The U.S. is pulling out all the stops in trying to bring down Hugo Chavez again. The U.S. propaganda machine is calling grassroots egalitarianism and community councils "authoritarian." The real authoritarians are the militant capitalists who covet Venezuela's oil.

Chavez though is hugely popular in Venezuela. He has changed the laws to allow for some 100,000 worker cooperatives. The grassroots people run these cooperatives. It is all democratic. Venezuela isn't the only country in Latin America that is experiencing more grassroots control. The greedy capitalists in the U.S. and Europe hate this. They covet everything. They can't stand not devouring everything. They don't give a damn about other people.

The Real Liberal Christian Church though loves the people regardless of their racial or ethnic backgrounds. The only thing that matters is their spirit. Is it unselfish or selfish? The more unselfish the spirit, the closer it is to the spirit of Jesus Christ and God and the Holy Spirit as one.

What the powers that be don't like most is that Hugo Chavez is killing their bank. The private bankers in the U.S. and Europe want the monopoly on the central bank of Venezuela and all of South America. They want to print the money and not allow the people of Venezuela or South America to have their own economy (to control their own house and houses). It is pure hypocrisy. Chavez sees right through them.

Therefore, they hate Chavez and are paying their minions (their banker-minions) in Venezuela to be unfaithful to the common people of Venezuela.

Chavez is willing to fight physically for this world to bring in Heaven or to at least ward off Hell. He can't do it. The U.S. can't do it either. No one can. Fighting is Hell.

Tom Usher

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