Money is a system, structure, combination of ideas and principles. It is a method to bear upon human souls to mold them. Its function is to establish a particular order.

Monetary value cannot be assigned to Heaven. All the money and what it can buy can never equal Heaven. There is no medium of exchange for entering Heaven. There is only giving and sharing freely. Passes into Heaven are not tradable in money. One cannot buy with money the power of the Holy Spirit of truth or of the laying on of hands to heal. There is not commerce in anything that is not free. Jesus cleansed the temple of false-hearted commerce that is buying, selling, and trading in money. He purged the temple of the bank. His soul was purged of it. His Church is to be purged of it. His world is to be purged of it. The universe is to be purged of it. It is the evil spirit that is fated to the eternal lake of fire so that that spirit will remain forever purged. The New Temple will be (already is) the whole world and whole universe. It just must be realized.

Jesus accepted monetary donations that were used in Caesar's wicked, worldly system. All of the money though that flowed through Jesus's disciples was used to bring forth the very end of that system of money.

Jesus used the terms buy and sell in various contexts the combined use of which concern believing in a person and movement subscribing to systematically organized knowledge applicable in all circumstances. This is the universality of Christianity.

Such belief may not be exchanged or traded within any other system or via any other medium. It is a closed system. It is closed off to all exchangeable equivalents, because there is nothing equivalent. Free goods and services are priceless.

Currency can remain within the worldly system where goods and services are assigned prices or it can be translated by the new system where goods and services are free, where everyone's labor is entered into by everyone else without charge, without profit to any but the unified whole, as God.

The high priests of capitalism and Mammon say that their system is the best and only self-regulating system that finds the path to the proper division of labor. They treat their system as water or electricity and the like seeking the path of least resistance. What works, works and what doesn't, doesn't. The value judgment is as a swarming mechanism that those high priests do not understand any more than do the self-styled scientists who make the study of such swarming their specialty.

The priests of Mammon see themselves as comparable to Einstein in their field. They see their thoughts as having discovered a unified theory that explains the best way to behave. They don't openly question money in the first place. They then seek to instill their theory into others.

The herd though can be stampeded over the cliff by leaders with poor judgment. The priests of Mammon are such leaders.

The open marketplace includes the economic rules of Jesus. As of the time of this writing, a search on economics shows that the system ruled by Mammon avoids and excludes the offering of real Christianity and Jesus. This will change.

The New Commandment replaces the invisible hand.

In the New World of the New Commandment, there are no boundaries within. There are no nations. There is one. There is no comparative advantage taught by the capitalists. Private ownership, separate nations, and trading do not exist. Only giving and sharing exists.

The New Commandment and Isaiah/Jesus-Liberal Theology do not argue from within a theory that accepts money in the first place. This is why there is an artificial language barrier set up by the money interests. They have developed their language, building it up false assumption after false assumption. They take evil for good for granted. At least they try to. They do their best not to question the morality of their outcomes (the consequences of their theories put into application).

Know Thy Self

It comes down to emotion that is feelings toward others. It comes down to how one sees self or knows self.

We know self as the whole of the unselfish. We see selves standing in opposition to the whole unselfish self. We see those standing in opposition as standing selfishly apart from the whole who is God. They are the enemies of unselfishness.

The supply of love in Heaven is infinite. The supply can meet all needs.

It is not enlightened to see selfishness as a force to harness. That theory is misleading into darkness. Personal, individual advantage is anti-one where one is God. This is how the so-called Enlightenment of the 18th century was just another misdirection.

The question is not the degree of consolidation of selfishness. It is not whether sovereignty resides within the sole absolute monarch over the whole nation or world or whether it resides within each individual person. It resides in both simultaneously. The question is what emotion is sovereign within each. Unselfishness is the saving emotion. It is that emotion that must be sovereign. That emotion is the right and best and only emotion. It is perfect when perfectly applied that is always.


Money with its system in power is one connotation of money. Money without its system in power is another connotation. The former is an evil. The latter, from one perspective, is just so much matter to be recycled into something useful.

Even putting such powerless matter in museums renders it a value. However, that value can be a service of reminding the people of the evil that was that system.

The Jews have their holocaust museum. They want the world to be ashamed of what it did to them. The museum can be honest, or it can be dishonest. The value of the museum is different for each individual. That value ranges from one extreme to the other on multiple spectrums.

A museum is art. The art can be for shedding light or darkness. Such is even The Bible. Afterall, the devil can and does quote scripture.

Enter into each other's labor, as Jesus said. Enter the labor of real love to feed the lambs and sheep of his flock and to call his flock together, again as he said. Those who love him do this. Help the movement of bringing forth. Give to the Christian Commons Project to further this message and to translate the money out of its evil system. Please continue down this column to the section entitled, "The Righteous Appeal to Softening Hearts."

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