Twisting Christianity

There is a new syncretistic religion attempting to emerge the standards of which are impossibly low. That new religion is in reaction to the twisting out of all recognition of the Christian faith, which twisting began immediately after Jesus ascended.

Christ Misappropriated

The name of Christ was appropriated for unchristian causes, especially greedy, militant empire that had behind its façade sexual confusion. Where there is one form of harm, the other sins are not far behind.

Lies About Christianity

Harmful lies were told such as war is Christian. The focus was taken off the teaching and example of Jesus, which below, we highlight a bit. The traditions that were created were wholly inconsistent with the message Jesus delivered. That twisting and usurpation resulted in Jesus's way having never been allowed. Jesus's name was deliberately co-opted and his message suppressed and distorted by self-centered people who hated God and Jesus, according to the words of Jesus recorded in the Gospels.

Co-opted by Those Who Hate Jesus

Jesus said no to usury, taxes, money, regressive gain or profit, private property, coercion, punishment, war, violence, and to all harm, including that which is sexually harmful. All those things are obviously bad things. They were obviously bad things even before Jesus said no to them. All of his positions are supported by the moral lessons recorded in the Old Testament. The morals of the stories say what not to do and what to do. Those morals were there for the reading of them and the honest comprehending of them. The powers that be knew.

Jesus's Real Positions

Jesus said yes to what is ultimately beneficial only, to freely giving and sharing, volunteerism only, holding all things as common property, pacifism, harmless male-female sexual bonding (faithful, monogamous), giving all credit where credit is due that is God.

What Jesus did was make it all highly public for the sake of the many who had been being lied to by those powers. It has ever been so but is changing.

False Truth-Seekers

Now we see reactions to reactions, none of which seek the truth. They make claims to seeking truth, but they don't seek what is really true. They only find what their closed-loop will allow them to see. They close themselves off from believing in the superabundance that comes out of Jesus's way. They cannot grasp that their system is inherent-doubt and that, that doubt closes them off. They are allowed to continue in general at the lower levels (mundane) of provisioning for a time, but they are not allowed to rise above that level. They may rise within it but not above it.

There are others who believe in spirit, but they hold with a different spirit that is ultimately harmful.

The combination of these non-Christian paths is centered on not giving the God of Jesus credit. That's a huge error, because the God of Jesus is not the creation of human minds. The God of Jesus exists whether human beings will continue or not. The God of Jesus was before human beings.

Distortions: Traditional and New

We now have a raging argument between various forms of distortion. We have the older distortion trying to fend off newer distortions. We also see older distortions co-opting newer ones in a bid for survival and continued influence and even as a preface to attempts to reassert supremacy.

The false New Agers are welcomed into many of the old mainstream churches, while many in the old mainstream split off to hold to the older version or to emphasize a newer version.

We see false conservatives and false liberals everywhere and no Christians.

False Conservatives

Most of the false conservatives say yes to usury, taxes, money, regressive gain or profit, private property, coercion, punishment, war, violence, but many claim to be against sexual harm. They do not conserve the teachings of Jesus. We do.

False Liberals

Most of the false liberals say yes to usury, taxes, money, regressive gain or profit, private property, coercion, punishment, war, violence, and many continue destroying the proper boundary to what is obviously sexually harmful. They don't bring forth real liberalism as Jesus brought forth liberally. Jesus didn't use the apostate state of Rome or Israel to bring forth. He forced no one. His followers were all voluntary followers.

Real Christianity Radically Different

The differences between the false conservatives and false liberals are matters of degree. They are not root differences. They are not radically different. None of the ideologies on the false spectrum are radically different one from the other no matter how their labels and definitions and usages morph about. Only Christianity is radically different. Only it has an entirely different root spirit.

Christianity was radically different when Jesus started the movement and it remains so today.

New Commandment Not Used and Not Disproved

The push for false synergism is syncretistic. It is a group attempting to forge an alliance against the teachings of Jesus. Some members of that forming alliance know better than others that the New Commandment has always been suppressed and has never been disproved. Others claim that it has been disproved by virtue of its never having succeeded.

False Science (False Knowledge) Doubts: Can't See

That's as someone saying that a scientific theory was disproved because someone murdered the scientist or destroyed the laboratory or passed laws outlawing the research or forbidding the place.

As for science, the term means knowledge. There are those who call themselves scientists who are waking up to the limits of that closed-loop: What has been labeled the scientific method. Scientists can observe without testing but they can't disprove Christianity. It cannot be tested. The mentality that requires proof from a test inherently doubts. That doubting is unworthy of God. God won't show that way, won't benefit the evil ones that way. When God shows to the evil ones in no uncertain terms, it will be too late for evil. The doubters sift themselves. They mark themselves for separation with the goats. God provided with the multiplication of the loaves at the feeding of the five thousand and then the seven thousand. The congregation was full of belief. God won't provide superabundantly for the faithless.

Darkest Times Now

We live in dark times. Some people point to the distorted religion of Constantine I and call that dark. All that has changed since then they call light. However, they have only gone from darkness to darkness.

Only Jesus's movement is the movement into the light.

Jesus Spoke Figuratively Too

There are many who say that where they can show any distortion of Jesus's message that that gives rise to doubting Jesus. They say that since science has shown this, that, or the other, that, that showing shows Jesus wrong. How so? Jesus never said anything that has been disproved. Only false assumptions about Jesus are pointed to by those seeking to disprove him. Jesus never spoke to the literalness or figurativeness of every bit of the writings. He spoke to the morals always while he said things that clearly indicate he held to both literalness and figurativeness within context. It was not "either or," as the literalists of today falsely assert.

Jesus Said Jesus Didn't Know Everything

The Gospels don't show him arguing for the historicity of the Garden of Eden story for instance. No one today can say in truth that he or she knows what Jesus knew or didn't know or claimed to know about how historically accurate (literal) the Eden story is. Jesus spoke truth nevertheless. He didn't know the exact moment the temple building would come down. He only said it would happen within the generation. He said only God knew the exact time. That set him apart from God in that context.

We see many people today up in arms, literally, because they see any clearing away of prior distortions as dangerous to them and theirs. Jesus wasn't afraid of saying that he didn't know everything yet he was also the Son of God. Why would anyone who is his follower be then afraid? Jesus certainly knew more than the naysayers. He certainly knew what mattered most.

For the Christian, no one knows God better than Jesus does. Yet, there are those who came after Jesus, claiming to follow him, who chiseled in granite that Jesus and God are indistinguishable in all contexts, whereas Jesus himself said beyond dispute that there are contexts in which they were distinguishable. He made the distinction. When he prayed to God, he wasn't praying to himself alone. He never made that claim.

Constantine's Error

Constantine forced people at the point of a sword to handle a paradox in his mind by not reconciling that Jesus was in one context different and in another context the same, just as the root and trunk and branch and fruit and seed are all of the same in one context and their separate functions or labors in their given contexts. This is not a paradox. It never was. The Nicene Creed was Constantine's utter failure. It came right out of his heart, the same heart that slaughtered tens of thousands so he could sit lording it over all he surveyed. For Constantine, his system made him right; however, he was morally wrong.


Arius and Constantine were talking passed each other, which happens much more often than not. It is part of the meaning of the tower of Babel. People can even be speaking the same native language seemingly fluently, but their contexts never meet.

Arius was right in a certain context. The solution was not the Nicene Creed. The solution was getting the different parties to understand and accept the simultaneousness of the contexts.

Constantine though used coercion, which is antichristian, to force an understanding. Then his system led to the killing, which is antichristian, of all those who didn't see things his way. The coercion and killing came out from antichrist emotions, which Constantine had within him, obviously, by definition.

Jesus would not have done what Constantine did. He would have rebuked Constantine and George W. Bush and all his followers. He does rebuke them, and he is still next to (closest to) God. No one has shown to have been, or to be, closer to God, closer to absolute right.

Must Move Into the Light

Now, things are so dark, people are so full of doubt, that we cannot bring forth as Jesus brought forth with the feeding of the five thousand. We must move into the light from this much darker place. This is relative. We must move in the direction of bringing forth by doing those things that require less faith than the five thousand. Having any faith right now is a major accomplishment considering the depth of unbelief.

So, we can do God's work by creating through faith in God places that are not of usury, taxes, money, regressive gain or profit, private property, coercion, punishment, war, violence, and harm, including sexual harm. We can together create places that are ultimately beneficial only, where all is freely given and shared, that is voluntary only, where all things are held to be common property, where no member is violent, where sexual bonding is harmless, and where credit is given where credit is due that is to God.

From that position, things will become much lighter. The other things that can be built upon the foundation who is Jesus will then be able to be brought forth.

By the way, none of this precludes sudden and dramatic change, which will come.

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