Medium of Exchange

Perfection is Heaven and the single vision: Our focus. Money is a psychological/spiritual device to keep everyone working for those who are against perfection, Heaven, the single vision of Jesus Christ. The only thing standing in your way is their will against your chosen spirit and the spirit that chooses you.

Before there was a medium of exchange called money, there was only giving and sharing. There was trading. The things themselves were the medium of exchange. However, before there was such trading, there was only giving and sharing. There was taking by brute force; however, before there was taking by brute force, there was only giving and sharing. The taking spirit, the brute-force spirit, the spirit of human physical-force, was part of the coming out of selfishness. Before that was the spirit of giving and sharing. We are speaking spirit here. Before everything was God, who is not selfish and brutish.

The knowledge against that giving and sharing spirit came forth and has been manifested in all the ways we see that are design to mislead to devour the souls of many and your soul too. Human beings have had longstanding designs on what by rights ought to be given and shared freely as the inheritance of all.

The spirit is manifest in the very DNA as predisposition. It is why there are so many different kinds of creatures with all their different temperaments, one species from another. However, within any given species is a range of temperaments that are the individual personalities of the individualized creatures, including DNA twins who come from the same one flesh-cell code of their flesh mother and the same one-flesh cell code of their flesh father. Human kind is no different in this regard. DNA allows for this range and for change. The flesh is mutable by environmental influences and choices. All that is possible is allowed of this.

There are things that set humans part by a wide gap from the other kinds of biological life forms on Earth. In one respect, human beings are set off the most. In another, human beings have the ability (given the individual personalities of the human beings in question) of bridging the gap as no other life form on Earth. In yet another, those two conflate. It is that to which Isaiah was referring when he said that the child will lead them all.

The child is the Christ spirit and the personality types are the human beings who were predisposed to all the various temperaments that are also reflected in all the creatures of the Earth. They are analogous. It is why there is the serpent mentality, personality, temperament, and what comes out from it, what it manifests, creates, such as money (the material, and now cyber, thing imbued with the deceiving, misleading system). It is all perception.

Change the perception; change the system. Money need no longer be necessary or required in the Christian Commons. It's easy. It is a decision. It is an agreement to bring forth the Commons.

The contest between the different spirits or personalities is for supremacy. At their extremes (Satan versus Christ), the motivations, intentions, and outcomes are antithetical one to the other. When Satan is perceived as being on top, Jesus is perceived as being on the bottom. When Jesus came into the world, he turned that right-side up for many. He showed the spirit that is the Supreme Conqueror that is righteousness.

Not Just another Brute

The medium of exchange (money) comes out from the satanic spirit. The giving and sharing spirit {that doesn't require making a self-gain apart from God (being so recompensed or compensated) in exchange} comes out from the Christ spirit. We don't want self gaining apart from God. Gain apart from God is false-gain. That spirit of Christ does recompense, however. It does so after the flock. The whole is raised and the shepherd with it. However, the motivation is the love of other. It is not for the sake of personal, selfish recompense. Otherwise, Jesus would have not come but rather just another brute.

On one level, the medium of exchange is coinage or paper money and has been designed by its architects and builders into all sorts of derivatives with numerous names. The medium of exchange has been many things down through the ages. It has been tulips. Recently and equally as arbitrarily and irrationally as struck metals are irrational and arbitrary, the medium of exchange has been baseball cards, comic books, Pokémon cards, and Beanie Babies, and the like (just a psychological disposition ultimately for the sake of the Ponzi scheme inventors, just like the bankers of today and their issue: Money). The medium of exchange has been anything people have been fooled into assigning value for the sake of those who produce the medium (printing the paper money for instance).

Numismatic value is the spiritual (emotional) agreement to honor it. If people refuse to honor it and choose to honor something else, the perceived value diminishes and disappears if no two people honor it.

What is a Beanie Baby worth now that was worth many thousands of dollars? Who paid the top dollar and got stuck holding the empty bag when the scheme crashed?

Also, so-called legal tender is only the spiritual agreement to honor it. The government that decrees a monopoly by decreeing what shall be legal tender (the medium of exchange) and who shall have the private corner on that market, that government is the agreement to honor it (that government). If people refuse to honor that government and choose to honor something else, that former government's perceived power and value diminishes and disappears if sufficient people honor the latter government. That former government's decree given a private corner on the medium of exchange becomes null and is voided by the new spirit of the people. Their evil system of usury and taxes is also voided. Then the people are free of those evils.

That is what Jesus taught. He did so in parables, because the powers that be would co-opt it, being unable to kill it, and it would survive for the discerning to later see, as we do.

Therefore, the brutes use force to herd the people who don't want to use countervailing force since that whole spirit of force is inherently the problem that holds back the Christ spirit from being the only universally recognized system of governance worthy of honor.

Jesus came to be a fisher of men and to teach others to be fishers of men (and women). He came to break the psychological/spiritual stranglehold of the brute spirit over humanity and the Earth. He's still finishing, until the brute concedes, turns, repents, and becomes enlightened rather than deficient, no longer the brute but rather tame and no danger to the children but rather one in spirit with the child.

Real Love

The spirit that brought out money, which strikes misleading value into matter, is not the spirit of real love. The spirit of money is the spirit of the perception managers. They know the fight, and they fight Jesus. They work to convince others not to see real love.

God is love: Real love

Christians are fishers of people (each other) where those people are the ones who will honor the Christ spirit as here defined versus the spirit of money and the government of brutes.

The love of money is the root of all evil. That statement doesn't negate that money is evil. Paul wasn't wrong in saying what he said, but neither was Jesus. People do love the root spirit out of which money has come forth. That root is Satan. All evil manifestation (creation) comes out from that spirit.

Jesus was in the world of Satan. The world loved and loves money. He was surrounded by it, as are we: No money (no working for money), no this, that, or the other, no food, no water, no shelter, no clothing, etc. In other words, work for Satan or your flesh life will be denied you. However, there is another choice that is the way of Jesus that can be brought forth in patients and with perseverance and all the other qualities Jesus described and showed.

When people are asked to share, the question often comes back, "Who's going to pay for it?" (meaning, who's work will pay). That question comes out from the spirit that stands against Christ spirit who said, and still says, that we are to enter into each other's labor. It goes to the heart. It goes to the root spirit. It shows the root spirit, whether it is Satan or Jesus. Those who do not wish to share, claim sole ownership of the so-called fruits of their labor. Who gave them life? Who owns them?

Jesus came to say, and he did, that by rights, we should feed one another the flesh food for the body via giving and sharing (out of his spirit). It should be sufficient that he was and is right. It should not be necessary that people be forced or coerced into doing this. In fact, Jesus taught against such measures for that very reason.

Real love goes very deep into the root of the spirit. It goes so deep that it is infinite as itself. Jesus showed just the surface (people only grasped the surface) of that spirit, since he didn't have more time. The people were divided. Many were not absorbing it at all, but doing the exact opposite. His enemy and enemies were retarding it: Sowing falsehood that is doubt (the leaven of the Pharisees) in Jesus and his message. Jesus showed as much as the very few could begin to absorb and then magnify.

Monied-Interests Deny Christ

He showed it with the feeding of the five thousand that is also known as the multiplication of the loaves. That event demonstrated that money is false (not really required — a fake and self-centered system). Who financed the multiplication of the loaves? The loaves were multiplied without money or human hand. No human labor as it is known went into it. There is no increase in real wealth via money or finance. There is no equal exchange. There is no exchange in the house that is Heaven, period. The economics (rules) in that house are as between real father and real son. The real economist is the best at running the house for the sake of all of that house (the economy). How have the self-styled economists been doing at running our house, Earth and the whole of existence?

The monied interests seek to convince people that the feeding of the five thousand didn't really happen, that it wasn't and isn't possible. They seek to work backwards from it as much as possible to convince the people to go in the opposite direction that leads directly to the people being lorded over by the very ones who will benefit (in their eyes but who really damn themselves thereby) the most, who are also Jesus's biggest enemies (make themselves so).

Cast Your Net on Our Side

Real love says to not go in the direction of the naysayers who are against Jesus. Real love says to cast your net on the other side, not on the side of those interested in, and who love, money but rather on the side of those who love the Christ spirit. Casting your net is synonymous here with investing in the Christ spirit. It means completely devoting and committing your all (all that you are and possess) to the entire cause. It means all your labor, all your heart, soul, mind, body, strength, and light that is truth: Everything, holding back nothing and not looking back.

Does it mean just stopping suddenly working for money? It means sharing the fruit of labor for the cause to bring forth more of itself rather than more of Satan's cause. It means the patient, persevering direction toward the complete transformation from a world governed under the spirit of Satan to the world governed under the spirit of Christ.

We are surrounded by the spirit of falseness that is more than symbolized by the false (bad) emotional system that is money. They are one and the same: Money and its system. The fruit fits the root. They go together. They produce seed that springs up as money lovers and more belief in money that is the belief that without money, you will never eat. It is true on the mundane level where there is so much doubt. We are charged though with moving back toward Jesus and doubtlessness.

Heaven is the goal. Bringing forth Heaven is the goal. Bringing Heaven to Earth is the goal. Making them one and the same is the goal. Jesus said so in so many words. Read between the lines. It is as clear as can be. It is unmistakable. Only the selfish don't want to see it. God will do it, and we are one with God.

Join This Movement

When people join this movement and cause, they share the fruits for righteousness' sake. They enter into each other's labors and the labor of Jesus Christ and those souls bound together with him.

They on the Earth don't instantly move at the time of this writing to the physical land (in the mundane sense) of the Christian Commons but have it in their hearts and very brain matter that is every bit as much the physical manifestation of the same spirit that brings forth that other physical land. They work to manifest the Commons. The Commons feed the lambs and sheep of Christ, but they aren't exclusively agrarian in the common parlance. It is about the land and ownership. It is about agriculture. It is, though, also about cities and the spirit.

Jesus was a carpenter, but he went to build a different city, different kingdom, and to bring it here.

The Real Liberal Christian Church isn't against laborsaving. It is against not sharing. It is against raping the land. It is against that science that rejects the phenomena of Christ as being the natural destination of perfected humanity. The science that does not reject Christ is not rejected by Christ or Christians. Technology out of Christ-acceptance is fine. It is not ultimately harmful but rather beneficial, leading to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as one. Christ is a builder but a right builder.

No Score Keeping: All Give All

Also, we give all our gifts into the cause and movement and receive those gifts we need. Each Christians input is valuable for the whole. Each Christian is valuable for the whole. There is no keeping score in Heaven the way Satan keeps his unrighteous ledger. The healer and candlestick maker input and receive according to gifts and needs. That is all. When the lights go out, the labor of the Christian candlesticks light the house of the healer. What price is there on that? Where is Christ not both the healer and the giver of light? They are one.

Enter the Labor of Real Love

Help the movement of bringing forth. Give to the Christian Commons Project to further this message and to translate the money out of its evil system. Continue down this column to below the comment section to the section entitled, "The Righteous Appeal to Softening Hearts," and please help with what you are able to give to the cause. Consider tithing or better.

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