The National Intelligence Estimate on Iran is being reworked and reworked at Bush/Cheney insistence. Director of National Intelligence, Mike McConnell, has said he will resign if the intelligence is driven by policy or the Bush/Cheney political agenda. However, he has also said that he will prosecute anyone who leaks the NIE. Therefore, he is saying, trust me. That's the same thing Bush has been saying all along.

Cheney lied about Iraq back before the first invasion under George H. W. Bush. Cheney said that the Iraqis (Saddam Hussein) had massed a line of tanks along the Saudi border ready to invade. It wasn't true any more than George H. W. Bush's blatant lies about Iraqis throwing incubator babies on the floor in Kuwait.

Richard Nixon said very openly that we (government) say one thing and do another. Of course, that's Machiavellianism, which is the guiding political philosophy of the leaders of the United States. It's why the U.S. is headed for the fall.

They've all engaged in it — every President.

There's nothing anyone can do to stop it. The form of government is itself corrupt. It has to go. It isn't Christian. It will crash of its own weight. It is empire built upon the ruins of previous empire. The foundation is rubble and unstable. The Empire is top heavy and will fall over and shatter. The rock of truth is turning the feet of the Empire to powder.

The remnant will go on under the new law delivered by Jesus Christ nearly two thousand years ago.

Tom Usher

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