The victor doesn't owe the vanquished on any debts. Victory clears debts for the victor. So what is going on?

The U.S. economy has been scientifically driven toward a mixed crash. Some sectors will be hit and others helped (helped from the capitalist's perspective). Some exports will be helped. The trade deficit will be helped. The usurers have gotten the timing of the cycles down more and more so that in the global economy, they can have one area of the world going up while another is going down and different sectors within each going up and down, all of which they can maximize to their own private, insider advantage.

The dollar's fall makes U.S. exports more attractive overseas. It should boost tourism despite so-called travel security. Export jobs should increase. What are they making? What can they make without raw-materials and processing to match? Will they obtain those peacefully and do it wisely? Will they make the pollution situation worse? Some things will seem to be getting better, but overall, things are going to continue getting worse, because the people aren't having a fast enough or deep enough change of heart. The leadership remains evil. Although there are signs that hearts are softening. For instance, young Jews in the U.S. are reportedly expressing dissatisfaction with the neocon policies of Israel toward the Palestinians. They don't like the brutality that is so Nazi-like.

The U.S. is driving toward attacking Iran.

The U.S. Senate approval as the nation's top lawyer someone who refused to say waterboarding is torture.

The U.S. is still backing the military coup in Pakistan.

The U.S. so-called War on Terror is just a terrorizing war for Empire it can't afford unless it takes huge quantities of oil from the region to lower costs in the U.S. Of course, the world bankers are really the ones calling the shots via where they let the money flow versus where they'll cut it off.

Using more, cheaper oil to stimulate the U.S. economy will worsen the environmental situation.

The U.S. is embarking upon more and more intrusion into privacy in anticipation of dictatorship.

We have prosperity preachers saying that just because their lifestyles are excessive doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong.

However, excess is wrong. God isn't showering anyone with such private riches. Satan is.

So, how are the scales tipping?

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