So, the neocons hate Ron Paul, the libertarian, naturally. John C. Fortier, at the neocon American Enterprise Institute (AEI), was the executive director of the Continuity in Government Commission. They came up with the "National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20/51." It is the Bush administration's National Continuity Policy. The directive states that in the event of a catastrophic emergency, all power will fall to the President. If the President were to declare a catastrophic emergency, the President would assume the power to disband Congress and control the Courts. Everything would come under the power of Presidential decree. The President could takeover all business to meet the emergency.

The American Enterprise Institute is neocon through-and-through, meaning it played a huge roll in all the lying leading up to the invasion of Baghdad. They cannot be trusted at all. They are avowed Machiavellians. The infamous Project for the New American Century is under their umbrella.

There already is a National Emergencies Act of 1976 though. It prevents a perpetual state of emergency. It is designed to prevent a President from taking control and refusing to let go.

Now, in the event of a real catastrophic emergency, most Americans would want to see an honest President doing everything possible to meet emergency needs as rapidly and intelligently as possible of as many people as possible under the given circumstances. A major problem is that George W. Bush has a track record. Hurricane Katrina is a large but nevertheless microcosmic example. If a catastrophic situation were to occur that were to make Katrina pale by comparison, Bush's reaction would be orders of magnitude worse than it was concerning Katrina.

Also, the problem is that this directive in the hands of a dishonest, power-hungry President is a temptation to permanent dictatorship. That's why, among other reasons, Ron Paul doesn't like it.

Libertarians don't trust anyone with very much power, if any at all. They believe that "he, who governs less, governs best." Limited government down to no government is their vision. They believe that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

We don't agree. God has absolute power but isn't corrupt at all. They don't understand that. They focus solely on God's opposite. They want a system to keep God's opposite down rather than a system to raise God up in the hearts and minds of the people, thereby precluding the rise of God's opposite. You see here what separates the way of the Real Liberal Christian Church from the rest. We seek to raise up Jesus in the hearts and minds of the people. Then all the checks and balances and the rest won't be even contemplated.

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