The U.S. government is talking about American extremists advocating violence against the government, regardless of whether or not that government may be illegitimate. Many people are hinting around about violent revolution if it comes to that. Many people are calling for civil disobedience and tax resistance.


Violence though is wrong no matter against whom. It is not justified against the government. It is hypocrisy to complain about the U.S. Empire's violence against others and then be a violent revolutionary.

Tax Resistance

Tax resistance runs diametrically against the teaching of Jesus to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. The government has organized the system of unrighteous money and, even more so unethical, allow the evil-hearted private bankers to monopolize it. The money doesn't belong to the people. The money is Caesar's. The people are enslaved under it. Don't refuse to pay taxes if you take the money in wages or salary or for goods sold or services rendered. It is hypocrisy.

Civil Disobedience

Civil disobedience fast becomes counter-productive when it undermines the efforts of people engaged in more effective methods of persuasion. You will note that Jesus never did anything whereby he was found to have broken the law. Not even cleansing the temple was illegal. When they hauled him to the Roman governor, they didn't do it on a charge of cleansing the temple and Pontius Pilate found that Jesus had done nothing illegal.

People engaged in civil disobedience in the U.S. do break legitimate laws. Of course, there others who are doing the greater sin against which those engaging in civil disobedience are protesting to draw attention and to get action and a redress of grievances. However, perfection is perfection.

Jesus's Were Also Mundanely Legal

When they told Jesus to shut up, he refused, because it would have been wrong to shut up and because they had no legal authority to censor him concerning what he was saying.

He did not truly engage in civil disobedience. The distinction is fine but needs to be made. Civil disobedience is harmful to someone's legitimate concerns. Jesus never harmed anyone's legitimate concerns. When people decide where to take a stand, they need to think it through in light of what Jesus did and didn't do.

Problem With the Mundane Law
Top-Down Versus Bottom-Up

The U.S. Constitution is fatally flawed. It is top-down all the way. That's why Bush/Cheney have gotten away with so much for so long. Christianity though is top-down and bottom-up.

...we know the president was planning instead, at least six months before 9/11, to invade both Afghanistan and Iraq; we know of a National Security Council memorandum dated Feb. 3, 2001, concerning the "capture of new and existing oil and gas fields" in Iraq; we have acquired with a lawsuit the maps of Iraqi oil fields Vice President Cheney's "Energy Task Force" was studying a month later; we have learned how the privatized structure of Iraq's postwar oil industry was designed by the Bush administration a year before the war began; we know the administration was negotiating pipeline rights-of-way with the Taliban, unsuccessfully, until five weeks before 9/11; we know the final threat to them was a "carpet of bombs"; we are aware of President Bush twice refusing offers from the Taliban to surrender Osama bin Laden, before and after the carpet of bombs was unleashed; we've read of the five "megabases" in Iraq to house 100,000 troops for as long as 50 years; we've learned the U.S. Embassy compound under construction in Baghdad will be ten times larger than any other in the world; and we know Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, and British Petroleum/Amoco are poised to claim immense profits from 81 percent of Iraq's undeveloped oil fields.

Are these the activities and outcomes of a "War on Terror?"

We also know President Bush, a month before 9/11 in August of 2001, notified the governments of Pakistan and India he would launch a military mission into Afghanistan "before the end of October."

Between the dates of the president's announcement and his order to attack, the Trade Towers and the Pentagon were struck by the hijacked airliners. Seizing in a heartbeat this spectacular opportunity to disguise and launch the preplanned invasions, the Bush administration concocted the megalie, and the "War on Terror" was born.

The "War on Terror" is a conscious and ingenious masquerade for the geostrategic pursuit and control of Middle Eastern oil and gas resources. The facts place this beyond dispute.

"It's Treason: Dems Stay Silent on Bush White House Crimes," by Richard W. Behan. AlterNet. November 16, 2007.

Partial Truth: 9/11 Inside Job

The above is partially true. 9/11 was known about long before it happened. Entities of the U.S. government with the full authorization of the White House were involved in bringing 9/11 to evil fruition. The details have been suppressed and covered over by the George W. Bush administration.

Real Law Breakers

Here and around the world, Bush/Cheney break all sorts of laws. They murder people, torture them, imprison them, deny them rights, spy on them, and on and on and on, all for oil and Greater Israel for the Anglo-American-Israeli Empire and the oligarchs and plutocrats. The money people are behind it all.

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