The term "science" means knowledge. What is real knowledge? "Genesis" is a the origin, the beginning, and the process. In The Bible, genesis comes out from itself. The origin manifests. It generates. The archangel of God is reported by Moses to have said that, that archangel is that it is. It is what it is. It is what it manifests, what it brings forth. "I am that I am." It is bringing forth. This writing is to reveal the sense of this and to bring it together for the sake of the good that will come of it.


If you like having this revealed, even if you don't understand it all or necessarily agree with it all at first, if you think having it presented as food for thought, if you find it informative and thought-provoking and beneficial to have it in the open marketplace of ideas, then please seriously consider helping us continue bringing out more. (There will be a prompt at the end to remind you.)


In developing this brief commentary, we used no outside sources. It is entirely original with us.

This writing will begin unfolding the following: God created, but man didn't understand. Man (Homo sapiens sapiens) saw what was around him and how he lived from what came from the Earth. Man saw the water, air, dry ground, fire, and light. He took stock of his senses and feelings as he could with what was given to hem. He saw the creatures of the water and air and dry ground. He saw the plants from which he ate. He did not know the infinitesimal details of how all developed. Humans still don't know those details. He gave credit to a higher being he perceived (or conceived, depending upon one's perspective).

We will begin with general observations that are far from flattery, all to open the scripture. We will then turn to tying in the general with specific accounts within the Book of Genesis. If you are put off by what is unflattering, bear with that for the sake of the fuller picture that will developed.

Reckless Abandon

Humanity sees genes and is manipulating them and engineering them. Humanity is using materials to construct, not always knowing the consequences, but often acting as if humanity can cause no harm regardless of what it does and fashions. However, history shows that humans have erred large in the past. Genesis shows it.

Credit God?

Homo sapiens sapiens credit a design for what has come forth, whether or not certain humans will also credit that design to the higher being or beings. There are those of humanity who say that over eons (billions of years), what works has survived and fitted itself within the existence of competition for such survival. Life has adapted itself. They believe that this system had been mindlessly and meaninglessly self-regulating up to the time Homo sapiens sapiens began taking over. They overlay mindless self-regulation on many things. Such is the case with so-called libertarian (false) capitalism and the invisible hand of the marketplace, when, in fact, the right thing is intervening mercy only, which you ought to see unfolded to you as you read on.

Other life forms of the Earth have their constructs. They fashion their homes and nests. Via the ability to remember, with records and in so many other ways, Homo sapiens sapiens, however, have moved immeasurably beyond the level of consciousness of those other beings.

Homo sapiens sapiens are vastly more technological. This trend will continue apace, which means it will continue exponentially (geometric progression, on a curve) unless humans destroy themselves as a species on this level of existence or are destroyed and made extinct (responsibility being here also a matter of one's perspective).

God Versus Satan

Genesis is ongoing. Things are always coming into being. Are they beneficial or harmful? That is the question. Real-liberal Christianity, which is the only kind of Christianity in our view, defines God as beneficial and Satan as harmful, God as unselfish and Satan as selfish.

The place in which we find ourselves (the worldly world) is a mixed placed. It is a place where relative benefit and relative harm are known and also absolute benefit and harm are also perceptible. It is wholly beneficial or wholly harmful depending upon the final logical extension of the path of our choices. Which spirit do we go with? What actions constitute that spirit?

Genesis-Story Truth

Those questions have been being asked since we humans first became capable of asking them. The point at which humans asked came after the realization that humans had crossed the line and had eaten the proverbial fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It was at that point that human kind became aware of the choices between good and bad and could die into evil by choosing to do evil. Regardless of the degree to which the Garden of Eden story is literal or figurative (as defined by current usage), it happened.

Level of Consciousness

Before that awareness, humans were not conscious of evil. Humans were more as are the creatures that exist on a different plane of consciousness more closely resembling humans before the point where we develop retentive memory. It is a level devoid of the adult human's level of consciousness and self-awareness and is rather more so only conditioned and instinctual.

Homo sapiens sapiens are also creatures of instinct. However, we have more added capacity. With it has come responsibility and accountability above that required of the more purely instinctual.

Make no mistake, the more-instinctual creatures feel. Little babies feel. Their feelings (emotions) are on a level felt by God. This truth is perceived by adult humans and revealed to them by God.

Morality Exists

Which spirit do we go with: Beneficial or harmful? What specific behaviors do we identify as beneficial versus harmful, unselfish versus selfish? Was Jesus's behavior correct? Was his every action perfect? Did they sum up to the perfect pattern? Has anyone else shown a better way?

Those who subscribe to the meaningless design do not believe in good or evil. They believe in survival. They say such survival is good, but they use the term "good" in a different context than does the Christian. Good to them is survival and selfish conquest just for their time here.

Many don't care about harm to other selves. They care about themselves first and foremost. They are at war with all others for selfish, temporal gain. They are driven by brute instinct rather than a different prime-mover.

The result is that humanity has many people running about trying to convince others to join them in various enterprises that are based upon amorality and based only upon temporary flesh survival. This then opens the door to a return to savagery above which some self-evidently have been designed to rise.

So, what spirit is attempting to survive and conquer on what level and for what purpose, to what end and by what means? With which spirit do you align yourself? Whether you like it or not or claim it or not, you do align yourself.

The Deists see the universe as in the state of the age of the seventh day of rest of God. God made everything and set it in motion but is resting and does not intervene or interfere or the like. Then there are the atheists who see no God ever. Then there are all the other theists who vary in belief as to which spirit is God and what are God's nature and actions.

Raping the Land

Together, they move further from Eden, making the Earth a wasteland. Cursed is the ground, and ashamed is humanity.

Violence is Evil

Now, some of humanity individually and collectively brings forth from the spirit that God does not esteem: Violence and the other forms of depravity. They are rewarded accordingly and become angry and dour but also blind and full of base mirth. They kill their brothers and sisters, who are of all the nations that are the families of mankind of the Earth. Yet, God says that they are not to be likewise slain, because doing so is the magnification of wrath that is error (sin, harm, offense, selfish) and is not blessed but self-cursing behavior.

They continually imagine and bring forth out of their hearts violence that is evil. They do harm. They are selfish always. Even when they reward, they reward selfishness and for their own sakes first and foremost. However, only hearts that reach the perfection taught by Jesus are loved by God with the love that results in their being allowed to enter the highest. Only they receive that level of grace. They stop and do not continue adding to God's grief with their lusts. They do not corrupt any part of the Earth or any souls. It is they, the harmless, the beneficial, the bountiful, the unselfish, who will be saved and who will inherit. It is in this way that God's love is most definitely conditioned upon behavior (conditional love).

Confused Meanings

Confusion of words now reigns upon the Earth. The sin of killing (the sin of Cain) is taken for the commandment of God. The serpent is taken for God. People's hearts turn to evil in their early youth. People are drunken and not watchful. Thieves enter in, and temptation to wrath falls upon the people. They turn away from perfection, curse each other, set son to be the slave of son, and they die. The law of God is in this way twisted by imagination. Jesus came to set it straight.

The people have bad intentions toward one another. They covet each other and each other's possessions. They raise up themselves via oppression. They are rewarded by their own iniquity that hardens them and curses and haunts them. They play dirty tricks upon each other. People have become defiled, corrupted, that is very harmful. Many are self-admitted, unrepentant wicked sinners. The prophecy is for grace and blessing upon the perfecting and perfect, but the people confuse themselves and turn away. God continues to work with people to bring them to perfection and out of their darkness.

The people lord it over each other in injustice. They kill the righteous along with the wicked. They are lead into temptation and fall to it.

Specific Accounts in the Book of Genesis

After the spirit of the Garden of Eden was lost many things happened. We won't take them in exact chronological order. We will cross-reference them using a simultaneous macro and microcosmic view. That is how Jesus views everything. It is why we understand that violating the greatest or the least real law is to violate the whole.

Flood Account

We see the flood account. We know of the ancient Gilgamesh flood account too. Most people assume the Noah account and the Gilgamesh account spring from one source.

We know that authors can be motivated by an infinite variety of things. Authors have motives ranging from the best to worst of intentions. They tell things ranging from what is considered highly factual to complete fantasy. They strive to impart truth to deception. We know that an author may think he or she is doing right but be wrong in the view of others. The same events are told and retold and changed and expounded upon from different worldviews.

As for the Noah account, we know that all the life forms on the earth could not have fit in the ark. Therefore, those who believe that Noah put two of every kind of creature in the ark are in error. This bothers literalists. They believe that once any figurativeness is allowed, all is subject to doubt. However, all is subject to doubt in the minds of many regardless.

Catastrophic Consequences of Immorality: Global Warming and Greed and the Rest of Sin

There are people who believe that catastrophes such as floods are not connected with the morality or immorality of human kind. However, most of those same people are being confronted by their own belief that human activity is causing global warming. If left unchecked by moral corrections in human behavior, global warming will have catastrophic consequences.

Blessing with Debts

There will be blessings. Some things will appear to improve. However, there will be a huge debt. The debt will outweigh the benefits. That's how it is when the underlying motivation is evil, such as amassing great, private material possession.

It is just one step or two to realizing that human activity causing warming is immoral. The chain of events leads right back to all the immorality of human beings.

The vast majority of the petroleum, coal, and gas industries that have been built up have come out from the spirit of greed. They have often been violent. No doubt sexual wrong-doing is prevalent as well.

The correlation between the greed of the people of those fuel industries and a warming catastrophe is seen more clearly by many more people than are the sins of the general ancient population and a great flood. Many people loath connecting greed to warming. For them to connect the sinning before Noah to a great flood crosses a line into superstition (irrational).

However, if we look at world events and what are term manmade catastrophes, we see the pattern described in the Noah account, so the lesson is there.

Iraq War Folly Prophesied

There were many Noah's of a sort telling the people before the Iraq War that such a war would lead to exactly what has occurred. Before the invasion, there were plenty of naysayers leading the people to believe that the Noah-types were completely wrong. The Noah-types though have been justified by events. The naysayers have been proved completely wrong.

Wittingly Duplicitous Americans

It goes deeper than that, since the naysayers in the highest position knew the Noah-types were telling it right. There are layers of deception. Many hearts are very false. Only the righteousness of the few is sparing the planet from complete destruction. If the righteous die out, none will be spared.

Evil Intent Against Iran and Others

Now we see many people still following those same earlier naysayers in high places despite the Noah-types still saying that the plans against Iran and other nations are ill-fated as or worse than the original plans of those naysayers against Iraq. The followers are showing their real evil stripes. They are stringing along for their short-sighted private gain no matter the evil done to other people. They are all being exposed. They are setting themselves up with a long-term and very deep debt. Such is the pattern exposed in Genesis.


We see it also in the account of Sodom and Gomorrah. The whole of the populations of Sodom and Gomorrah had gone bad. All the males of Sodom were accounted as bisexuals or homosexuals. They were imagining their gratification through twisted sexual pleasure was a blessing. They wouldn't listen concerning the debts of harm. Also, all the other types of sins came along with the degenerate sexual behavior as well.

The Lord told Abraham he would spare the places if as few as ten people were found there who were righteous. There were not even ten. There were none.

Understand that this is cause and effect.

Jesus's Anti-Homosexuality

Today, many people are running about claiming Jesus and God love homosexuals as much as they love heterosexuals. Well, God and Jesus will accept back the repentant but not the unrepentant. The unrepentant find themselves outside, just as those found themselves outside Noah's proverbial ark regardless of whether or not that ark was actual. The moral is actual. The ark is symbolic.

Jesus's Anti-Money

Jesus cleansed the temple. He drove out unrepentant traders, buyers, sellers, money people, etc., who were those of behavior he didn't love but rather actually hated with all the passion anyone can conceive. They were their evil, harmful fruits (consequences). They knew what they were doing was evil, but they considered themselves blessed and mounding up no debt on account of it. It was confusion.

Also, Jesus said Sodom would have repented had he done his miracles there. If he hadn't thought they had been sinning by their homosexuality (harm), what would they have had to repent? They would have listened to him and heeded. He accounted them as being more redeemable than those in charge of Jerusalem in his time who knew his miracles but rejected his unequaled, righteous genius.

We hear today the money people saying that the Apostles failed in their communism. They say look what happened to them. Well, those Apostles were murdered by the money people. Does that render them wrong? Do the capitalists believe in trial by single combat? Human might against human doesn't make right. The little, unarmed child can be right against the largest, strongest, most heavily armed man. Bullying is wrong. Also, look what happened to those money people. Their temple was crushed. Their whole city was destroyed. Their nation-state was destroyed. They were scattered for nearly two thousand years and still have not come back together as one people — not very bright. They will never come together until they accept Jesus Christ, meaning his teaching and doing things his way, far from how they are currently behaving.

Also, let what happened to Jerusalem be a sign to the money people today. Let the whole revelation about money in The Bible be understood. Let it cut through the obfuscation and short-sightedness.

Lot's Sin

We see that Lot was warned to flee Sodom but that his daughters were incestuous, intoxicated Lot, and seduced him. Nations sprang from the unholy (harmful) unions.

Ham's Sin

Long before the destruction of Sodom, Noah's son Ham violated his father. All the people were evil before the flood. They were wiped out. Noah was spared, because he was righteous. Yet, his offspring turned bad. This is why mundanely defined bloodline is no guarantee. Genes carried by father and mother when combined can express in ways not seen in either mother or father. Also, genes mutate.

Regardless, the mind can overcome via the righteous spirit outside coming in. Afterall, the very genes are expressions of spirit.

Prophecy of Debt Payment

We see prophecy, such as Abraham being told that his seed shall be enslaved 400 years. We see the foreshadowing of Christ in the willingness of Abraham for God's sake to sacrifice his first and only son by Sarah, which son was Isaac.

Many humans see each other as burdens and are also afraid of being beholden to one another.

Abraham's Sins

We see Abraham obfuscating his relationship with his half-sister wife so that Pharaoh took her as Pharaoh's wife, causing Sarah (Abraham's wife) and Pharaoh to commit adultery for the sake of Abraham's flesh life. Abraham gained great material possessions through this. We see that even though Abraham was rightly upbraided by Pharaoh for such deception, Abraham tried to do the same thing later to the Philistine king, Abimelech.

Abimelech, Relatively Righteous King of the Philistines

However, Abimelech was a man of integrity and was guided by God to be cautious. He escaped the trap. He was sober and watchful and didn't fall into temptation. This is telling, because Abimelech was a king of the Philistines. It shows that God Most High is God also of right-feeling and -thinking Philistines, who were as the current Palestinians of Philistia.

Abimelech escaped twice. He was double blessed. He was a Philistine. This proves that being a Philistine or Palestinian is not inherently evil and that all Hebrews should know it. Of course, after many thousands of years, there has been much intermarriage. Palestinians are not pure descendants of the Philistines or of Ishmael or anyone else. Neither are the current Jews pure descendants of Abraham or Isaac or Jacob or Judah, etc. This is important to know, not that such so-called ethnic purity would signify with God anyway. It doesn't. That's the lesson.

Isaac's Sins

Again, Abimelech and the Philistines were nearly trapped in the same snare when Abraham's son, Isaac, concealed to the Philistines that Rebekah was his wife. Abimelech though was led by God to see through it and to keep his people from bringing guilt upon them. Even so, Isaac gained great material possessions through this, because Abimelech commanded his people not to touch Isaac, so Isaac had a free hand.

Isaac had made other mistakes, of course. He could have set things right between his sons. He had that power between them. He chose not to do it though.

Current Parallels

We see parallels with certain Jews today (neocons and self-styled Zionists) who have used the evil done to Jews by those (certain Germans) who themselves felt aggrieved by the action of Jews. We see some Jews striving for and having been given a free hand (by the British and Americans) to enrich themselves at the expense of others (Americans and Palestinians). It is the same mistake being repeated over and over by the Jews and others.

Jacob's Sins

We see that Jacob (Israel and who was Isaac's son) obtained the birthright and blessing that was supposedly due his older brother (they were fraternal twins, and Esau came out first), Esau, via duress, extortion, lies, and deceit. Yet, we do not curse Jacob, for all have sinned, and all (each of us) require mercy and forgiveness. However, we also see that Jacob's brother will break Jacob's yoke from off his neck. (Genesis 27:40)

The story of Esau and his birthright is an extremely important lesson that if taken wrong, continues to lead the people down the wrong path.

Esau came in from hunting and was very hungry to the point of great weakness. Jacob withheld food from his brother except that Esau would give Jacob Esau's birthright (inheritance). Esau's flesh life here and now was all he knew or understood as life (his soul), as existence. He was also not thinking clearly in his weakened condition. He was easy prey in this state for his wilily younger brother, Jacob. So he made the trade.

Iraq War 2003

We see the parallel today with weakening people such as the Iraqi's to get them into a state where they will be likelier to accept onerous terms. It's a very unethical practice.

The text says that Esau despised his birthright or inheritance. Well, it means he hadn't been valuing it high enough all along to be on guard enough not to cave into flesh temptations to avoid losing it. The story is of great symbolism concerning the inheritance of Heaven.

However, understand Jacob repents of the dirty trick. That is every bit as important as the message concerning Esau despising his inheritance.

We Are Our Brother's Keepers

Think back to Cain and Abel. Cain, the firstborn of Adam, murdered his younger brother Abel out of jealousy. God preferred the righteous. God rejected the offerings of the sinful and unrepentant. When confronted about Abel, Cain hid what he had done and rhetorically asked God, "Am I my brother's keeper?" The answer is yes, you are your brother's keeper. That's the point. It is supposed to be a humanity-wide message and lesson. That's how Jesus took it and taught it.

Jacob wasn't acting toward Esau in Esau's best interest. Jacob, the second son, wasn't being his older brother's keeper. He wasn't being righteous. Jacob was looking out for Jacob. We see that either way, older or younger, righteousness is what matters.

That's what we see when Abraham hid his relationship with Sarah from the Pharaoh and from Abimelech. We also see it when Isaac hid his relationship with Rebekah from Abimelech. Abraham and Isaac weren't looking out for Pharaoh or Abimelech, their brothers, or cousins if you won't accept that they were brothers (all being descendants of Adam).


Understand that females are heavily involved in all these doings. They are shown as being sometimes right and sometimes wrong. God speaks to their hearts directly and moves them individually, just as God does with males.

The stories are male-centric, because males use brute strength to extend domination whether right or wrong.

Blessings with Debts

Nevertheless, God is mistakenly seen as (taken for) blessing those who sin when they are blind to their evil. It is a blessing, but there is much more going on that renders it both a curse and a blessing. It is mixed up to reflect the emotional condition of the people involved. Jesus comes to sort it out and to make clearer and plainer.

They cheat each other continually and yet rebuke one another for cheating. It is hypocrisy, which Jesus came to end. We see that all worldly riches are being obtained through deception and at the expense of others.

Learning and Repenting

We see Jacob realizing that he has been unworthy. We see him making peace with his brother whom he had cheated and treated with such contempt. We see him appeasing his brother, who had already forgiven Jacob. It is part of the process of the maturing of Jacob. He wrestled with his conscience and made the right decision to make peace with his brother. That's what his name means. It is about that which Israel is supposed to be mindful constantly so they don't fall to the same errors, which they are now doing (falling to the same errors).

A Land Too Small

We see that the land is not large enough to sustain unlimited numbers of people. It was known even then that a given piece of land can be overpopulated, which over population leads to strife and other evils.

Lessons of the Fathers Lost on the Sons

We see that even though the fathers may learn, the sons can remain unturned and therefore vengeful, just as those who would seek to kill Cain for his evil deed against his brother who was righteous in God's eyes.

Simeon and Levi's Sin

Dinah, the daughter of Leah and Jacob, was raped. Her brothers, Simeon and Levi, wiped out all the males of the city. We see that Jacob knew this was extremely disproportionate. The punishment certainly didn't fit the crime. After all, God told Abraham that God would not destroy Sodom if God could find even ten people in the city who were righteous. Simeon and Levi didn't bother with that. Jacob told his sons that their actions made Israel (the nation) "stink among the inhabitants of the land, among the Canaanites and the Perizzites." (Genesis 34:30)

Sin Against Lebanon

Now we are reminded of current Israel's recent attack on Lebanon in 2006. Israeli soldiers illegally sneaked crossed into Lebanon, because they were up to no good. Hezbollah killed 3 and captured 2. Israel responded by killing approximately 1,200 and injuring approximately 4,500 and displacing over a million and also destroying much of Lebanon and showering vast areas with cluster bombs right before the coming and planned ceasefire. Hezbollah killed 44 and caused the evacuation of some 300,000 in Israel. It is Simeon and Levi's spirit or worse. We also see and hear people saying and writing that the actions of Israel stink.

However, the current leaders of Israel are not as Israel (Jacob) who rebukes the current leadership by telling them that they make the nation stink in the region, which is true. The current leaders don't listen to their father. They don't learn from his errors and lessons and corrections.

Judah's Sins

We see the Christ-type foreshadowing in Joseph. Joseph is a sign of greater and higher things to come: Jesus. The parallels in the two stories (Joseph and Jesus) are too numerous to mention here. Joseph though was envied and hated by his brothers and was sold into slavery by them. He was spared by God for they would have murdered him otherwise. Reuben had wanted to save Joseph from the whole plan of his brothers, but while Reuben was gone, it was Judah (Judas) who convinced his brothers to make a monetary gain by selling Joseph into slavery rather than murder him. Judas (Judah) sold his brother.

Then we see Judah caught in hypocrisy, about to burn his daughter-in-law, Tamar, for harlotry, but she was spared when she exposed Judah as the father of the twins she was carrying. To Judah's credit, he admitted his error. Then later when he was reunited with Joseph, in earnest Judah begged his brother Joseph's forgiveness.

Joseph of course, being the foreshadowing of the Christ-type, did not withhold forgiveness from any of his brothers but rather showed them mercy.

Joseph's Foreshadowing

While Joseph was in slavery in Egypt, he was put into various houses in Egypt (including the dungeon; a sort of Hell; as Jesus came into this dark world to bring forth light) and in each one of the houses into which Joseph was placed he brought forth by virtue of his heart and mind.

Why has this lesson been forgotten by Israel?

Wrong Falls

Jesus came to say that if they didn't bring forth (Jacob and Joseph brought forth as servants), the kingdom would be taken away and given to a new nation. The covenant is conditional. It is conditioned upon bringing forth what Jesus defined.

We see in Joseph in Egypt one who counsels drastic measures in anticipation of otherwise disaster. He is as Jesus and all the prophets, but it is the king of Egypt who heeds. He put his entire kingdom into Joseph's hands, just as God did with Jesus, his real son. The real son does God's bidding. When the kingdom is seen as not heeding righteousness, it too falls and a new kingdom is raised up. Joseph did for Pharaoh what a real son can do for his father when his father is wise.

So we see the person, our brother Joseph, who serves (symbolic of family, nation, humanity, and Earth) raised up by the wise. We see the kingdom (symbolic of Heaven) of righteousness raised up. We also see that unrighteousness leads to a fall. The higher the place and the greater the unrighteousness, the greater is the fall from grace. God replaces even the ruling spirits in Heaven. That's the moral of the whole story. Those who refuse to do things in righteousness are lead into disastrous consequences. Those who accept those who come in the name of the LORD of righteousness are led out of harms way (all harmful ways of their own doing). Those who ignore him and refuse to cooperate and help and rather attack him, we can only shake our heads for the woe they bring down upon themselves.

Jesus came to show the right way. He was rejected, and his way has been being rejected ever since by the powers that be. They keep falling one after the next. Only the first strived to keep Jesus's way. As he rightly prophesied, they were murdered for it. Had the whole nation turn to Jesus's way (all consistent with the moral lessons we see here clearly shown in the scripture), that nation would have been spared and raised up even further. However, because the leaders and the nations refused to heed righteousness, the leaders fell and the nation was severely broken up.

Only Extremism Will Save

The Real Liberal Christian Church stands for drastic measures, radical transformation, changing the root as called for by Jesus, turning things extremely around to bring forth. We are running into the same wall that confronted Jesus only worse. It does not bode well for the rejecters.

In Acts 5, we see the following:

Then stood there up one in the council, a Pharisee, named Gamaliel [Paul's teacher], a doctor of the law [scripture], had in reputation among all the people, and commanded to put the apostles forth a little space; And said unto them, Ye men of Israel, take heed to yourselves what ye intend to do as touching these men. ... And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God. And to him they agreed: and when they had called the apostles, and beaten them, they commanded that they should not speak in the name of Jesus, and let them go. And they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name.

Now, imagine if that had been the counsel followed in Nineveh when Jonah came alone to them and gave them the warning from God. What if their wise men had said, "Just ignore him. If he is of God, his prophecy will come true." Well, the king of Nineveh didn't ignore Jonah and his kingdom was spared that time. However, the Sanhedrin heeded Gamaliel and was destroyed. Gamaliel had studied the scriptures in great detail; yet, he failed to see the lessons shown here in our interpretation.

He failed to stand up saying that they ought to do according to the lessons learned by their forefathers. Rather, they repeated the errors as if their fathers hadn't learned a thing. They even regressed from their fathers worse sins going themselves into greater sins. He couldn't see the lessons. He ended up fighting against God by not standing with the Apostles. We are opening up the lessons for the sake of those who will see them and heed them with us.

Don't ignore this word. Don't stand with Gamaliel. Stand with us and be right, as were Jesus and his first Apostles.

The worldly world is still ignoring the way called for by Jesus that includes feeding the lambs and sheep via giving and sharing in common. Where are those who will heed rather than ignore? Those who ignore will not escape any more than those who ignored earlier.

No Poor in the Real Heaven

We here people saying that the poor you will always have with you. They use this as an excuse. However, Jesus was speaking to those then. They would always have the poor with them in their generation. Jesus was not saying that the Christian kingdom on Earth (the new nation and new Earth and Heaven) will always have the poor. We say emphatically, there are no poor in the real Heaven. That false Heaven is being overthrown. The usurpers are being overturned. The money changers are being driven from the temple that is the heart of everyone who accepts real Christianity.

Free Food

With Joseph, unlike Jesus, they need money to buy bread in Egypt during the famine. However, Joseph did not require money of his brothers. He returned it to them. The bread was free of charge even during the famine. (Foreshadowing the Christian Commons)

The Nation Pays Debts

So, Joseph was sold into slavery into Egypt at the doing of God so that Israel (Jacob's whole house) would be delivered from the famine; however, Israel ended up being enslaved by Egypt for 400 years, as foretold to Abraham by God.

Money Failed

We also see that "money failed in the land of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan." One cannot eat money and when money runs out and one has nothing left to trade for bread, the only thing left is mercy.

This is part of the reason Hosea and then Jesus said, God wants mercy and not sacrifices.

Mercy, Not Sacrifice

The High Priest, Joseph Caiaphas, thought it wise to sacrifice Jesus for the sake of the whole nation. God hated that. God hates that mentality. Sinners sacrificing the guiltless is an evil thing. Only the innocent can sacrifice. The sinners gain nothing but more sin by sacrificing the innocent. This is why all the murdered of innocents in the Iraq War is on the head of the nation that has sacrificed them.

Pharaoh's Heart Hardening Already

To eat, everyone had to sell everything to Pharaoh. They had to sell all their lands and go into bondage. Only Pharaoh's priest did not have to do this. The price ever after was to be a 20% tax on all the fruits of everyone's labor. Here we see the evil of taxation.

Dirty Tricks a Pattern

Look though also backward to Jacob and Esau where Jacob repented of his dirty tricks he used to gain the birthright and blessing. Jacob had used evil means. For doing so, he had his own wages changed by deception ten times while he was banned from Esau's kingdom. It was through repentance that they both came back together in the better spirit.

We see that everyone who came to Joseph despised his or her birthright, as Esau was accused, by virtue of selling him and herself into bondage and selling all land for the sake of life in the flesh, which they equated with soul.

Flesh and Soul Separate

It was Abraham who encouraged his half-sister who was also his wife, Sarah, to conceal their marriage for the sake of Abraham's flesh life he took as his soul. Abraham didn't know then what Jesus came to teach that is that the soul dies from such deception. The flesh life and the soul are two different things when evil enters in. Abraham's ignorance though is mitigating. We don't have that excuse.

Jesus took away the excuse. He did that to raise the standard to save people and to enlighten them, being one and the same (salvation, enlightenment, higher standard).

Evil Reflected in the State of the Land

Pharaoh, Joseph, Jacob, and none of the other people in the story are credited with having said that all the people should feed each other without recompense. Jesus hadn't come yet to bring out and bring back that level of care and understanding that was in the proverbial Garden of Eden that was very descriptive of the real garden Earth that has been subjected to all the evil feelings and results of human kind. Hence, we see the Earth being made more desolate and unforgiving: Cursed, damned. It is reflecting back what is in the people's hearts. It can be turned around though.

No Primogeniture

We also see Jacob bring forth the beginning of the end of primogeniture when he blessed the second born of Joseph over his first born, for birthright (inheritance) and blessing comes of righteousness and not by birth order or deception.

Jesus came and did away with the distinction entirely. It is why David calls Jesus Lord. It is why Joseph had the dream his father, Jacob, took as a sign that Jacob too was to bowed down but to what? Of course, it is the spirit of forgiveness to which Jacob was to bow.

Jesus Expanded Everything

With Jesus, we see every lesson expanded. Where something is right, it is expanded to encompass all. In that way, all hypocrisy is removed.

Jesus came to teach in parables to even be able to get the truth out to the people through the defensive mechanism set up by those who are ignorant and selfish. We now have the responsibility to speak clearly and plainly on all these matters. It is why we can and do point out the errors of all. We too have erred. Without universal acknowledgement of sins, there cannot be universal repentance and hence universal salvation.

Learn Vicariously

What has been lacking? Learning the lessons from others before learning them the hard way is the answer.

Jesus could read. He read ?Genesis. He saw what we've revealed here and much more. His whole being was about this.

Real Science is Real Knowledge

Now, the fight comes down to spirit versus false science in the minds of so many who are anti-spirit. They cannot bring themselves to believe, and it is that very doubt that causes them to die out of the spirit.

Jesus came to separate the waste from what is good and right. He came to crush the head of the serpent, to split it, and to turn it to dust. Those who are ignorant of the spirit claim knowledge. That's what science means. It means knowledge. So what is the true science? Christianity and knowledge are the same things. What is today called science fractures off knowledge. The real science doesn't do that. The real is whole. Therefore, in a real science classroom, it is knowledge and not a method of excluding knowledge that is taught. Therefore, a proper education opens up all knowledge and does not exclude the knowledge of God and Jesus Christ.

Science as the twisted term of today has been devised as a closed loop mind-set to systematically kill from the emotions the spirit of bringing forth from outside that twisted and ignorant mind-set and worldview. What goes hand-in-hand with the twisted, closed-down science? Who's paying for it? Who's benefiting at the expense of whom? What is the entire construct? What blocks what?

The false science, the false knowledge that is the knowledge that lacks the knowledge of the spirit, presupposes that the miracles could never have been and can never be. That mentality that lacks is a self-fulfilling world. The miracles will come but that world will deny them and thereby deny themselves what belief affords. Their doubt, their self, their ego, their arrogance, their usurpation, their rebellion against the wholeness of morality, is killing them. It is suicide of the soul. It is death in unworthy ignorance. They separate themselves to the dead spirit. They don't see the light no matter how brightly it shines. They don't know they are in darkness.


As we mentioned above in the opening, if you like having this revealed, even if you don't understand it all or necessarily agree with it all at first, if you think having it presented as food for thought, if you find it informative and thought-provoking and beneficial to have it in the open marketplace of ideas, then please seriously consider helping us continue bringing out more.

Enter into each other's labor, as Jesus said. Enter the labor of real love to feed the lambs and sheep of his flock and to call his flock together, again as he said. Those who love him do this. Help the movement of bringing forth. Give to the Christian Commons Project to further this message and to translate money out of its evil system. Please continue down this column to the section entitled, "The Righteous Appeal to Softening Hearts."

Here are a few blogs that mention Bible commentary and Genesis. These blogs do not represent a uniform view. The Real Liberal Christian Church is not endorsing them simply by linking to them. We have put them here for the convenience of readers who may wish to see varying views. Knowing the range of opinions out there is educational and can be beneficial if handled correctly.

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