We received a series of emails the gist of which we would like to share to reveal an important point. To keep this article to a manageable length and to keep the focus upon the main point, we won't reproduce the entire content of each email. The first message we received contained the words, "I feel this is exactly the organization the Lord was talking about!" That statement was in direct reference to our description on our website of the Christian Commons.

The second message said in part, "I do believe Christian communism is the only way to save mankind." Understand here that real Christianity and fulfilled communism are one and the same thing and not Marxism.

The sender wanted more information about immediate living arrangements. He wanted to know whether or not all Church members must live in a farming-commune setting, which would have been a problem for members of this family. Our website contains that information, but since the site represents many days worth of reading, we answer the question by reply email.

The Commons

We want people to consider themselves members of the Real Liberal Christian Church without necessarily having to live on one of our communes right from the start or ever until the commons is ubiquitous. Obviously, we need many members well before there can be any ample Commons of hundreds. We see many people staying where they are physically, holding down jobs even under distasteful capitalism, receiving compensation in the form of unrighteous mammon, and tithing or better to the cause. This will divert some of the cash flow from cycling right back into the cause of capitalism and into the cause of Christianity (real Christianity).

Those members of the Church not physically located on a Real Liberal Christian Commune will be commune members in spirit. They will know that they are letting the provisioning of God flow through them to help others help yet others until all who will be helped have been helped coming full circle, just as Jesus knew it would.

The Commons may be viewed from various contexts. The Church is of the Commons-mentality; however, the sender was referring specifically to physically moving to a commune (the first such communes being essentially organic-farming oriented). All the members of the Church are not required to live on such communes. The members support such communes. The communes (Commons) are owned in common by the Church, which is its membership. The Commons feed the lambs and sheep of God who live on the communes and those lambs and sheep along with the members who support them enter into each other's labor and spread the way that Jesus advocated, negating private property for all Christians relative to all other real Christians. This is the Gospel.

We won't go on about that here, or this article will become too long and unnecessarily redundant, what with the other writings on our website that spell these things out in as much detail as can rightly be expected at this point in the developmental process of bringing forth.

Inconsistent Belief

The next message said, "What the church needs is something to offer, something to make money!" The sender had earlier pointed to Roman Catholic orders as proof that living with all things held in common does not automatically fail.

We replied by explaining certain mundane legal and tax consequences and about breaking out of the cycle of being a capitalist entity. These points were also already on our website, but again, we replied in the spirit of reciprocity to which Jesus also held. We had already expanded the examples of successful communal living to include the Hutterites and a list of other groups of people who own all things in common. There are such examples all about, but the capitalist powers keep down such information. They suppress it not wanting the general public to come out of the Big Lie that common ownership is inherently flawed and always fails.

Jesus is Anti-Capitalism and Anti-Roman Catholicism

We explained that communism that is Christianity and the Commons is inherently anti-capitalist. Also, we expressed that the Roman Catholic Church has never brought forth, because it has never done what we are proposing. It never extended communal living to all members. It never broke the capitalists' cycle but rather made communal living exclusive to clergy and had those clergy members sell for money.

Bring Forth Heaven where No Money is Required

This apparently offended the sender who had sought to turn us from the understanding that once the real, New Heaven has been unfolded on the Earth, making the Earth also real and new, as meant by Christ, there will be no money.

We are to bring forth that New Heaven and New Earth as one. The Lord's Prayer says, "Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven." It is that for which he prayed. It is that for which he taught his disciples to pray. No Christian doesn't want Heaven as Jesus conceived Heaven. No Christian doesn't want it here. We cannot bring it forth without breaking capitalism. Capitalism will be broken. That's the prophecy, and the prophecy must be fulfilled. Standing in the way of that is an evil position. Anyone calling himself or herself a Christian who teaches against this is lying. We each must overcome that. We must overcome the bad influences that have led us to speak falsehoods.

The sender replied, "Jesus is not opposed to a capitalistic society." He then commenced to reiterate all the libertarian capitalist arguments in support of Christianity being capitalistic. Our site already refutes every position of those claiming to be Christian while also supporting libertarian capitalism. One need only read the series of which this article is a part to see that.

Jesus is anti-money in the end. Getting rid of money is a long-term proposition that requires patience and perseverance on the part of real Christians. It will though end in a sudden and final ridding.

Some things posited by the sender in his final email to date are as follows:

...consider the Mormons. That church owns businesses generating tons of money all for the kingdom of God. is not wise to talk of a christian denomination as distorted.

...there really never has been a time before there was money.

The early Acts of the Apostles church didn't work even though the apostles were there to manage it.

...some peoples work is worth more than others. You will never be able to convince me that a candlestick maker's work is just as valuable as a doctor's.


Concerning the Mormons, their church is built upon the lie that is The Book of Mormon. Truth doesn't come out from lies. No Christian believes The Book of Mormon. We have written extensively about Mormonism on our website. We won't rehash all of it in this article.

Roman Catholicism, per se

The sender took offense for Roman Catholics. Roman Catholicism is built upon apostolic succession and Constantine I.

Apostolic succession claims that only those authorized by the Roman hierarchy may be clergy. They have built much of their religion upon Paul. Paul himself though claimed revelation apart from the Apostles. He claimed that he didn't need apostolic succession, that he received his revelation directly from Jesus. The Romans cannot have their cake and eat it too.

Also, Constantine I was a liar. Jesus didn't give him a vision authorizing him to slaughter people. Constantine I grossly distorted the message of Jesus and is responsible for having misled billions of souls.

This is not to say that there are not people who considered themselves Roman Catholics but who are against the Pope's failure to bring forth. We say to them that they need to understand that the Pope is Roman Catholicism. He is the Caesar of that organization. He is just much more powerless than the Popes of old. The power of that office went down as the power of all the monarchs in Europe went down.

Also, the notion that there was never a time before money is hardly worth addressing. It doesn't grow on trees, even if people do trade apples for dollars.

The Relative Value of What By Rights Ought to Be Free

As for the work of different people being worth more than others in being more deserving of more money than others, well, Jesus said to his followers to freely give without holding out for recompense, including money. Nevertheless, people gave Jesus and his disciples money, which was proper in context.

As for the doctor inherently deserving more compensation than the candlestick maker, Jesus was both the healer and the giver of light. He healed people without charge. He gave light without charge. People gave back (gave into the purse of the messenger) out of love to further Jesus's ministry. Afterall, Jesus lived in the world that required money and still does until Jesus's way finishes what he climaxed.

When Jesus healed people, he didn't say that will be five dollars or a thousand or ten thousand or any amount. Why then does a doctor professing real Christianity ask for recompense, except on account of the evil system in which the doctor is seemingly forced to live since the people haven't implemented the right alternative lifestyle?

The Apostles said from each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs. They learned that from Jesus. Jesus had the most healing abilities (most faith in God) of anyone on the face of the Earth ever, and he gave to the sickest of the sick and healed them all without charging any of them even one cent. That means Jesus carried out the doctrine of from each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs. He lived it. He lived Christianity. He practiced what he preached. Therefore, why not create the Christian Commons where people will give according to their abilities and receive according to their needs (real needs)?

What happened when Jesus did that (healed for free)? The people ended up singing in the Temple for joy. Jesus was their real king, ordained by God (righteousness). He certainly lacked for nothing. What decent person would turn him away or out? None would. None did. He had all the houses or homes anyone would ever need. They all gave and shared with him in kind to the best of their given abilities. That's what we're talking about here regarding the Christian Commons.

Why not help rather than not? Why not be counted among those who help? Why not help to bring forth what would please Jesus to see his followers doing for a change: Bringing forth the Christian Commons in full evangelical mode?

In addition, few medical doctors promote belief in the healing power of God over and above that which will show via testing. Jesus worked in faith in God's saving and healing power and healing occurred on account of it that was way beyond anything medical science has ever done. The very absence of faith worldwide retards that kind of healing and saving. It will come though with greater enlightenment — unselfishness (not looking for personal, private recompense but for the good of all).

Prophecy Climaxes

The prophecy is a series of climaxes. Each is dependant upon the earlier and later. It is in that way that Jesus was both sower and reaper. He reaped what others had sowed much earlier, and he sowed what others have and will reap after him. Those others likewise sow. The Real Liberal Christian Church is sowing and reaping. It is entering into the labor of all the prophets, including Jesus.

If you want to see more of how this works (and you ought to want to see it), read our Bible Commentary, Open Genesis.

The Apostles Didn't Fail But Were Murdered

The Apostles didn't fail in their communism. They were martyred. Those who sought and seek to kill the truth murdered them. That they were murdered in no way proves them wrong. It rather proves them right for those who can grasp it.

Now, you will see that the sender went from stating that the Real Liberal Christian Church is "exactly the organization the Lord was talking about!" and that he believes "Christian communism is the only way to save mankind" to expressing the exact opposite that is capitalism using libertarian arguments and expressing further various ecumenical and synergistic errors.

Terrible Theology

It is terrible theology that holds that Heaven is capitalistic and that we are not to work to bring forth Heaven.

Bad Economists: Antichrists

This terrible theology is Ron Paul's. He collaborates with the Austrian school and Chicago school of economics as to how to run the house that is the Earth. That's what economics is. Jesus was and is an economist. He said how to run the house without money, trade, buying, selling, and the like with money. He said all is free for the real children of God. The real children of God don't charge each other. They don't charge interest (usury). They don't charge taxes. They don't make monetary gains off trading with each other. They don't trade with each other. They give. They don't need money between and among each other. The capitalists hate this and seek always to kill it.

Now, many will wonder why bother about Ron Paul since he stands at about 5% of Republicans in the recent polls. Well, he may stand there now, but the people whose false principles he is preaching have been the economists of the Federal Reserve and of the Chilean dictatorship and other disastrous economies around the planet, all of which disaster would have been averted via real Christianity.

It was the Austrian school economists who influenced Margaret Thatcher and with the Chicago school, Ronald Reagan.

You will note that the Austrian and Chicago schools of economics were founded by antichrists and not Christians. Why then would people think themselves Christians who follow after antichrists? It is sheer folly and is leading to the great fall.

Hellenized Jews Against Christ

The spiritual heritage Ron Paul and all the other so-called Christian capitalists have taken on, with only slight, non-mitigating variation, is the spirit of Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich von Hayek, Milton Friedman, Murray Rothbard, and Alan Greenspan, etc. The strongest pushers of this school of thought are Hellenized Jews. Think about it relative to Jesus Christ.

Instantly, the conditioning kicks in. You aren't to bring up the fact that they are Jews. It is somehow anti-Semitic, even though Jesus was a Jew and we love him as no other. Of course, if it had occurred to them then, they would have called Jesus an anti-Semite, a self-hating Jew, etc. They would have called Jesus a Nazi. They would have called him a Roman, but they would have had the Romans down on them all the sooner for it. Of course, not all Romans were as Hitler.

Blocking Real Christianity: Ancient Greek Roots Only

You will note that these people argue their theories from within a set that excludes Christianity as an alternative. They focus upon the Hellenized philosophical roots and toward the so-called Enlightenment. They want to talk Plato versus Aristotle while leaving the teachings of Jesus aside completely and forever. Ask yourself why.

If they do address Christianity, they critique everything but the real thing. They pick about the false-hearted, traditional dogma. When the real thing is offered up, they disappear in order to keep the truth ostracized. The last thing they want is to debate head on in earnest. They won't do it, because intelligent people will see the capitalists losing.

You will note that those who are in favor of torture, militarism, homosexuality, and capitalism all either completely ignore or twist Jesus's teachings and life example. They do this to further torture, militarism, homosexuality, and capitalism, etc., out of their selfishness. They don't care the harm done to others thereby. They mix the aforementioned vices in various combinations and to varying degrees of intensity, always avoiding the real Christian position that seeks ultimately harmlessness and only benefit. (You will also note that the neoconservatives are Hellenized as well.)

As economists, they stink, to use Jacob's term for his own son's, Simeon and Levi. All of their rules are garbage, just as were and are all the arguments they put up against Christ. You cannot follow both them and Jesus. They don't go in the same direction as Jesus. They lead to the other place on the wide path. We go with Jesus, even though we're not yet perfected.

Not Collectivism or Individualism: Collectivism and Individualism

They hide the fact that in Christianity the collective and the individual are equally valued and priceless, where the collective and the individual are righteous that is unselfish. The means and ends of the antichrist are selfishness. The means and ends of Jesus are unselfishness. They are unrighteous and he is righteous. Jesus doesn't sacrifice anyone else.

They just come up with much new vocabulary in order to obfuscate their antichrist belief system. They beat around the bush. They claim selfishness is highest. They just decree it and hope dupes will buy it so they may lord it over them. It is that simple. They have derived their so-called laws from how people have behaved. They completely avoid the point of Jesus that is that everything coming from the observations of the capitalists is in error. Those observations are blind to all that Jesus could see and showed to his real followers.

They claim that they make no value judgments but that rationally derived natural laws of the marketplace show what is best. However, Jesus said our minds decide. They decided to murder him. They selected him out. However, he lives. It is they who are selected out by virtue of their going with blind faith rather than the seeing faith of Jesus.


The false economists say real Christianity can not work, because people are selfish. It is true the selfish people aren't Christians, but that doesn't prove that Christianity doesn't work. It proves rather that people ought to change from being selfish.

People Are Mutable

There is the debate. Can people change and ought they to change. You will recall that the laissez faire economists are against making value judgments but rather ostensibly just for letting things sort themselves out in the so-called free and open marketplace (where Christianity is more than suspiciously blocked from entry). Of course, they are taking a position, rendering a value judgment.

These hardhearted economists have always acted as if the only spectrum excludes Christianity. The choices they offer run from Marx through Keynes to Rothbard. Jesus as economist is deliberately excluded since his is the only right choice and would bring all out from under evil's rule.

These hardhearted economists claim to be for the individual, but what could be worse for the individual than the policies of the Chicago school or Chicago boys? It was called belt tightening when it came on the mainstream. It was economic shock therapy. It was cold turkey. However, a different addictive substance was substituted in just by different pushers.

No where in their formulations is it incumbent upon leadership to lead to the feeding of all the lambs and sheep. There you have them showing themselves to be antichrist, since Christ calls for the feeding of the lambs and sheep.

Also, many of the arguments put forth simply compare one form of regressive imperialism with another.

Blind Methodology

If any gains are made under any measurement defined by the capitalist, they claim proof. However, they are measuring the effects of regressive colonialism and imperialism against other forms of the same thing. Their measuring rods are never questioned as to what exactly is being measured (whether or not it is the right thing to be measuring).

We say they don't take the proper measure. We say they are using the wrong rod and measuring the wrong things. They are misled and misleading and are blindly running the world into the ditch.

All of this stuff is not needed in a family. If humans just treat each other as real family ought to treat one another, all the economic problems (poor household management) would lift.


If you like having this revealed, even if you don't understand it all or necessarily agree with it all at first, if you think having it presented as food for thought, if you find it informative and thought-provoking and beneficial to have it in the open marketplace of ideas, then please seriously consider helping us continue bringing out more.

Enter into each other's labor, as Jesus said. Enter the labor of real love to feed the lambs and sheep of his flock and to call his flock together, again as he said. Those who love him do this. Help the movement of bringing forth. Give to the Christian Commons Project to further this message and to translate money out of its evil system. Please continue down this column to the section entitled, "The Righteous Appeal to Softening Hearts."

Here are a few news sites and blogs that touch upon economics. These sites do not represent a uniform view. The Real Liberal Christian Church is not endorsing them simply by linking to them. We have put them here for the convenience of readers who may wish to see varying views. Knowing the range of opinions out there is educational and can be beneficial if handled correctly.

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