Stuff just never stops coming out about how governments say one thing and do another over things that are critical for the whole of humanity on the Earth. Concerning Pakistan, it has come out that the government of the U.S. was instrumental in creating the Pakistani nuclear bomb the whole while it was claiming it was against that bomb. Other governments were duplicitous as well.

At one point, a CIA agent wrote a report about all of it and was immediately attacked by all the same pathological-liar, megalomaniac neocons who have occupied the George W. Bush administration, including Dick Cheney, who was Secretary of Defense at the time. It later turned out the report was factual and that the neocons had attacked the agent and turned around all the facts to fit the policy of covering up U.S. duplicity.

It is the same evil tactic used against Valerie Plame and Joseph Wilson (married couple) concerning the infamous Yellowcake Forgery George W. Bush used in his State of the Union Address to drum up support for stealing the oil under Iraq and increasing Israel's position in the Middle East by weakening its neighbors.

Greedy Americans wink at it all by the tens of millions. If it weren't for the few righteous-leaning Americans, America would already be gone in cinders.

Tom Usher

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