We say capitalism, war, sexual harm, and secular patriotism are antichrist. The capitalists, war-mongers, homosexuals, and patriots to secularism come to the site. They add their comments to articles. They do this on other Internet sites as well.

Sweeping statements refuted

They make sweeping (unqualified, blanket) statements, such as with the libertarians saying democracy is tyranny, in refutation of our statements. We refute those sweeping statements (such as when we point out that people turning to Christ is in essence voting for him) with specifics right out of Jesus's mouth and within the full context of his message and deeds (not inconsistent, no hypocrisy). They don't hear or see those points or pretend not to. Some even turn around and use our own points as if we hadn't made them. They hear and see only what they want to.


We have people come to the site. They send us email saying how great the plan is and that it is exactly about which Jesus was talking: That communism is the solution. They ask whether they are the only ones who agree with us and can see the truth. Then, they turn around as if out of the blue to say the exact opposite. It is as hearing from a totally different personality.

The Evaders

Are these things unsettling and disturbing? It shows those people as contending not for truth. They aren't seeking the truth. Their words and actions are intended to be temptations to cause real Christianity to become obfuscated.

They refuse to view the full context of the message and deeds of Jesus. Most rather retreat and refuse to acknowledge or concede and then if they return, they do so as to probe for any hole in real Christianity or to scorn, again as if we hadn't already dealt with and disproved their contentions.

What is the lesson? The lesson is exactly what Jesus said about it. The Gospel record shows these things being done to him. The same spirits who did it toward him are doing it toward us.


Did he prove them wrong? Yes. That didn't, and doesn't now, guarantee their turning.

Many demand proof, but they don't accept what they ignore, gloss over, or pretend not to see or hear. This is as it has always been. People will demand that we prove Jesus existed. Anyone can demand proof of anything, but if the level of proof is set where nothing will satisfy, the demand itself is senseless.

The truth doesn't stop them from doing those things.
Can't Be Christians
When we say that Jesus said to turn the other cheek, to not violently resist violence, and to not throw stones, those who want to claim Christianity but still be violent, coercive, torturous, abusive, and punishing go silent or obfuscate or do all manner of things other than repent and convert. They cannot be Christians without renouncing violence and without being non-violent.

When we say that Jesus said to be as harmless as doves and that he said Sodom would have repented had he done miracles there and when we add the proof that homosexuality is harmful, those who want to claim Christianity but still be sexually depraved go silent or obfuscate or do all manner of things other than repent and convert. They cannot be Christians without renouncing sexual depravity and without being sexually harmless.

When we say to those who imagine themselves pure-capitalist (anarcho-capitalist) Christians that Jesus said we are to live in him and he in us because the branch cannot bear fruit of itself (in reply to their claims of sole ownership of the fruits of what they called their own labor), those who want to claim Christianity but still be such capitalists go silent or obfuscate or do all manner of things other than repent and convert. They cannot be Christians without renouncing capitalism and without being communists.


He said Christians enter into the labors of each other. One sows and that another may reap for the sake of all. Christians are in God and God in each and all. All share all the miracles without money or price or private property in the Heaven of Jesus Christ. All is public property in Heaven. All is the Commons. All is perfectly regulated by the New Commandment, the whole law.

More on Can't Be Christians

When we say that Jesus said we are to be perfect and that he also said that to be perfect one must give all money over to the cause of the poor, those who want to claim Christianity but still be such capitalists go silent or obfuscate or do all manner of things other than repent and convert. They cannot be Christians without renouncing capitalism and without being communists.

When we say that Jesus and his disciples lived from one purse, those who want to claim Christianity but still be such capitalists go silent or obfuscate or do all manner of things other than repent and convert. They cannot be Christians without renouncing capitalism and without being communists.
Opening Up the Scriptures: Inanimate or Animate: Moral
When we open up the parable of the money to them, they deny it.

We ultimately need no such medium of exchange from the bankers or any mint or any money-printing house. It isn't the true currency. It is churlishness manifested just as the outward, visible symptoms of disease, just as the bones of the dead are full of uncleanness.

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness. Matthew 23:27

The sepulchers would be called inanimate; yet, Jesus calls them here full of all uncleanness. Is a gun not then unclean? Is money not then unclean? Are they just ceremonially unclean or are they morally defiled? They are matter brought to immoral purposes just as human beings are matter manifested to purposes good or evil, clean and cleansing or unclean and defiling. Jesus cleansed the temple. Was and is the temple living or dead?

How can the altar sanctify the gift if it is inanimate? What is the true altar? God has the power to transubstantiate and raise up children from rocks.

We need mercy, compassion, the spirit of unselfish service for the flock. The real currency is love of a certain kind that is at once conditional yet conditional. It is unconditional in some respects and conditional in others. The rain falls on the righteous and the wicked but only for a while — only until the harvest.

When we show them that their ideas regarding inanimateness and questions of morality draw the line in the wrong place, they deny it.

Walking Dead

The inanimate lacks life. Jesus said there are plenty of people walking around dead (it wasn't always so, and it won't always be so). They — the walking dead — are inanimate. They are incapable of morality until they come to life. When someone says, "guns don't kill people, people do," that person doesn't understand that the gun is dead and so is the killer. Yet, the killers are immoral (aware on some level) — so are the guns immoral, just as the mustard seed has great faith to grow into a huge tree, and just as the water, fire, wind, and earth have faith to do and be what they are.

For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear. Mark 4:28
Arbitrary and Arrogant: Not knowledge
Beware arbitrariness and arrogance passing off as absolute knowledge.


When we say that we will translate money into the Commons, they deny it. We explain that if people turn in their weapons to be recycled into plowshares, that is translation. Those who accept the weapons and translate them (recycle and reshape them into a new kind) are not thereby being hypocritical when they say weapons are inherently an evil kind.

More on Can't Be Christians

When we show that Jesus taught that the real family is the family in the spirit that cuts across DNA-defined branches of the Homo-sapien tree and is especially not a branch that is not bringing forth and is not a secular branch, those who want to claim Christianity but still be such secular and antichrist patriots and racists go silent or obfuscate or do all manner of things other than repent and convert. They cannot be Christians without renouncing secular and nationalist patriotism and without being the family in the spirit of Jesus Christ and God and the Holy Spirit.

When we show them that their heroes, such as Thomas Jefferson, those of whom they are disciples, are decidedly hypocritical and in many cases openly hostile toward Jesus, they have nothing of value to say.

Won't Keep Answering the Evaders

When we say we won't continue answering without receiving direct answers to direct questions, the comments on our site stop. Then we stop directly addressing the questions of those who refused to answer. We continue on addressing the whole wrong direction.

Law of U.S. Not Sacred

When we say that the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence are not Holy Scripture and not sacred text, they deny it.

We could go on and on with the sayings and doings of Jesus the sum total of which all show consistently that Jesus was against money, taxes, capitalism, private property, war, violence, coercion, punishment, harm, selfishness, and for giving and sharing all, communism (not Marxism), peace, pacifism, love, harmlessness, unselfishness, service, and all the rest of righteousness, goodness, truth, and the like.


All of these terms are used in their Christian senses. They are used within contexts. The connotations of terms change in the revelation of Jesus Christ depending upon the given context that is only understood within the complete context of the revelation.

Bring Forth Heaven

Jesus was and is for the real Heaven (the New Heaven, restored) coming to Earth, which will also be new and restored in that sense and way. Whatever is as it is in the Heaven of Jesus is what Christians are to be about bringing forth on Earth. All those who say no, are not Christians, period.

The real fruit (result, consequence) is perfection. Jesus went on ahead. We are here. We are to bring forth here, now.

We are not to be syncretistic. We are not to be ecumenical. We are to call each to perfection, which is uncompromising.

We are to be good shepherds, meaning everyone in the flock is cared for, served, fed, and the rest. We are to be good stewards of the house, meaning the planet is not to be broken up and raped but rather put in order and repaired.

Fruit of the womb, fruit of the vineyard, harvest time.

False Economics: Libertarianism Capitalism

Adam Smith's invisible hand of the supposed natural (unregulated) marketplace, where what the buyer is willing to pay and for which the seller is willing to sell, doesn't call people to rise. It is claimed that this invisible hand automatically weeds out the unfit by a type of natural selection (natural economic law). Those who seek to allow this invisible hand to have free reign claim to seek to make few to no value judgments for others. However, many seek government coercion to disallow the voluntary communism that is part of real Christianity. Also, their ethics stop at mundane commodities, ideas, and currencies of exchange. They retard the people's emotions and thoughts from moving toward the miracles of Jesus. Their invisible hand is not credited with being God, not that it is. The Austrian and Chicago schools entire system is independent of crediting God for anything. Many atheists call themselves libertarian capitalists and anarcho-capitalists and the like.

Capitalism is Retarding

That retardation allows the iniquitous to continue breaking up the house without the people even watching and being aware and even with the people aiding and abetting and willfully contributing to the demise of the mundane planet and the mundane species.

If souls are unable properly to care for the mundane, how will they be accounted worthy to obtain the divine?

Not Utopia but Heaven

When we say Heaven, they say utopia is impossible. Utopia is not (it means "no place"). Heaven is really obtainable.

One cannot be a Christian and at the same time deny Heaven.

Enter Our Labor of Real Love

Help the movement of bringing forth. Give to the Christian Commons Project to further this message and to translate the money out of its evil system. Continue down this column to below the comment section to the section entitled, "The Righteous Appeal to Softening Hearts," and please help with what you are able to give to the cause. Consider tithing or better.

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