things and more. It means the spiritual, living water and bread that are no less real but rather more real so much so that the water and bread for the flesh body becomes unnecessary for life (real life in that context). It is the greater reality, the higher to the highest, relative to absolute.

Enter into our labor of real love

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