The typical, mainstream American consumer is not king or queen. He or she or they do not consciously decide what is made or not or who succeeds or not. Those consumers are rather hypnotized. They are controlled. They are not free to decide.

Those consumers are subjected to non-stop marketing that employs psychological tricks to socialize them beginning at birth, to program them, to herd them into working for those who herd them further to buy things they don't need, are harmful, and ruin them and their environment, all often unbeknownst to the children and adults brought up thusly.

The people are herded to buy into capitalism without thought. They are programmed to act and think, controlled by subconscious suggestions planted there and constantly reinforced (by the enemies of Jesus).

A marketplace where people are not free to collectivize under a voice that guides them in unison as to what is and is not of moral value is no free market.

Also, there is no such thing as a market system free of value judgments. That notion is impossible on its face. Any system advocated is advocated by those asserting its value in some way. Einstein's theory of relativity is a system. Buying and selling it (subscribing to it and promoting it) is not done without attributing value, without making a value judgment.

For the real Christian, all property is God's, all Christians (real Christians) are one with God, and hence everything belongs to Christians collectively and individually. This is not a statement made in a vacuum. There are moral responsibilities that automatically come with this. For instance, Christians are desirous of treating God's property with the utmost respect and care, as good stewards over God's gift to all and consistent with the Golden Rule. Christianity holds many such tenets that fully negate the psychology of the naysayers.

Also, so-called pure capitalism falls willfully short of Christianity. To be perfectly moral is to be anti-capitalism no matter how pure that capitalism attempts to picture itself. It is inherently self-centered where Christianity is inherently not.

That is why capitalism is degenerative. It has no higher calling. No matter how purely anyone imagines he or she is practicing capitalism, he or she is always going to be pulled by self-interest apart from God, which self-interest is a degenerate force.

Real Christianity on the other hand is the calling to join self to the self that is God. That is a call in the opposite direction of degeneration to wholesomeness.

Tom Usher

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