55% of Americans admit in a poll that George W. Bush has committed impeachable offenses (high crimes and misdemeanors); however, only 34% believe he should be impeached. That means that even though those people know Bush has done things that merit his being removed from office and that he hasn't repented, he should be allowed to serve out the term. That's over 20% of Americans.

Also it means that 45% are unwilling to admit his impeachable offenses or don't know. Together, they represent 65% of Americans who look the other way in ignorance to some degree. What does that bode for the United States? It isn't good.

The more people there are who are willing to look the other way, the worse things will go. That's how the spirit works.

Impeaching a person who is occupying the office of the President of United States who has committed impeachable offenses is that country's rule. It isn't the Church's. We don't make Caesar's laws. We follow Church laws. The Church would be remiss if it didn't deal with an unrepentant Church member. The U.S. is remiss if it doesn't deal with its unrepentant President who was unethically installed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Either you have rules and you follow them, or you don't have rules. The U.S. can't follow its own rules, because their rules are inherently broken.

Tom Usher

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