We've entered an otherwise vulnerable position in faith that good souls will see and help the cause, putting others and the many before self. We've been preparing fulltime for years (researching and developing) for this position with only one unavoidable interruption.

Love Exposure of Yourself to Yourself

Everyone who looks into Christianity ought to find out early that real Christianity is very unpopular with people who don't want to see the truth and to be exposed to themselves or before others about the wrong course they're on. There are many reasons they hate such exposure, but every such reason is just compounding the error. And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. (John 3:19). Loving darkness because we have been wrong is not smart. Seeing the light that we have been wrong and then changing to what is known to be right is smart. It is good, obviously. How can what is right not be good? If we all do it, how can things not become immensely better and even ultimately perfect? Why hate that? Why be the opposite of smart? Look, no one is smarter than Jesus. He's the most righteous person.

Not Seeing What is Immoral: Not Knowing

We wanted to think we were right before when we were sinning without even realizing it. We were being stupid. There's nothing wrong with admitting that. Just because one wasn't being morally smart before doesn't mean that one must remain morally devoid or questionable in terms of what one changes to saying and doing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with changing from ignorance and immorality to knowing and more morality on the path to perfection Jesus defined. When one sees the light and changes to doing what is consistent with the light to the best of one's ability, especially given the great relative darkness of today, one isn't being stupid in doing that. One is being smarter than before, more moral than before. It's fundamental. It's what we teach little children, but society has failed miserably to practice what it preaches to its little ones.

Lesser Sins Are Still Falling

We mistakenly thought the pleasures of sin were a blessing of sorts from God. They were lesser sins, so we thought we were being kept from greater sins. What they were, were temptations to fall that were masquerading. It was akin to the pious one in the temple praising God for keeping him from being as unrighteous as the tax collector standing there asking for forgiveness for his sins, not that we were being pious. We weren't though being as the tax collector who knew he was falling short, where as the ostensible pious one didn't realize he, the pious one, was falling shorter. We were pardoning our own sins by saying we could be worse. That was wrong and ignorant on our part.

Overcome Selfishness Again

Now we know again, something we knew as a little child but had sort of pretended to have forgotten, that we're supposed to face every selfish emotion we experience to overcome it and change from having such emotions that end up being reflected in our speech and writing and deeds and lack thereof, etc. Look at all the times adults, parents, and teachers say to little ones, "Don't be selfish" and "Now share." Then look how society is configured, organized, ordered. Where is the built-in unselfishness? Where's the built-in sharing? Why the hypocrisy? It's shameful, isn't it? Isn't it embarrassing?

Mixed Messages Are Errors

We had thought we were right since things could have been worse. Before, when we focused on making things better, we focused on what we were last trained by society at-large to focus on: Selfish pursuits, antichrist pursuits. What a confused upbringing. What a mixed message. First we're told as little children and we tell little children, "Don't be selfish" and "Now share." Then all the sharing goes out the window when personal achievement enters in. We are then fed and feed the exact opposite of what we told earlier. No wonder we are a mess as a society. We conflict ourselves when the first inclination is the right one. It's that latter teaching that's evil. Making money for self was the first and highest priority of adults, but we never could convince our self and put our whole heart into it no matter how hard we tried to pretend. Our heart wasn't and isn't in self that way. Every time we were offered the shortcuts, we just couldn't keep going along. We could have been rich many times over, but we finally rejected those shortcuts, all of which would have harmed others. That's the dirty secret in business. If you want to make it big, it's dog-eat-dog. Cheat, but don't get caught or be sure you have the powers on your side by having the deep pockets to buy them. It only served to make us sicker.

Evil Consolidates for Selfishness

We finally stopped faking out our self. The system is corrupt, inherently so. Just look at the riches person in the world over the last couple of decades. Bill Gates made his fortune via agreements in restraint of trade. It's public knowledge. During the Trustbuster Era, Gates' corporation would have been broken up. Otherwise, he wouldn't have entered into agreements in restraint of trade and wouldn't have very nearly cornered the market in personal desktop operating systems. He got away with it when so many money people backed George W. Bush who is far from a trustbuster but rather the opposite. Bush favors consolidation. The consolidators are going to take care of him. They'll make him richer by far, which is way too rich. He's already too rich off illegal insider trading, which is public knowledge.

Entered Into Their Labor: Is it a Burden?

Now we are where we are, wanting only to work and serve that which is not that old self way of thinking that the world has been trying confusedly to condition into us since our earliest memories on this plane of existence. Will you help us to work for other than the selfish self? Will you enter into our sowing and reaping? I sent you to reap that whereon ye bestowed no labour: other men laboured, and ye are entered into their labours. (John 4:38). Will you help us to work for God? We want to do that job fulltime. Is it not good?

Would We Be a Burden

Would we be a burden to you if you were to support this project and our working on it fulltime? Is every preacher a burden to the flock? Aren't they all being kept? Is every executive director of every charity a burden to the particular cause? Was Jesus a burden to those who put their money into his commonly held purse? Would we be a burden, because we aren't mainstream? Would we be a burden, because we aren't established in a big way as of the time of this writing? Would we be a burden, because we haven't been co-opted by the powers that be that stand against the Commons? Would we be a burden, because our message isn't yet popular? Do others have to give first or even many? Does the popularity of a cause legitimize it? If popularity is the measure, why do the most popular leaders end up leading so poorly? What would have happened to Jesus's ministry if no one had been the first to follow him or give to his cause? Oh, he did some miraculous things that intrigued. He also said it is a wicked generation that needs signs to do the right thing. He also showed how a lack of faith generally in a place prevented even him from working many miracles. Given the dark spirit prevailing today, what could we expect?

What is it Worth?

Is what we are proposing worth less than what the priests, ministers, pastors, and charity directors propose? Yet, aren't we asking not for the sake of becoming personally wealthy but rather for the sake of the many who have nothing?

Where Are the Visionaries

Are there souls who want this Real Liberal Christian Church message to continue and this mission, the Christian Commons to succeed? Are there souls who want to help to bring forth the other world, the world that is not the worldly world of the fallen, selfish spirit? What better way is there from here than the Christian Commons? Don't you want it?

Status Quo: Error

Do you like the status quo with thousands starving everyday having to live off handouts if they can even get them rather than having a place they can share and raise nutritious crops in a truly organic, respectful manner? See how wrong the status quo is, how wrong the current system is with its huge disparity in income and material possessions. See how evil has brought forth the current system.

What does it take for the whole truth to begin reaching people anymore? Who hath believed our report? John 12:38.

United States: Wrong Direction

The terrible turn of the United States (2001) back into the greater darkness that are all these evil wars going on and planned caused us to ask what is wrong. What is at the root of it? We (personally and as a nation and world) were headed in the wrong direction. We were exposed as to our self as an individual. We became aware. It was a good thing. It was the best thing that ever happened to us. The only difficulty lies in others hating it rather than loving it too and doing the same (soul searching) that we would love to see.

We Are On Record

Now we are on record in public on the Internet where every potential employer readily sees that we are the "president" of the Real Liberal Christian Church. All such potential employers see via a simple Google search all the positions we've taken that are correct positions (exactly suppored by the written record of Jesus's own words in their full context) but hated by so many for-profits and when taken as a whole (for giving and sharing all, total pacifism, and sexual harmlessness) are even hated by most, nearly all if not all, non-profits.

Partial Acceptance Only, So Far

We've written about how every denomination and religion save real Christianity has been off the mark. We've written about the right path that necessarily says that the powers that be are headed in the wrong direction, both Democrat and Republican, religious Jews and Muslims, neoconservatives, Roman Catholics and Protestants, capitalists and secular socialists, and on and on. We've also written against the secular, humanist, and deist state and its founders in no uncertain terms. When all these things are taken one at a time, there are people who will agree with one position or another. However, when they are together, as needs be in real Christianity per Jesus Christ's own recorded words, only the real Christian loves the whole message and the rest hate it and its messenger.

There are very few real Christians, as this website attests. We've had thousands of visitors and no returning supporters who have come out in public to stand with us against greed, violence, and sexual harm and for giving and sharing all with the lambs and sheep of Christ (the Christian Commons), total pacifism, and sexual harmlessness. It is completely Christian; yet, absolutely no one has come out in support of this full message. So far, we stand alone with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit of truth, and the host of Heaven in the kingdom of Jesus's God. Arrayed against them are their enemies.

Remember, this planet is still in error. The god of this planet is still mistakenly the satanic spirit. Satan is the mentality whose followers refused Jesus the fruits of his inheritance. It is written that Jesus said this. We believe it. Do you also believe it? Do you believe Jesus? Are you a Christian or not?


All mundane-job applications ask for current job and position. We can't lie. We must say that we are the president of the Real Liberal Christian Church. That raises all sorts of questions the answers to which preclude us in the minds of everyone so far from being acceptable. We will keep looking. In the interim, anything you can do to help will be appreciated. If we receive enough help, we will be able to continue working fulltime on the Christian Commons Project and all the rest to establish the Real Liberal Christian Church.

Half-Truth Education

Jesus came to divide the sheep from the goats, to save the lost, to convert them. I was acting as a goat, in the dark, mentally blind to the harm I was doing. I was lost. When things started going so, so wrong with the government of the United States (not that its uncensored history shows it as ever having been good) and when I searched and searched for answers, as I said, I began to see light in what Jesus said and did. I had always thought of Jesus as good hearted. Earlier, I had come to the conclusion that he was pessimistic. I came to realize that I had been given a half-truth, shallow education, the fault of both the entirety of humanity and my own laxness.

Admitting Error Heals

Seeing more and more light as time went by while I searched for the answer, the root cause of the evil of the world, I then committed the mundanely unpardonable sins of admitting that I'd made huge errors in my life (done so much harm) and of asking all to come clean at least within and to forgive each other so all may be family in spiritual branch (healed and saved) as well as family by genetic branch. I stood firm in the face of being expected to re-convert to a conspiracy of silence for the sake of being comfortable in hypocrisy and on-going sin on various levels and to varying degrees. I was expected to go back into the dark: To shut up rather than say what I found out, what was there being given to all of us. I was told I was asking too much. (We've had people who have commented as much on our website.) I was asking people to do what they wouldn't emotionally bring themselves to do. I was asking for people to love the idea of overcoming all the obfuscation and hypocrisy and to help increase that overcoming, to boost it, to give it momentum.

Can't Go Back

How can we go back to the way we were before seeing the light of real Christianity and all that Jesus expects? We can't do it. Jesus was right and still is. There is no brighter light that we can see anywhere. Can you see a brighter light? Do you know of a better way than giving and sharing all, pacifism, sexual harmlessness, and all the rest of the message? I for one don't want to go back to living in the dark that holds with greed, violence, sexual harm, and all that is consistent with those selfish positions.

We Believe

We believe that confession is good for the soul. We believe that never admitting you're wrong no matter how embarrassing or shameful, never saying you're sorry, living by self willpower and brute strength and coercion and punishment rather than full explanations are all huge mistakes. We believe they are all part of the wide path to Hell and damnation that leaves people broken who would otherwise benefit greatly by the love inherent in genuine explanations and reception and apologies and atoning efforts, etc. We believe that Jacob repented for his evil actions toward his brother. We believe that Joseph forgave his brothers who repented for what they had done to Joseph. We believe that this is what Jesus saw and taught and lived via his parables and exemplary life. Jesus lived out those same stories of Jacob and Joseph and also all the prophets in an even bigger way, a more comprehending and comprehensive way. He fulfilled all the law (taught it and lived it fully).

Private Until Public

We believe in keeping things within the smallest circle possible with the circle of believers, just as Jesus said to do. If one can tell just one person and that fixes the given problem, then that's as far as it ever need go. If one must tell several and that works, then that's as far as it ever need go. If one must tell the whole flock and that works, then that's as far as it ever need go. Here, the whole flock is either the spiritual family (real congregation) or immediate blood family. If that doesn't work, they are heathens regardless of lip service they may pay. The proof is in the deeds that follow the speaking. If they say they are sorry and love you, etc., but then won't go the rest of the way to righteousness, how sorry were they and how much do they love?

Love-Hate Relationship Until Peace

Does this mean we are to hate or love or both our families. We hate and love as Jesus hated and loved and hates and loves. We don't judge or condemn. The truth does that. We just seek the truth. We are just as the souls in The Bible. We are desirous of crying on the necks of our blood relatives just as much as those who did so historically and in Jesus's parables and for exactly the same reasons: Admission, repentance (apology), forgiveness, and atonement, etc. It's the Great Commandments and all the other commandments that necessarily flow to and from those greatest ones.

Gamaliel's Typical Error

This all goes to the heart of Gamaliel and his statement in the Sanhedrin that if Christianity is not of God, it will come to naught, but if it is of God, the Jews better not be found fighting against it. You see, this is a mistaken idea. God does not always turn the people to what is right. God does not stop them in other words from their freewill turn to error. They give power over to evil and God doesn't protect them from the results. Look at how the Jews didn't heed the prophets about the worldly power of the Assyrians and Babylonians. When the Jews and their leaders (rulers) wouldn't heed, the nation and tribes suffered greatly. It is part of the proverbial cutting and burning process so that the spiritual worthy (worth more) will rise. They will be seen by what they stood for and tried to tell the people every bit as much as those who were able to reach the people. You see further, that it is the hearts of the people at the time that has as much to do with it as the power given over to the messenger. Think about how many real prophets and wise men and righteous people God has sent into the world who were totally rejected and murdered. The fact that those sent didn't convince the Jews was not the fault of those sent. Those sent were not lacking. The people who rejected them were lacking. Look at Jesus. He turned thousands, only to have the rejecters murder him and send the people underground, scattered and forced to shrink back more and more from public affirmations of the faith. Many people (Christians) refused to cave in completely and stood up and were literally thrown to the lions by the Romans for entertainment and were hounded, persecuted, imprisoned, and murdered by the non-Christian Jews everywhere the Jews could find them.

Step Forward

Gamaliel was wrong then, and the people who see the Real Liberal Christian Church as something from which to stand back to see if the Church will or won't come to naught are simply committing a self-fulfilling prophecy of not deserving the righteous fruits that would come, and will come, from the Christian Commons.

The Commons Will Come

Understand here that the Christian Commons will come and the Real Liberal Christian Church will prevail in the form of Heaven coming to Earth and becoming one with it. Remember, and for those who don't already know, each word in the name Real Liberal Christian Church means the same thing within the language of the revelation of Jesus Christ. To be Real is to be Liberal in the real meaning of the word, which is harmless and bountiful, and is to be Christian, which is to be the Church (a member). It is a spiritual organization reflected or manifested in the here and now. Just saying "the Church" will prevail will be sufficient once the real, liberal, Christian meaning of "Church" is understood and is being used.

Be a Part

This situation is exactly the same thing as for the prophets of old, including Jesus. What those prophets before Jesus really wanted to see, but couldn't quite put their finger on but what Jesus uttered perfectly, will come to fruition. Why not be a part of it rather than stand back not helping the Commons to come to fruition? The only reason is some selfish motivation inherent in the failing status quo. Why do that?

Doing the Work of the Elect

Some say that we are not to do anything to usher in the kingdom. Look, working for Heaven on Earth doesn't mean human beings do it alone without God. The work is the work of God. It is toiling in his vineyard. Doing that work doesn't preclude God at all from doing the most amazing and miraculous things now or in the future. Doing the work, having the faith to do it, rather falls right in line with those who will be identified as the very elect. The naysayers have a hidden agenda against this. They don't want Heaven on Earth, because they know they won't be able to continue on their selfish way.

Heavenly Behavior Here and Now

Heaven isn't a place of such selfishness. It isn't of greed or war or hidden, harmful sexual behavior. One can't remain selfish and be of the kingdom of Jesus's God in Heaven. One can't remain 1) greedy 2) a sole owner in spirit of any property but rather must share ownership with the whole flock 3) for money (per se) 4) violent 5) or harmful in any way including sexual. Remember that the Lord's Prayer is for that Heaven on this Earth. He taught us to say it not so we would turn around and redefine the kingdom so we could have loopholes. When we pray for that Heaven on Earth we are to be praying that we are moved to bring forth the whole as Jesus is living now. Only the selfish-hearted ones deny this. They need to examine their motives to find where they have selfish motives.

How Do We Pay Jesus?

Also remember, Jesus gave the greatest healing ever free of all money charges. What monetary value can be placed upon it? What do we owe him? How do we pay? What did he ask? Where can we put possessions and money that what he asked might be done to the maximum?

For the Sake of the Many

Again, we've taken the positions we have not for the purpose of being ostracized but rather for the purpose of stating the cause around which Christians may conflate in total unselfishness.

Now, there will be some unchristian minded people who will think that we should have thought about this (how it will hamper mundane-employment opportunities) before we placed our writings on the Internet. They will be in effect saying that we should have been concerned for self rather than thinking about the good that the Christian Commons can do.

Who Will Hire?

If you won't hire us to do the job of the Christian Commons by supporting the effort, then if you know of an organization here that won't have a hard time over our religious beliefs (that are also necessarily our political and economic beliefs) and will hire us and not ask us to do antichrist things, let us know. We haven't run into any yet, even though we've kept our eyes wide open. We aren't saying there aren't any, mind you. We just haven't seen any yet. We'll take wages or a salary, and everything above bare living expenses we'll pump into the Real Liberal Christian Church and the Christian Commons Project. If enough people would do that or even anything, it would be no time before the Church were planting both kinds of seed, literal and figurative.

Tom Usher

About Tom Usher

Employment: 2008 - present, website developer and writer. 2015 - present, insurance broker. Education: Arizona State University, Bachelor of Science in Political Science. City University of Seattle, graduate studies in Public Administration. Volunteerism: 2007 - present, president of the Real Liberal Christian Church and Christian Commons Project.